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04.01.19 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

A4/ASTM 316 Stainless Steel Fasteners from Challenge Europe for high corrosion environments

With the addition of molybdenum, A4 stainless (ASTM 316) is significantly more resistant to corrosion than the more popular A2 (ASTM 304) and very little more expensive. Although A4 stainless is often... mehr

13.12.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe – Socket Screws from stock – or custom

Specialist fastener suppliers Challenge Europe are “big” on socket screws – with big stock and big service to ensure UK manufacturers across the electro-mechanical industries can save costs and ... mehr

06.12.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe rework and retro-fit service announcement

Challenge Europe are finding an increasing requirement for rework and retro-fit projects – often involving changes to mechanical fastenings or the fitting of electronic components such as sensors. T... mehr

28.11.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe announce fastener stock and delivery service packages for Manufacturers

Challenge Europe recognise that managing the supply chain for large numbers of small fasteners is a major administrative issue for specialist manufacturers and to that end they have developed a versat... mehr

13.11.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Action Can industrial products from Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe serve central and eastern England with an ex-stock range of the well-known Action Can industrial consumables including industrial lubricants, cleaning sprays, foams and many related a... mehr

02.11.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe meet the demand for custom and special fasteners

The demand for fasteners – threaded or otherwise – is frequently impossible to meet from standard ranges – at the same time quantities and delivery schedules need to be managed for production sc... mehr

23.10.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge (Europe) – handles, clamps, machine parts, stud rivets, valve knobs and captive screws

Along with threaded fasteners goes a whole swathe of ancillary products, which for Challenge (Europe) are characterised by items such as instrument handles, clamp screws, stud rivet assemblies, valve ... mehr

24.09.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe Rivets and Pins and Weld Studs and other fasteners

In the engineering lexicon rivets and pins are commonplace and are fundamental to location, e.g. by use of dowels or groove pins and slotted steel tension pins. Similarly, Challenge Europe ex-stock de... mehr

06.09.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

specialist Washers and Dubo Rings from Challenge Europe offer many benefits

Ex-stock specialist Washers and Dubo Rings from Challenge Europe offer many benefits in terms of sealing, security, anti-vibration and mechanical protection. In addition they can normalise friction on... mehr

22.08.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Ex-stock specialist nuts from tech fastening experts at Challenge Europe

While many machine screws or bolts fit into a tapped thread within a larger component the versatility of these threaded fasteners is often exploited by using a nut which Challenge Europe stock in many... mehr

07.08.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Ex-stock socket screws and bolts from Challenge Europe

Specialist threaded fasteners available ex-stock from Challenge Europe in high grades of material include socket screws for production, incorporating milled sides (cap heads) so they may be easily spu... mehr

20.07.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe - a nuanced approach to manufacturing

The manufacturing sourcing and supply process today is more than ever concerned with supporting robust procedures to ensure reliable quality and performance at highly competitive prices. But the great... mehr

25.06.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe – Screws ex-stock and custom

The team at Challenge Europe are experienced in supporting manufacturing and trade users of ex-stock and custom screws in a very wide variety. In the experience of Challenge Europe this differentiatio... mehr

13.06.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe address Fastener Security

When a manufacturer is considering security issues around fasteners, generally there are three aspects: - The ability of the fastener to securely do its job and withstand problems such as vandalism. ... mehr

07.06.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe updated fastenings and fixings brochure

An updated core description of the Challenge Europe portfolio is available free as a download from their website at This document covers the Challenge Europe focus... mehr

24.05.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe fulfil the fastener sourcing and supply chain requirements of the manufacturing cycle

It is the philosophy of Challenge Europe to reduce manufacturing component costs and cycle times by supporting all phases of the manufacturing process, from concept through design/development to mainl... mehr

24.04.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Special and Custom fastener parts from Challenge Europe now available

Challenge Europe specialise in small volume manufacturing projects – custom special jobs that are a problem for bigger manufacturers, where it is not cost-effective to program large and expensive au... mehr

11.04.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Threaded fasteners need ancillaries

Challenge Europe have found that wherever threaded fasteners are used then various ancillary products are often needed. For example, protection of the nut end of a bolt or screw with a plastic dome ca... mehr

28.03.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Standard and custom specialist washers from Challenge Europe

Challenge Europe, as long-time specialist suppliers to UK manufacturing industry, are well aware that every application is different – many production needs can be met from their extensive range of ... mehr

15.03.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe Rivets make assembly quicker and cheaper

Rivets from Challenge Europe offer a quick, simple, reliable and low cost ex-stock way to join sections of material – either similar – metal to metal, or dissimilar – metal to plastic. Blind riv... mehr

01.03.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Nuts from Challenge Europe – reaching the parts threaded holes cannot reach

Ex-stock from Challenge Europe the humble threaded nut is frequently the optimal solution where a screw or bolt is required. Not only do traditional nuts provide a simple and inexpensive alternative t... mehr

23.01.18 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Screws from Challenge Europe with confidence and support

Screws from Challenge Europe come in an extensive range of general and niche ex-stock products, each with its own special features. Especially they come with the strong background support of the Chall... mehr

29.11.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

The right Engineers-Pin for your Project – from Challenge Europe

For what appears to be a simple product, the specification of engineering pins can be a surprisingly difficult matter. Given that most pins are used to precisely locate and/or retain components in a l... mehr

22.11.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe offers standard and custom washers

Challenge Europe in their new Fastenings & Fixing brochure reveal that they not only offer a very wide range of standard ex-stock same-day despatch washers, but they also offer special washers to cust... mehr

06.10.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

New brochure from Challenge Europe covers Socket Screws

This new brochure available free from Challenge Europe describes their range of standard socket screws in steel and stainless steel. Challenge Europe carry an extensive stock of Socket Head Capscrews... mehr

27.09.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Manufacturers find added value from specialist fastener supplier

Specialist fastener distributor Challenge Europe find that working closely with manufacturers pays dividends for their customers in the added value of an experienced supplier team. This results in bet... mehr

28.07.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

New Security Fasteners from Challenge Europe Ltd

Challenge Europe are delighted to have in their portfolio the Hafren range of security fasteners – a range of anti-vandal, anti-tamper screws and nuts proven in applications from architectural and s... mehr

13.07.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Production oriented fasteners from Challenge Europe

The needs of manufacturing industry can generally be listed under the headings “reliability, speed, quality and cost” in varying order – but whatever the exact balance, design is always at the h... mehr

12.06.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Manufacturing/Assembly Capability at fastener supplier Challenge Europe

As specialist fastener suppliers Challenge Europe often meet customers with low volume, low tech, problem jobs that have come along at inconvenient times and which would take up disproportionate resou... mehr

29.05.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe support growing UK manufacturing industry demand for threaded fasteners

As UK manufacturing industry once again uses all its ingenuity and determination to grow itself out of externally derived problems, Challenge Europe are geared up to help with design and production su... mehr

11.05.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Self-Drilling Screws from Challenge Europe

The concept of self-drilling screws came out of the need for speed and the realisation that by putting a cutting face on the end of a power driven screw it could cut its own hole and immediately gener... mehr

20.04.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe announce ex-stock and custom sealing washers for manufacturers

Challenge Europe are delighted to announce they have large stocks of sealing washers such as Dubo rings and Dowty washers, also those manufactured from rubber, EPDM, neoprene, silicone, nylon and fibr... mehr

07.04.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Vibration proof threaded fasteners from Challenge Europe

Specialist industrial suppliers of threaded fastenings and fixings, Challenge Europe, have built up a portfolio of vibration proof products to suit many manufacturing and installation applications, bo... mehr

27.03.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

What screw head type should I use?

Kevin Moorcroft, M.D. at industrial threaded fastener specialists Challenge (Europe) Ltd recently discussed the question - What screw head type should I use? - with some helpful tips as he explained: ... mehr

13.03.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Many Threads on industrial screws and fasteners stocked at Challenge Europe

Metric thread forms are common across a significant range of fastener products, so that for example an M5 thread is the same irrespective of the head type or screw style. There are of course fine thre... mehr

28.02.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Industrial Screws – Many Sizes, Many Threads from Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Many imperial thread sizes are now either obsolete or trending towards obsolescence prompted by changes in demand patterns from countries such as the USA who are now drifting towards metric products. ... mehr

08.02.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe makes threads material to the case

Threaded fastener systems – nuts, bolts, screws and washers used in manufacturing industry at large are a time served, well developed, reliable and surprisingly sophisticated technology. They are al... mehr

26.01.17 - Challenge (Europe) Ltd

Challenge Europe address the application for threaded fasteners

Each manufacturing industry has its own requirements, but all use threaded fasteners – nuts, bolts, screws and washers. Challenge Europe addresses these varying applications with the experience and ... mehr

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