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Flexibility Is Key With New Bankruptcy Laws

Last year Congress passed massive legislation that completely altered the playing field of bankruptcy proceedings for both individuals and corporations. The dust is just beginning to settle on the new bankruptcy rules, but already some opportunities for financial professionals have surfaced. For example, a flexible means test to assess individuals' ability to repay their debts was part of the package. The formula takes into account whether the filer earns more

'2006 looks to be a breakout year for small businesses and independent consultan …

He is referring to the expansion of small business consulting in 2006. Forbes started a consulting business in 1999 and has been coaching small business owners, consultants and sales people in starting their own businesses. He relates, “It’s never too late to start a consulting business but I've never seen the business environment in such great need of skilled consulting labor.” Cam Forbes, founder and Managing Partner of Opus One

Venture Funding is beginning to flow back into Online Retail

Venture Funding is beginning to flow back into Online Retail. In 2004 and early 2005 the hot buzzwords included “Virtualization” and “Terahertz”. Now the online retailing is once again picking up steam. “Many of the business models that failed during the dot com crash are back with a vengeance,” says Brock Forbes, managing partner of Opus One Ventures in Southern California ( “The main difference we're seeing is that

Anti-Aging art of Vastu Shastra being used to help Baby Boomers Age Gracefully

Aging is inevitable, but its most negative effects can be minimized and turned into a graceful progression. Exercise and proper diet are key factors. But, when your living or working environment is in harmony with nature, it has a positive influence on your well being, slowing the aging process. In nature, all five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) are in perfect symmetry. As a building is erected, that

High Gas Prices Leading to Increased Online Sales

More Clicks than Bricks this Holiday Season This holiday season may become the first time that online e-tailers overtake brick and mortar businesses in the fight for consumer dollars. Most shoppers agree that they would alter their shopping habits of gas prices remain high. TEMECULA, CA - Dec. 13, 2005 Increased fuel costs this holiday shopping season might help online retailers. Most shoppers are saying they would alter their shopping habits if gas

Consulting Industry Expert advises “Branding Your Consulting Talent”

TEMECULA, CA - Dec. 13, 2005 Today's competitive marketplace for consulting services is no longer responsive to the marketing strategies that worked in the past. The services you provide should reflect your business vision in every way. Companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Apple have mastered 'brand brilliance.' Brand your consulting talents because your future might just depend upon it. “The strength of your brand is measured by its ability

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