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Challenge Europe – wire thread inserts for high-strength threads in soft mater …

Specialist threaded fasteners often need help in forming the best attachment to soft core materials such as aluminium or magnesium alloys. Challenge Europe are pleased to announce their stock, advice and production service operation for a comprehensive range of wire thread inserts, available in both tanged and tangless variants, or screw thread inserts which provide high performance internal threads in castings where light weight of the complete assembly is a

Action Can from Challenge Europe for manufacturers and installers

As specialists in the world of industrial threaded fasteners, the team at Challenge Europe are pleased to announce stocking of the Action Can range of industrial aerosols. Explains M.D. Kevin Moorcroft “we deal every day with manufacturers, installers and service engineers who are in constant need of high quality consumables and we find the Action Can range meets the exacting requirements of professional engineers for anti-corrosion products and paints, cleaners, lubricants,

Challenge Europe address urgent need for “O” rings

The team at Challenge Europe have found that alongside their core threaded fastener range, there is a demand for sealing “O” rings on an urgent basis – and consequently decided to enhance stock levels to meet the need. Common requirements for “O” rings come in Nitrile (NBR), EPDM, Viton®, Silicone, Polyurethane and Neoprene with many others also called for to suit the needs of practically every industrial sector. Challenge Europe can support

Challenge Europe offer thread locking devices, ex-stock

Challenge Europe are pleased to offer ex-stock thread locking solutions for general industrial assembly purposes. One of the most common and simplest solution to problems of vibration loosening of threaded fasteners is by use of a conventional locking nut or half nut. Use of a full nut provides an easy fitment which pulls from the same stock as the main fastener. A locking half nut above the full nut leaves “head

How to choose a screw drive – a brief guide from Challenge Europe

Kevin Moorcroft, M.D. at Challenge Europe, explains some features of different screw drive types. Anyone regularly using simple slotted drive screws – with a traditional straight bladed screwdriver, will be aware of its shortcomings – with a power driver then even more so. The old-style slotted drive will “cam-out” easily, is almost impossible to centre and if the tool or slot is even slightly worn, then is extremely different to install

Specialist screws in various materials and finishes available from Challenge Eur …

Industry screw specialists Challenge Europe recently announced the breadth of screw materials and finishes they work with on behalf of their industrial/manufacturing customers. The rational for using various materials or treatments/coatings is usually either technical or cost based. This can vary from improved corrosion resistance by using stainless steel, zinc plated, zinc-nickel plated, galvanised, chrome plated, nickel plated or plastic screws. Improved electrical connection is often important and can be achieved

Challenge Europe take aim at theft, vandalism and equipment tampering with Hafre …

The need to safeguard against theft, vandalism and tampering is an increasingly essential part of many design specifications. Hafren security fasteners from Challenge Europe are in constant demand and are used in a vast range of security applications in projects and manufacturing all over the world, e.g. in engineering equipment to prevent tampering while leaving access available to qualified personnel with specialist tools, such as 2 hole (often referred to

Threaded and helical inserts ex-stock from Challenge Europe Ltd

Challenge Europe are delighted to carry an ex-stock standard range of metric and imperial threaded inserts for use in the manufacturing and installation industries, in order to provide a robust thread in moulded/fabricated plastic components, where the softness of the substrate precludes a tapped thread. Threaded inserts are a favourite for use throughout industry where they can provide a quick thread just by drilling or moulding a pilot hole and pressing

Hex drive bolts and screws - Challenge Europe announce stock/supply capability

Hex headed high tensile bolts and screws, together with hex drive socket head cap screws, are the mainstays of industrial fastening and as such are stocked in depth by Challenge Europe as part of their supply partnership philosophy. Standard high tensile formats include non-flange hex head and flanged designs, along with standard socket cap head, socket button head and socket countersunk designs. Material grades available include 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and stainless

Industrial Screws range now ex-stock from Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe – “the nuts and bolts of your business” people, are pleased to announce they are now stocking industrial screws in metric sizes to ISO and DIN standards, also imperial to BSI and ANSI with other national/international standards available to order from recognised high quality international manufacturers. The aim at Challenge Europe being always to ensure quality, reliability and competitive cost of assembly with consistency of supply backed by

Safe and secure – fasteners from Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe, in conjunction with their sales partners Hafren, are delighted to offer safety and security through the medium of their primary fastener ranges. These high quality competitive fasteners are in constant demand for use in a vast range of security applications in projects all over the world. The need to safeguard against theft, vandalism and tampering is an increasingly essential part of many design specifications. To counter these threats

Vibration resistance, sealing and good looks from Challenge Europe

The team at Challenge Europe are experts at exploiting the adaptability of simple, rugged threaded fasteners – and it is this adaptability which brings engineers to their use. Simple to use and to provide with vibration resistance, improved sealing, load spreading or good looks by combining with a range of washer accessories to enhance the performance of the basic fastener. Crinkle, wavy washers, coil spring washers and serrated tooth lock washers

Challenge Europe put threaded fasteners in thin walled sections

Ex-stock rivet nuts and rivet bushes from Challenge Europe are frequently ideal fixing solutions by providing female threads in thin walled sections. Sheet materials are commonly difficult to integrate with more rugged bulky components since provision of solid fixing in thin sheet is often a problem – however it is a problem easily resolved with rivet nuts which compress onto the sheet, or by rivet bushes which are pressed into

A4/ASTM 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners from Challenge Europe for high corrosion e …

With the addition of molybdenum, A4 stainless (ASTM 316) is significantly more resistant to corrosion than the more popular A2 (ASTM 304) and very little more expensive. Although A4 stainless is often referred to as marine grade Challenge Europe have noticed an increasing need for this highly cost-effective grade to meet the demands of non-marine industries where equipment is subjected to more demanding service conditions. The non-magnetic nature of A4

Challenge Europe – Socket Screws from stock – or custom

Specialist fastener suppliers Challenge Europe are “big” on socket screws – with big stock and big service to ensure UK manufacturers across the electro-mechanical industries can save costs and ensure problem-free production schedules. Socket head cap screws are frequently the threaded fastener of choice for manual or automated assembly. Typically in metric sizes of 10.9, 12.9 and 8.8 grade of high tensile steel, as well as stainless steel. Socket head cap

Challenge Europe rework and retro-fit service announcement

Challenge Europe are finding an increasing requirement for rework and retro-fit projects – often involving changes to mechanical fastenings or the fitting of electronic components such as sensors. This generally occurs in an OEM environment where perhaps a specification has been changed in the middle of a production run or a previously unforeseen service requirement is realised. This service provides a massive benefit to manufacturers whereby they can call in specialists

Challenge Europe announce fastener stock and delivery service packages for Manuf …

Challenge Europe recognise that managing the supply chain for large numbers of small fasteners is a major administrative issue for specialist manufacturers and to that end they have developed a versatile stock and supply system to take much of the worry out of this process, all under the umbrella of their BS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management certification. Their four point system encompasses stock holding and control of standard and custom

Action Can industrial products from Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe serve central and eastern England with an ex-stock range of the well-known Action Can industrial consumables including industrial lubricants, cleaning sprays, foams and many related aerosols such as copper grease, cutting fluids, car cleaner, anti-static spray, welders anti-splatter spray, brake and clutch cleaner, glass cleaner, chain lube (also food grade), freeze spray, electrical control cleaner, isopropyl alcohol cleaner, corrosion inhibitors, stainless steel cleaner and many more. An extensive range

Challenge Europe meet the demand for custom and special fasteners

The demand for fasteners – threaded or otherwise – is frequently impossible to meet from standard ranges – at the same time quantities and delivery schedules need to be managed for production scheduling. Challenge Europe are in a position to handle both since quality has always been a top priority for them, reflected both in the product range of their stock, and in the service they provide. Challenge gained the

Challenge (Europe) – handles, clamps, machine parts, stud rivets, valve knobs …

Along with threaded fasteners goes a whole swathe of ancillary products, which for Challenge (Europe) are characterised by items such as instrument handles, clamp screws, stud rivet assemblies, valve knobs, captive screws and a great capability in the production of custom specialist machined parts. This capability covers most metals and sometimes plastics with non-standard special items to customer drawings or non-standard sizes to international standards, e.g. an intermediate diameter or length.

Challenge Europe Rivets and Pins and Weld Studs and other fasteners

In the engineering lexicon rivets and pins are commonplace and are fundamental to location, e.g. by use of dowels or groove pins and slotted steel tension pins. Similarly, Challenge Europe ex-stock delivery reflects the everyday usage of simple security fixings such as split cotter pins as well as the wide range of weld studs, self-clinching pins, brass threaded inserts and the many types of rivet in daily use. The experienced

specialist Washers and Dubo Rings from Challenge Europe offer many benefits

Ex-stock specialist Washers and Dubo Rings from Challenge Europe offer many benefits in terms of sealing, security, anti-vibration and mechanical protection. In addition they can normalise friction on torque sensitive applications, provide sound deadening and anti-corrosion by electro-galvanic insulation. Copper grip and brass terminal cup washers on the other hand provide excellent electrical conductivity for connection of power or earth wires. Plain washers in standard or “mudguard” forms are complemented by

Ex-stock specialist nuts from tech fastening experts at Challenge Europe

While many machine screws or bolts fit into a tapped thread within a larger component the versatility of these threaded fasteners is often exploited by using a nut which Challenge Europe stock in many variations and materials. Their wide ex-stock offering supports manufacturing supply chains – including nylon insert nuts – the most used anti-vibration self-locking nuts often fitted where previously a full nut and jam nut were utilised, thus

Ex-stock socket screws and bolts from Challenge Europe

Specialist threaded fasteners available ex-stock from Challenge Europe in high grades of material include socket screws for production, incorporating milled sides (cap heads) so they may be easily spun up by hand and of course with a recessed hex drive which enable machine feed and torqueing on the assembly line. Other specialist socket screws include button head/dome head designs which give improved appearance, lower profile and a smooth finish. They also

Challenge Europe - a nuanced approach to manufacturing

The manufacturing sourcing and supply process today is more than ever concerned with supporting robust procedures to ensure reliable quality and performance at highly competitive prices. But the greatest concern is probably that of getting it wrong as this is often the greatest cost of all. It is here that Challenge Europe can help, even with apparently simple threaded fasteners like flange bolts – used for speed and where people don’t

Challenge Europe – Screws ex-stock and custom

The team at Challenge Europe are experienced in supporting manufacturing and trade users of ex-stock and custom screws in a very wide variety. In the experience of Challenge Europe this differentiation of design and material enables them to help customers get the right screw for the job – saving time, saving money, saving waste and ensuring a top quality job first time. Typically this covers stainless steel machine screws, self-tapping/thread-forming screws

Challenge Europe address Fastener Security

When a manufacturer is considering security issues around fasteners, generally there are three aspects: - The ability of the fastener to securely do its job and withstand problems such as vandalism. - How secure will the fastener be in service, how for example will it seal or retain components and/or fluids? - How confident can I be in my selection and my supply chain? These are vital matters addressed by Kevin Moorcroft and his team at Challenge

Challenge Europe updated fastenings and fixings brochure

An updated core description of the Challenge Europe portfolio is available free as a download from their website at This document covers the Challenge Europe focus on threaded fasteners and associated accessories. Their quick reference brochure is expected to be handy for designers and installation engineers who need capability in both standard and custom components across the spread of industry from machinery to building, from office to foreshore environments. Rivets, pins

Challenge Europe fulfil the fastener sourcing and supply chain requirements of t …

It is the philosophy of Challenge Europe to reduce manufacturing component costs and cycle times by supporting all phases of the manufacturing process, from concept through design/development to mainline production. M.D. Kevin Moorcroft explains that they achieve this “by involvement in advising the various benefits and pitfalls of specific fasteners at an early stage so that the design engineers can best decide the path to follow. We then carry through

Special and Custom fastener parts from Challenge Europe now available

Challenge Europe specialise in small volume manufacturing projects – custom special jobs that are a problem for bigger manufacturers, where it is not cost-effective to program large and expensive automated equipment. This enables them to optimise performance across a customer manufacturing operation with standard products from stock including many specialist fastener items. However, when standard stock fastenings are not suitable they can offer a custom solution from their own manufacturing facility.

Threaded fasteners need ancillaries

Challenge Europe have found that wherever threaded fasteners are used then various ancillary products are often needed. For example, protection of the nut end of a bolt or screw with a plastic dome cap – or protection of the internal hex socket head from filling with dirt by use of a protective cap insert. Both from sales partner Korrex, who also provide insulating bushes which offer protection from electrolytic corrosion

Standard and custom specialist washers from Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe, as long-time specialist suppliers to UK manufacturing industry, are well aware that every application is different – many production needs can be met from their extensive range of standard types but often a custom variant is required. Explained M.D. Kevin Moorcroft “we carry a full range of flat, shakeproof, mudguard, copper grip and terminal cup washers, as well as crinkle, sealing, Belleville, cup, spring washers and “O” rings. All

Challenge Europe Rivets make assembly quicker and cheaper

Rivets from Challenge Europe offer a quick, simple, reliable and low cost ex-stock way to join sections of material – either similar – metal to metal, or dissimilar – metal to plastic. Blind rivets are stocked in depth by the expert team at Challenge Europe who aim to partner manufacturers through the design/development/production cycle with standard or custom specifications. Many rivets are available with a choice of head forms from the

Nuts from Challenge Europe – reaching the parts threaded holes cannot reach

Ex-stock from Challenge Europe the humble threaded nut is frequently the optimal solution where a screw or bolt is required. Not only do traditional nuts provide a simple and inexpensive alternative to a pre-tapped thread, but self-locking versions perform a function often not readily achieved with a tapped hole. Where once a full or half nut was used as a “jam nut”, today Challenge Europe provide a wide selection of

Screws from Challenge Europe with confidence and support

Screws from Challenge Europe come in an extensive range of general and niche ex-stock products, each with its own special features. Especially they come with the strong background support of the Challenge Europe team so useful to customers seeking just a bit more than simply placing an order without the benefit of guidance and support. For example, stainless steel machine screws and self-tapping/thread-forming screws often need special care in selection. Not

The right Engineers-Pin for your Project – from Challenge Europe

For what appears to be a simple product, the specification of engineering pins can be a surprisingly difficult matter. Given that most pins are used to precisely locate and/or retain components in a long-term assembly, Challenge Europe offer their expertise in detailing pin types, fit, tolerance, material finish and cost so that customers can find the optimum pin, and pin fitting system, for their project. Their new brochure highlights the main

Challenge Europe offers standard and custom washers

Challenge Europe in their new Fastenings & Fixing brochure reveal that they not only offer a very wide range of standard ex-stock same-day despatch washers, but they also offer special washers to customer drawings. This covers industries as diverse as electronics and construction also machine assembly, marine application and aerospace. Their brochure lists flat form (A, B, C and D types), mudguard (penny) washers, spring washers in rectangular and square section,

New brochure from Challenge Europe covers Socket Screws

This new brochure available free from Challenge Europe describes their range of standard socket screws in steel and stainless steel. Challenge Europe carry an extensive stock of Socket Head Capscrews (DIN 912), Socket Button Head Screws (ISO 7380), Countersunk Socket Screws (DIN 7991) and Socket Setscrews in cup, cone, dog and flat point styles. They also have Socket Shoulder screws, Socket Pipe Plugs and Allen keys. Designed as they are for general

Manufacturers find added value from specialist fastener supplier

Specialist fastener distributor Challenge Europe find that working closely with manufacturers pays dividends for their customers in the added value of an experienced supplier team. This results in better products, more profitably produced with shorter development cycles. Where a manufacturer is able to work with Challenge Europe from concept to production, they have the benefit of extensive experience across many years, many industries and many production methodologies. This results in better

New Security Fasteners from Challenge Europe Ltd

Challenge Europe are delighted to have in their portfolio the Hafren range of security fasteners – a range of anti-vandal, anti-tamper screws and nuts proven in applications from architectural and street furniture, to marine and industrial equipment. 2 hole headed (otherwise known as pignose or snake eye) A2 stainless screws, bolts and self-tappers provide a versatile and clean look to installations while deterring vandals and keeping installations safe. Likewise, shear-nuts in

Production oriented fasteners from Challenge Europe

The needs of manufacturing industry can generally be listed under the headings “reliability, speed, quality and cost” in varying order – but whatever the exact balance, design is always at the heart of achieving a successful outcome - as professed by specialist fastener suppliers Challenge Europe. Explained Kevin Moorcroft, M.D. at Challenge Europe – “Automation in particular, places exceptional demands on a fastener above and beyond how well it does its

Manufacturing/Assembly Capability at fastener supplier Challenge Europe

As specialist fastener suppliers Challenge Europe often meet customers with low volume, low tech, problem jobs that have come along at inconvenient times and which would take up disproportionate resources in house. Consequently they have developed an expertise to take on these specialist projects so that they can soak up urgent or otherwise troublesome small component production, to enable smoothing of resource usage, efficiency and cost reduction. They can efficiently

Challenge Europe support growing UK manufacturing industry demand for threaded f …

As UK manufacturing industry once again uses all its ingenuity and determination to grow itself out of externally derived problems, Challenge Europe are geared up to help with design and production support in supply of standard and custom threaded fasteners. The Challenge Europe service packages provide advice in the design/development phase, coupled with a range of supply approaches through the production cycle. Typically this takes the form of stockholding, monitoring of usage

Self-Drilling Screws from Challenge Europe

The concept of self-drilling screws came out of the need for speed and the realisation that by putting a cutting face on the end of a power driven screw it could cut its own hole and immediately generate a female thread, so saving a considerable amount of time. In the case of self-drilling Tek type screws, with integral sealing washer, this time saving is increased, together with the added functional

Challenge Europe announce ex-stock and custom sealing washers for manufacturers

Challenge Europe are delighted to announce they have large stocks of sealing washers such as Dubo rings and Dowty washers, also those manufactured from rubber, EPDM, neoprene, silicone, nylon and fibre are available for immediate delivery. They are also pleased to advise on specification of custom sealing solutions for threaded fasteners to suit all types of industrial applications. Specialist sealing of fasteners such as bolts and machine screws can be

Vibration proof threaded fasteners from Challenge Europe

Specialist industrial suppliers of threaded fastenings and fixings, Challenge Europe, have built up a portfolio of vibration proof products to suit many manufacturing and installation applications, both ex-stock and to custom specifications. For sealing and locking purposes the Dubo Retaining Ring is a deformable plastic collar which prevents rotation of a threaded bolt or screw while effectively sealing the opening. Dubo rings are chemically resistant to most industrial environments and do

What screw head type should I use?

Kevin Moorcroft, M.D. at industrial threaded fastener specialists Challenge (Europe) Ltd recently discussed the question - What screw head type should I use? - with some helpful tips as he explained: “Standard hexagon head is one of the most common form of screw or bolt head used throughout industry in typical sizes from M4 upwards but there are also countersunk screws with recesses of many types, e.g. multi-splined, hexagon socket,

Many Threads on industrial screws and fasteners stocked at Challenge Europe

Metric thread forms are common across a significant range of fastener products, so that for example an M5 thread is the same irrespective of the head type or screw style. There are of course fine thread, extra fine thread and constant pitch series, but if possible these are to be avoided as their stocked range is not as comprehensive as it is for your more general coarse pitch threads. Challenge (Europe)

Industrial Screws – Many Sizes, Many Threads from Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Many imperial thread sizes are now either obsolete or trending towards obsolescence prompted by changes in demand patterns from countries such as the USA who are now drifting towards metric products. This increasing globalisation of metric threaded fasteners does not necessarily mean that all variations are commonly available and it remains important that design engineers are careful in their selection. Whether metric or imperial it is always advisable to seek

Challenge Europe makes threads material to the case

Threaded fastener systems – nuts, bolts, screws and washers used in manufacturing industry at large are a time served, well developed, reliable and surprisingly sophisticated technology. They are also well known – but it is often not appreciated just how critical it may be to choose exactly the right material and finish. This is where Challenge Europe can be of real help. Manufacturing industry typically requires threaded fasteners in varying grades

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