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An Online Education Company Which Performed Better Than BTC & ETH Combined

EGW Academy, the online education arm of EGW Capital, has posted massive gains in valuation amid the Covid-19 pandemic. EGW Academy delivers online blockchain certification programs designed for students who are into self-learning over the internet. EGW Academy (EGWA) coins have given a splendid return of 382% in the last three months, whereas both Bitcoin and Ethereum posted 79% and 60% gain, respectively. The academy business is currently valued at around

EGW Capital Approves Forward Split, Changes Coin Symbol To EGW

EGW Capital, the leading blockchain investment bank has today approved the forward split of 4:1, i.e. 4 new EGW coins for every old 1 EGWCAP coin held. The management has also changed it’s coin symbol citing commercial reasons. The new contract was issued on the Ethereum blockchain and will also have a DigiByte based blockchain contract in the near future. The management has completed the split considering the price of

Stung By DeFi Craze, EGW Capital To Launch Stable Income DeFi Bond

EGW Capital, the blockchain investment bank is the latest blockchain and crypto-focused organization to foray into the Defi space. Though the Defi which EGW Capital is trying to carry out is more focused towards stable income backed by buyback on a particular date, thus protecting the investors from any visible downside risk. Such stable Defi bond coins will not be volatile in nature and are directed towards the investor class

EGW Capital To Build A Warchest For US $100 Mn Tech Co. Acquisition

EGW Capital, the blockchain investment bank providing a range of services like Blockchain Listings, Reverse Mergers and Private Placements has announced the issuing of US $10 million (Rs. 75 crores) worth of short term bonds (12 months), extendable by another 6 months with a coupon rate of 1% per month to finance the purchase of a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) shell to acquire the US $100 million (Rs 750

With Mega Restructuring In Sight, EGW Capital Gears Up For IEO

EGW Capital started with a vision of bringing real-world assets on the blockchain. Being a traditional investment bank, the company soon realized it is the need of the hour to transform itself into a blockchain investment bank. Though the company has not given up on its traditional investment banking business and it still constitutes a substantial part of its revenue, it is the blockchain which has brought new adrenaline into

EGW Academy in Talks to Raise US $2 Mn Before Launch, IEO

EGW Academy, the blockchain certification arm of EGW Capital, a blockchain investment bank, is in talks to raise US $2 million before the launch of its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in December, 2020 or before depending on the market situations. EGW Academy is planning to raise US $10 million in its maiden IEO by issuing fresh tokens. The company has previously raised US $1.2 million from the clutch of private investors based

Reserve USD Stable Coin Close $62 Million Subscription

Reserve USD (RZE) a new stable coin on the block owned and managed by EGW Capital (EGWCAP), a leading blockchain investment bank has closed a subscription of US $62 million from a set of 37 initial investors. The company is in the process of placing another US $20 million worth of RZE coin. RZE, the new stable coin is pegged against the US dollar in 1:1 ratio. The coin is gaining

EGW Capital Finalizes US $100 Mn Debt Raise Through SPV Structure

EGW Capital, the blockchain based investment bank is gearing up to raise US $100 mn debt by issuing blockchain based debt tokens to the retail and high net worth investors around the globe. The company has confirmed its debt raise and the whitepaper will be released before end of May. The debt tokens will be listed on the blockchain exchanges which will ensure liquidity to the investors. The debt tokens will bear

ICO’s Are Dead, Security Tokens Are In

If ICOs in spite of a lack of regulation still fueled startups with a massive $5.6 billion, what’s next? Many believe it’s STO’s or the Securities Token Offering. While for ICOs the way it usually works is tokens or coins are offered by companies for purchase as a form of crowdfunding, however with STOs it’s an upgrade whereby you can purchase tokens during the offering that you can then trade, sell,

Securities Tokens Are Transforming The World Around You

The Bitcoin network allows users to access a censorship resistant ledger, with its native coin offering properties that align to ‘digital gold’. For distributed ledgers like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are a myriad of use cases emerging that will change a wide range of industries. What is a Securities Token? Securities tokens are digital tokens that represent ownership of an underlying asset or security — subject to a nation’s federal securities regulations. These digital

The Compliances and Regulations For Security Token Offerings

As the cryptocurrency market shifts into the tokenization of real-world assets and as digital securities start to represent traditional financial products, regulators are taking an increased interest in how companies structure their offerings. This is especially true for companies looking to crowdfund or raise through non-accredited investors. Regulations and Compliance Under the Securities Act of 1933, the offer and sale of securities must be registered unless an exemption from registration is available.

EGW Capital Inc. To Submit Form 10 To SEC

EGW Capital Inc. will file its registration statement on Form 10 with the Securities & Exchange Commission before March 31, 2018 to become a publicly reporting entity and to facilitate the listing of its common stock on the OTC Markets stock exchange once effective. EGW Capital Inc. is a blockchain company which assists the global emerging companies with the Initial Coin Offerings. The company is currently working on the $100 million

EGW Capital Inc. To Buy Into Indian Listed Equities

EGW Capital Inc. has planned to invest into the listed equity space in India. The company is focusing to invest in the infrastructure and metals space. EGW Capital Inc. the leading financial institution which is just few weeks shy of filing for its Regulation A+ IPO, planning to raise a total of US $43 million, may soon begin accumulating the Indian listed equity shares to diversify its global investment portfolio. The board

EGW Capital Inc. Acquires Flex Class Holdings Inc. In All Stock Transaction Valu …

EGW Capital Inc., a leading private equity fund has signed definitive agreement to acquire Flex Class Holdings Inc. in a all stock transaction. Flex Class Holdings is into online education primarily focusing on the english learning and online MBA. The company works on a unique business model where it refunds the fee to the student at the end of the program. EGW Capital Inc. will mainly focus on the business

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