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LISTSERV® Maestro 11.0 Email Marketing Software Introduces Hybrid Lists

Email Groups, Newsletters and Marketing Campaigns Now Run on One Integrated Platform Stockholm (March 30, 2023) - L-Soft released LISTSERV® Maestro 11.0 today, providing a new and unique capability for people to manage LISTSERV email groups, newsletters and LISTSERV Maestro email marketing campaigns, all in one convenient location. New Features Include: • Mandatory unsubscribe URL for easy opt-out and upholding of email marketing best practices • Hybrid lists (LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro) with automatic import to

Permission Email Is Going Strong at 30, Launched by Double Opt-In Invention in L …

The Revolutionary Technology Is as Important as Ever for Trusted Email Communications Stockholm (March 15, 2023) - Every day, people actively subscribe to email groups, newsletters and marketing campaigns on their own terms thanks to the world's first subscription confirmation feature, called double opt-in or confirmed opt-in, originally implemented in LISTSERV. Today marks 30 years since its invention by Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO. This groundbreaking innovation, requiring people to

L-Soft Releases LISTSERV® Maestro 10.0: Keep on Email Tracking — The Right Wa …

Email Marketing Platform Offers Several Data Privacy and Protection Options Stockholm (September 28, 2021)— LISTSERV Maestro 10.0, released by L-Soft today, has senders covered when it comes to the new Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) in Apple’s iOS 15. The Maestro opt-in email marketing and analytics platform, the only one based on LISTSERV®, offers the ability to turn off open-up tracking, choose from several tracking levels, including anonymous and personal with consent,

Nostalgic Yet? Email Turns 50, LISTSERV is 35

Pioneering Internet Inventions Keep Thriving as the Most Essential Channels for Everyday Communications Stockholm (29 June, 2021) - Nostalgia has made quite the comeback, and the Internet is no exception. So it's delightful that the most familiar innovations of email and LISTSERV® – two of the major IT inventions still thriving – celebrate key milestones in 2021. The comprehensive story of how we arrived at the current and ever-evolving tech-driven communication space

New Software Release Makes It Data Protection Day Every Day

L-Soft's New LISTSERV Maestro Email Marketing Software Is the Only Solution Providing Personal Tracking with Subscriber Consent Stockholm (28 January, 2020) - Email marketing gets results. It also requires compliance with data privacy and protection regulations like the EU GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. To help organisations, today L Soft released the newest version of LISTSERV Maestro, the only email marketing software enabling personal tracking with consent from subscribers.

LISTSERV® Bridges Gap Between Mailing Lists, Forums and Blogs

New Release Modernises the Way People Interact with Email List Content Stockholm (August 21, 2019) – L-Soft now offers classic, forum and blog views for email lists, so people can stay up-to-date without even launching an email client. LISTSERV 17.0, a major new release of the pioneering email list technology, features a new user interface that runs much like an app on any mobile device, allowing list administrators and subscribers

One of the Oldest Email Technology Companies Turns 25

LISTSERV® Endures as L-Soft’s Core Business STOCKHOLM (February 13, 2019) – When Eric Thomas started L-Soft in 1994, email wasn’t yet in widespread use, Netscape hadn’t been released, email marketing didn’t exist, and social media wasn’t even a pipe dream. “My generation envisioned the world that we see today, where the Internet is at the center of everything,” said Thomas. “It was our dream, our life project, and we made it

L-Soft’s LISTSERV Maestro 6.0 Meets the Challenges of Today’s Email Marketin …

L-Soft’s LISTSERV Maestro 6.0 Meets the Challenges of Today’s Email Marketing Communicators Senders Can Easily Compare Results Over Time, Identify Trends and Problems, Create Customised Reports Stockholm (May 20, 2014) – Anyone who sends opt-in email newsletters, announcements, special offers and other email marketing communications knows that it’s critical to be able to quickly and effectively assess campaign performance, see the big picture over time, hone in on trends and root

LISTSERV® Email Communities Change and Save Lives

The Two Winning Email Lists in L-Soft's LISTSERV Choice Awards – The Mailys – Help People with Cancer, Homeless Dogs Stockholm (February 28, 2012) – Delivering life-changing and even life-saving information to thousands of people are all in a day's work for two award-winning LISTSERV email communities. L-Soft honoured the powerful efforts and profound results of The Kidney Cancer Online Support Group (KIDNEY-ONC) and BELG-L, a community of Belgian Shepherd owners,

L-Soft’s LISTSERV® Maestro Bridges Gap Between Email and Other Social Media

The Social Media Integration of LISTSERV Maestro 5.0 Offers One-Stop Shopping to Email Marketers of All Skill Levels Stockholm, December 15, 2011 – L-Soft is the company behind LISTSERV®, the original email list software that in 1986 unleashed the explosive growth of email communities. L-Soft’s release today of LISTSERV Maestro 5.0 enables one-stop shopping for email marketers with social media integration and tracking, hassle-free target group segmentation and easy, in-depth

Email Community Helps Professionals Get Funded, Not Stressed

Research Administration Discussion List Wins L-Soft's LISTSERV Choice Awards – The Mailys Stockholm, February 23, 2011 – Ask any research administrator: Applying for and administering research grants is no easy task, with the policy intricacies and perpetually changing regulations entailed, plus the added complexities of governments' new electronic grant application processes. But the Research Administration Discussion List (RESADM-L) makes the daily work of some 3,000 research administrators easier and less stressful

LISTSERV 16.0 Helps Organisations Connect, Communicate and Collaborate, Hassle-F …

Press Release LISTSERV 16.0 Helps Organisations Connect, Communicate and Collaborate, Hassle-Free and On-Budget Upgrade of L-Soft’s Software Provides Choose-and-Customise Newsletter Gallery, UTF-8 Support Stockholm, December 10, 2009 – LISTSERV® 16.0, released today, gives email list communicators the tools they need to ensure that they are using their budget and resources on email that looks good, is read by subscribers and gets results. This new version of the trademarked industry standard software offers a

Delivering Hope, Support and Community – Via Email

ICORS Uses Email Lists to Transform Lives, Wins L-Soft’s LISTSERV Choice Awards Stockholm, December 8, 2009 – More than 90,000 people the world over who face illness, disability, family issues and other challenges are getting the message – literally – that they are not alone thanks to LISTSERV email lists run by The Information Center for Online Resources and Services, Inc. (ICORS). In honour of ICORS’ life-changing use of email lists

L-Soft Named Among 10 Best Workplaces for Gender Equality in Sweden

Swedish Survey Recognizes LISTSERV®, Software Provider Stockholm, November 23, 2009 – L-Soft – the company behind LISTSERV, the original email list management software – is one of 10 top workplaces for gender equality and opportunities for women, according to a survey by Veckans Affärer (Swedish Business Week), a leading business journal. “This award confirms what I have always known: IT companies do not need any kind of

Pumping up Permission: L-Soft's LISTSERV® Maestro 4.0 Released Today

Upgrade of Email Marketing Software Advances Permission-Based Targeting, Tracking and Analytics Stockholm, February 25, 2009 – Trust, permission and relevance in email marketing are more critical than ever because of the current economic downturn and today's cautious customers. L-Soft today unveiled LISTSERV Maestro 4.0, bolstering email marketers' and communicators' efforts to nurture trust and raise conversions through the strongest permission-based email targeting and data gathering technology on the market. "Call it a

L-Soft Opens Global Email List Competition for Nominations

Public Voting Launched in Fourth Year of LISTSERV® Choice Awards Stockholm, October 1, 2008 - With email list technology in everyday use worldwide, L-Soft – the company behind LISTSERV®, the original email list software – announced today that nominations are open in the fourth year of its unique global awards program honoring excellence in opt-in email communication. "The nominated email lists continue to demonstrate what a tremendous difference online group communication

Reseller Pricing on LISTSERV® Solutions Available to All Customers

Customers can now choose whether or not to pay for account management Stockholm, September, 12, 2008 – L-Soft, the company behind LISTSERV® -- the original email list management software, which launched the industry in 1986 -- introduced today a direct order channel that offers reseller pricing to the general public. This new service, called L-Soft Direct, targets customers who are already familiar with L-Soft’s LISTSERV-brand mailing list software solutions and are

LISTSERV Maestro Debuts Custom-Selected Metrics for Marketers to Maximise Best E …

Stockholm, February 12, 2008 -- L-Soft\'s LISTSERV® Maestro 3.3 provides email marketers and communicators with critical data through custom-selected visual email metrics and reports directly on the campaign dashboard, giving the competitive edge demanded by today\'s saturated digital environment. Today\'s release supplies real-time campaign data support for email marketing benchmarks and best practices. This enables email communicators to use relevant metrics to develop, test and refine their communications for

L-Soft’s LISTSERV 15.5 Wraps RSS Abstracts and LDAP Support into Legendary Ema …

Stockholm, November 27, 2007 -- L-Soft announced today the release of LISTSERV® 15.5, providing additional usability, efficiency and integration benefits across all user levels of the pioneering email list software. "Our latest software evolution, LISTSERV 15.5, makes email list communication a little easier and more secure for everyone, from administrators to list owners to end users," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO, who developed LISTSERV in 1986. "As

L-Soft’s LISTSERV® Maestro 3.1 Email Marketing Solution Released Today, Intro …

Message Template Management System with Ready-to-Use HTML Templates and Advanced Sampling and Testing Functions Also Highlighted in Upgraded Version Stockholm, August 7, 2007 - LISTSERV Maestro 3.1, available today from L-Soft, provides visual email analytics, a key new tool for immediate, within-the-message visualisation of click rate data, which enables email marketers to boost conversion rates and increase sales by tailoring their messages based on real-time recipient responses. The click-rate visualisation function in

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