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19.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

You will be Drowned into the Soothing Vocal of Jess Blanco in 'DRIP DRIP'

Women have, now, come out of the groupie sphere and are developing their own kingdom in trap music. This luxury kind of rap is more about having fun in the lifestyle. They have redefined the meaning o... mehr

16.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

Hot Dizzy is Igniting Emotions of Fans with His Super Cool Hip Hop and Rap Tracks

If you are interested to listen to some out-of-the-world beats, listen to the musician, Hot Dizzy. He offers fans extravagant hip hop and rap tunes on Soundcloud. Hot Dizzy brings forth a satisfying ... mehr

15.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

'MisUnderstood' by Mars Valley is a Creative Song based on World Music Genre

In the earlier 1980s, world music emerged and was adopted to characterise the non-English music recordings that were released in USA and Britain. This genre was primarily taken up by the record stores... mehr

14.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

New Wave Rap Star Heff Da Goat is Witnessing Engaging Traffic in his Music Gallery

When it comes to hip hop, United States is the first city that gets recognized for being the birthplace of the vibrant art form. The art form grabbed the attention of mass right from the time when it ... mehr

12.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

‘Go Live’ by the singer Smashondatrak will transport you to a magical world

Music has always attracted people all around the world and still does the same. The dedication with which music stars makes music highlights their devotion. The simplicity and the incredible lyrics Sm... mehr

09.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

Massif Akka Leshepopetri's 'I Now The Bullet' Offers some Unique Approaches in Music

If you truly love to experience a different kind of music, you would not want to miss listening to this brand new artist Massif Aka Leshepopetri’s songs. His latest hit “I Now the Bullet” will o... mehr

08.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

KJ Holmes Depicts Unusual Hip Hop Fusion In ‘Shout Out To My Man’

Music is the only way that won’t let you feel depressed. Even a sad song helps you to keep your emotions out. So, it is important to listen to something groovy that also delivers positivity. Hip hop... mehr

07.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

'30(produced by IOMD)' by BoogieBrim Offers Mind-Blowing Hip Hop Musicality

BoogieBrim’s latest hit single “30(produced by IOMD)” is rocking the gala with legendary hip hop music. His music is creating a frenzy among hip hop lovers. Music lovers lie in wait for new mus... mehr

05.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

Mike Dai Delivers Hard-Hitting Hip Hop Blends for the Audiences

Mike Dai, the new name in the music industry is making buzz with new lyricism. The instrumentation in his songs will keep you tuned and entertained as well. Being a music enthusiast, you must be awar... mehr

01.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

'Drug Lords' by E-Sounds Creates a Buzz in the Music Industry

E-sounds features his latest song “Drug Lords “online as well as in the music industry. This exceptional song is getting quite a lot of attention due to their exclusiveness and singularity. This ... mehr

26.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

'If you only knew' is an Awesome Music by the Star Rapper Hot Dizzy

Music is an awesome kind of art which people will like to listen. Many music stars have come up with their innovative kind of song making and have attained the place at the top. One music star who has... mehr

23.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

'Spider Webb' is a Exotic Rap Track Released By SkreetBossRecordsllc

Life isn’t smooth sailing always. Especially for all who are a part of the music industry. With changing trends and the entry of new artists, there will be competition and struggle that may not alwa... mehr

20.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Jay Roddy’s New Dancehall Infused Rap Single ‘Like That’ is Worth Listening

The year 2017 has been a very dazzling one for hip hop music led by new and uplifting rappers introducing fresh melodies and rapping styles. Hip hop and rap has no specific styles and can mold it itse... mehr

20.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Goolie Changes the World of Music With His Energetic ‘Zone 5th’

Goolie is an amazing song maker who has made many songs. He is famous for hip-hop, trap and most of his songs deals with the life, reality and he makes those to rhyme. If you are a great lover of musi... mehr

20.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Soothe Your Soul with the Melodious Country Tracks by Randall Lee Richards

Love is the most relatable human emotion used in different genres of music. Regardless of any genre, love songs never get old for every listener connects to such music pieces. Amongst many music genre... mehr

20.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Get Awed with the Musical Flair of 'Steez - '1818 (Intro)' by SinnerCliqueRec.

Music is there to give the listeners positive vibes. Hip-hop and rap has initiated its journey from the streets of New York City. From being a genre of a small area, with time, it spread its excellenc... mehr

20.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

ZayHulse x Jamci Drops Unpredictable Beats in New Single 'Talk To Me Nice'

Hip hop and rap has coined with some drastic changes during these past few years. Today, a lot of singers and music producers have launched their unmatchable tracks based on these two genres. However,... mehr

19.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

LilMiller35's Exceptional HipHop and Rap Blends in Music is Creating Buzz

There are artists who are taking hip hop and rap music to a whole new level. Lilmiller35 who is also known as BigneB is a new artist from Brooklyn, New York. Though he is a newbie in the field but his... mehr

19.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Groove with OMG Justin Aries' EP Collection 'Just An Aries Ep'

Extended Play or EP is a compilation of tracks that is fused perfectly gives birth to an amazing environment. Usually four to six songs are brought in together to create an excellent EP. While the new... mehr

19.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Experience the Newness of Trap-Soul Music with ‘Abdul – The Devil’ by Goolie

The culture of every society across the planet is highly influenced by the music. This art form decides upon the richness and the depth of a culture. The musicians are the maker and developer of the c... mehr

19.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Travel into the Dreamy Land of Music with ‘4UTUMNXLEAVE5’ by August Moon

Music has a great influence in the society. Hip-hop and rap is comparatively one of the most influential genres of all. This genre mainly relies upon the electronic instrumentalism. The musicality of ... mehr

17.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

T~Wavy has come out with the great and awesome song 'The Sun'

T~ Wavy’s latest release “The Sun” is a classic kind of music which you will like to hear. The great music he has composed will make you feel wow. His attractive voice and the magnetic kind of e... mehr

17.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Haydo Hits Back With His Latest Single 'On The Low (Prod Haydo)'

Brand new music sensation Haydo a.k.a Hayden Ralph from San Diego, USA, releases his latest single ‘On the Low (Prod Haydo)’ which is driving the music fans crazy. His music is already viral and s... mehr

17.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Dr.Buzzworm Arrives with His Heart Throbbing and Remarkable Music

Dr.Buzzworm has already made huge acclaim for his awesome kind of song creation. His name can be found among some renowned star. His song has the natural earthy feel which you won’t get in any other... mehr

16.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Browse the Best Soundcloud Music Promotion Agency to Get Excellent Promotion for Your Music

In the music industry, nobody can guarantee that you will get a good response immediately. Simply giving your music out there will not increase your fan base. There are so many popular musicians who a... mehr

16.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Feel The Passion In Your Love With ‘Marriage Music’ By Philip A. Rozul

Music can easily let you reflect your inner emotions. And with hip-hop and rap, one can express oneself effortlessly. This genre talks with the listeners with the meaningful lyrics of the raps. The ra... mehr

16.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Breathe your Soul out with the Latest Track Mix ‘My Girl’ by Noa Aon

When words fail, music speaks. Musicians are the artists who can paint pictures with silence. The souls of the humans get purified with the touch of music. And the best genre to lift one’s mood is t... mehr

16.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Foreign Dre Composes some Stunning Rap Music for All

Hip-hop music has reached fame and it is now a great genre and people are falling for it. The great star Foreign Dre is a popular rapper who has arrived with his awesome kind of song. You will get to ... mehr

16.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Youthful Rapper Kid Reil Drops ‘I m Back’ For New Wave Hip Hop Fans

Unlimited energy, thought provoking lyrics, and outstanding music scores are not enough terms to define the rising hip hop star Kid Reil on SoundCloud. This US based artist is not the only one who has... mehr

15.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Real N3Mo is Dropping Mind-Blowing Hip Hop and Rap Music

Rising music artist Real N3Mo from Atlanta, United States creates phenomenal hip hop and rap music which is rocking the whole world. If you are a hip hop and rap music lover, the music of this new art... mehr

15.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Mike Nauti's Incredible Musicality in New Tracks will keep You Tuned

If music is the only means to heal your pain or celebrate your happiness, then you must stay tuned to the recent musical blasts of Mike Nauti. This young musician is of course winning the heart of tho... mehr

15.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Refresh Your Mind with the Exhilarating Hip Hop Tracks by Akil Hamilton

It is said that if you are zealous towards something, no force under the sun can stop you to nurture your passion. When it is about music, the enchanting power of this art form enables the craftsman t... mehr

15.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

‘Nowhere to Go’ By Goolie Offers an Interesting Music Experience

Trap soul music is a promising genre of music which is getting quite popular nowadays. Goolie is a brand new artist fresh out of Pennsylvania, United States who produces soft, trance-inducing hip hop... mehr

14.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Zabadaba Takes Hip Hop to Another Dimension

If you are a hip hop and rap music lover, this brand new artist Zabadaba, out of Seattle, United States, will not let you down. He mainly specializes on hip hop and rap. This artist spreads his views ... mehr

14.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Re-Energize Your Life with the Unique Musical Style of Mike Nauti

Hip-hop and rap have always something new to offer to the musical world. It makes the listeners think the facts of life. This genre is an expert in spreading energetic vibes to the world. The mastery ... mehr

14.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Listen to the exclusive new hip hop tracks of LKO Soundwave Universal

The verses of their songs are combined with consummate musical mix. This music group has incorporated a few turns in this music. Hip hop and rap have coined with a new direction in their music. The gu... mehr

14.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

BL3SS3D Introduces Different Tune in his Hip Hop Blend ‘Sunset Blvd’

While other musicians are concentrating more on creating the same traditional hip hop blend, BL3SS3D has produced something groovy to entertain the audiences. This music duo has come up with their exc... mehr

13.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Listen to The Electrifying 'Phoenix' by The Talented G Dawson

Hip-hop has become a world-class performance now and everyone loves the genre. It mainly deals with real kind of thing and what is going on in daily life. One name comes when talking about all these t... mehr

13.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Dr Buzzworm Is Taking The Music World To A New Direction With His Songs

As music lovers we are very choosy when it comes to listening to music. We always want to hear something unique and fresh. One great place to enjoy powerful and extraordinary music is SoundCloud. Here... mehr

13.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

‘Full Phenomenon’-Eclectic Hip Hop Single by Thegaberoland

Music is the way of live for many artists and enthusiast. This universal art form has changed the lives of numerous folks. In this respect one music genre that is worthy to be mentioned is hip hop and... mehr

13.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

“Brand New” Is A Superb Release By The Talented Jikaay

Jikaaay is an outstanding hip-hop star who has composed the great song “Brand new”. He has gone far to make his song popular and he has done so. His consistent kind of rapping and great kind of st... mehr

13.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

“Brand New” Is A Superb Release By The Talented Jikaay

Jikaaay is an outstanding hip-hop star who has composed the great song “Brand new”. He has gone far to make his song popular and he has done so. His consistent kind of rapping and great kind of st... mehr

13.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Haydo Has Made Amazing Contribution In New Hip Hop Music ‘On The Low’

Hip hop and rap music have already coined up with their new style of rhythmic approaches. Music enthusiasts, who love listening to songs at their leisure time, they might be seeking for the new track ... mehr

13.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Forget Everything With The Musical Sense of the Hip Hop Duo SinnerCliqueRec.

With its universal approach, hip hop and rap has taken its leap in the music industry. This is the most popular genre in the world of music. The enormous acceptance of hip hop across the planet has al... mehr

13.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Get Enthralled With the Wobbling Hip Hop Tracks by TimmyFlameBoy

TimmyFlameBoy is a great musician and you will love to hear him for his awesome kind of beat and great stamina. Once you hear his music, you won’t be able to forget his dazzling performance. He has ... mehr

13.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Nathan Conniry Expresses His Intense Passion through Music ‘I Got This’

Music is incomplete without passion. It has no meaning if it cannot evoke powerful emotions within the listeners. The brand new music artist named Nathan Conniry presents you with plenty of that. He s... mehr

12.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Enjoy the Erratic Approach of Life With ‘Fatal Attraction’ by THE BAZ

Music has a worldwide appearance. It breaks all the barriers and reaches every corner of the earth, and hip hop and rap is the most accepted musical genre around the world. Though, at its initial stag... mehr

10.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

JJM Productions Brings Fiery Trap Music in the Market

Trap music is one of the best music genres which is trending and getting quite popular. It is characterized by baleful, low-end bass and peppy beats. JJM Productions is the brand new trap music artist... mehr

10.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Thirdlaneprez‘s Brand New Hip hop Song 'Graduated' Will Set Your Feet On Fire

Hip hop is both a very popular as well as a very glamorous music genre. That is the main reason why most music artists prefer this genre. It is the one of the most competitive line in the music indust... mehr

09.02.18 - Music Promotion Club

Interesting Musicality in Nathan Conniry’s Song ‘Hip-Hop’ is Creating Buzz

If you want some exciting hit tracks based on hip hop, then Nathan Conniry is here to entertain you with his new released single ‘Hip-Hop’. As this singer has stepped into the world of music long ... mehr

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