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Biochip Market Analysis by Application and Trend 2017-2021

Biochips allow simultaneous testing of higher number of analytes to achieve high throughput and low cost per test. Nanotechnology has helped in miniaturization of devices to achieve higher performance standards. Microarrays are most important part of biochips which send signals to the biochip to deliver end results. Microfluidic biochips have become modern alternative to routine laboratories. Microfluidic technology which enables controlling flow of liquids in micro and pico quantities has

Acute Myeloid Leukemia Therapeutics Market Share, Analysis and Segments 2017-202 …

Acute myeloid leukemia is a cancer of blood cells and involves proliferation of abnormal blood cell types and subsequent replacement of bone marrow with cancerous cells. Major leukemia types include myeloblastic, promyeloctic, myelomonocytic, monocytic, erythroleukemia, megakaryocytic. Treatment of leukemia mainly depends on the type of leukemia and stage. Acute myeloid leukemia therapeutics market is rich with branded as well as generic drugs classified under various classes including antineoplastic agents, corticosteroids, tyrosine

Companion Diagnostics Market Share, Trends Analysis: 2017-2021

Companion diagnostics has revolutionized cancer therapeutics and enabled physicians to select specific treatment pattern from of myriad of drugs for cancer treatment. This has improved treatment outcome manyfold and has now become and indispensable part of personalized medicine. The companion diagnostics market received great attention post success of Herceptin (trastuzumab) and Gleevec (imatinib). Rapid adoption of companion diagnostics and supportive regulatory agencies have encouraged researchers to seek molecules that target

North America and Europe Bionic Eye Market Segment Analysis And Forecast: 2017-2 …

Sudden surge in bionic eye market was experienced recently after the National Health Service (NHS) announced the sponsorship to implant bionic eyes in ten patients. The bionic eye can help regain vision in individuals with visual impairment. Although currently two bionic eye systems has received regulatory approvals, other companies in the bionic eye market are also trying to develop new technology that can help in regaining visual sense in patients. The

Global Antidiabetic Drugs Market - Product Segment Analysis And Forecast

Diabetes is a major lifestyle disorder affecting millions of individuals globally. The disorder is also linked with other complications such as diabetic retinopathy, diabetic foot ulcers, nephropathy and cardiovascular complications among others. Wide spread global prevalence and rising incidence rate has made the antidiabetic drugs market attractive for pharmaceutical drug manufacturers. Introduction of superior products in the recent past and increasing patient compliance are other factors driving the diabetes treatment

Global Organ Preservation Systems Market Trends, Share And Forecast Till 2021

Organ preservation systems have greatly evolved, and would rapidly increase the number of transplants in the future by keeping vital organs viable for a longer time. With increased demand for organ transplants, it has become crucial for care givers to wisely utilize the small number of organs donated. With increasing prevalence of diseases such as cancer, the demand for organ transplant has increased immensely in the recent past. Patients with

Cancer Immunotherapy Drugs Market Forecast, Share And Trends: 2017-2021

Cancer immunotherapy drugs market leads the overall cancer therapeutics market due to its higher efficiency and lower side effects as compared to other drug classes. The U.S. FDA has been prompt in approval of novel immunotherapy drugs for treatment of various cancers. Tecentriq (atezolizumab) and Keytruda (pembrolizumab) were approved in 2016 for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Tecentriq was also approved for treatment of bladder cancer in May 2016, while
07-10-2017 | Health & Medicine

Asia Pacific Is Expected To Be The Most Profitable Hearing Aids Market: 2017-202 …

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on "Global Hearing Aids Market Assessment & Forecast 2017-2021". The "Global Hearing Aids Market Assessment & Forecast 2017-2021", estimates that the global hearing aids market was valued at US$ 7,116.3 million in 2016 and is forecast to reach US$ 9,217.0 million by 2021 at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2017 to 2021. Asia Pacific is expected to be the most profitable hearing aids market.
07-07-2017 | Health & Medicine

SA-BRC Releasing New Report on Cancer Biomarker Testing Market: 2017-2021

Cancer biomarkers are considered as a key to drug discovery and cancer progression studies. The importance of cancer biomarkers is also increasing with the popularity of personalized medicine. This targeted therapy is associated with fewer side effects and has higher chances of treatment success. Efficient integration of biomarkers with other technologies for development of point-of-care test marked a beginning of new era in the cancer diagnostics and treatment. Researchers across
07-05-2017 | Health & Medicine

Laboratory Automation Systems Market Trend and Market Demand Report Till 2021

Laboratory automation systems have been transforming routine processes at laboratories. These systems have drastically reduced human involvement and added speed and efficiency. Automation in research laboratories has increased productivity, efficiency and reliability while reducing cost. Reduction in human error and damage incidences also contribute to cost efficiency. Using laboratory automation systems, researchers can dedicate their valuable time in improving core skills. Importance of laboratory automation systems is increasing in drug discovery
07-05-2017 | Health & Medicine

Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices Market Witnessing Rapid Growth

Blood glucose monitoring devices market has been witnessing rapid growth owing to high diabetes prevalence globally. The market is being replenished with innovative wearable devices that can continuously track glucose levels and also maintain historic data for detailed analysis. Glucose monitoring devices help in monitoring glucose levels at home, without visits to diagnostic laboratories and doctors. This avoids delay in identifying alarming conditions and allows patients to take necessary medical
07-04-2017 | Health & Medicine

Demand Of Pre-Packed Chromatography Columns Increasing Globally

Increasing popularity of pre packed chromatography columns has boosted the demand globally. These columns are easier to setup and do not require frequent column cleaning, sterilization and repacking prior to use. Professionally packed columns also increase efficiency of downstream processing. Inclination towards use of biological drugs and continuous research to discover novel biological therapeutic alternatives has been another driver for the pre packed chromatography columns market. Monoclonal antibodies are one of
07-03-2017 | Health & Medicine

Laboratory Filtration Systems Market Assessment 2017-2021

Laboratory filtration devices are evolving with time and becoming more efficient. The laboratory filtration systems market is largely driven by increasing research activities in the field of biotechnology and pharmacy. The market is also driven by introduction of stringent regulatory policies that demand highest quality standards. Laboratory filtration systems market is segmented into filter papers, and membrane filters, capsule filters, syringe filters, centrifuge filtration, vacuum filtration and other filtration devices
06-30-2017 | Health & Medicine

Demand For Home Healthcare Products Has Increased Dramatically

Demand for home healthcare products has increased dramatically in the recent past. Home diagnostic test kits are becoming popular globally, and are altering patient path. With these test kits, patients can perform primary diagnosis at home, and decide for further plan of action for confirmed disease diagnosis treatment. Home diagnostics tests are low cost alternatives to subvert time consuming and expensive trip to a physician. These tests provide results in
06-29-2017 | Health & Medicine

Global Healthcare Centrifuges Market Size and Forecast 2021

Centrifuges are one of the most common devices used in laboratories for sedimentation of samples. Centrifuges have become an inevitable part of diagnostic laboratories, research laboratories, academia, blood banks, as well as clinics and hospitals, where large numbers of biological samples are tested each day. Depending on design, centrifuges are classified into general purpose centrifuges, refrigerated centrifuges, clinical centrifuges, micro centrifuges, fixed-speed centrifuges and PRP centrifuges. Due to variations in
06-28-2017 | Health & Medicine

Global Medical Sterilization Systems Market Assessment 2021

Medical sterilization devices have gained increased importance in the recent past due to increasing incidences of hospital acquired diseases. Higher sterilization standards are now a mandate in hospitals to avoid drug resistant infections. European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) estimates that more than 4,100,000 patients in the European Union (EU) are estimated to acquire a healthcare associated infection each year. The organization also suggest that 20% - 30%
06-27-2017 | Health & Medicine

Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) Testing Market: 2017-2021

Hospital associated infection (HAI) testing also called as nosocomial infection testing market is being driven by increasing incidences of multi drug resistant infections acquired at hospitals. These infections are difficult to treat as they are resistant to commonly prescribed drugs. Most common nosocomial infections include urinary tract infections (UTI), surgical site infections, gastrointestinal infections, meningitis and pneumonia. Diagnosis of HAIs in early stages is vital for success of treatment. Hence
06-26-2017 | Health & Medicine

Tuberculosis Testing Market Assessment: 2017-2021

Tuberculosis is one of the most prominent infectious disease in certain under developed and developing economies, especially Asia and Africa. High mortality and quick spread led to development of rapid diagnostic methods with potential to replace traditional diagnostic methods. Earlier microbial testing was the most common confirmatory test for tuberculosis. The test took at least three days and also had drawbacks of producing false positive results. Microbial testing also increased
06-23-2017 | Health & Medicine

Surgical Power Tools Market Is Expected To Grow Rapidly In Asia Pacific And Lati …

Surgical power tools market is currently experiencing a shift from traditional pneumatic tools to new technology electric power tools. Electric and battery powered tools are durable and provide precision during procedures. Development in designs has helped in expanding the scope of application in orthopedic procedures, dental surgeries, ENT procedures and neurosurgeries. Surgical power tools are used for gaining access to surgical sites, shaping bones to efficiently fit implants, and repositioning.
06-21-2017 | Health & Medicine

Global Protein A Resins Market Forecast Till 2021

Protein A resin is the most widely used purification method for monoclonal antibody and immunoglobulin G (IgG).? Increased application of monoclonal antibodies in the field of biopharmaceuticals and biotechnology has propelled demand of faster and effective methods for antibody production. The global Protein A resins market is broadly segmented as follows: Agarose based Silica based Organic polymer based Agarose based resins dominate the market because of their high adoption rate. Recombinant Protein A resins

Single Use Bioreactor Market Assessment 2017-2021

Single use bioreactors are witnessing rapid market growth due to increasing applications in production of antibodies, vaccines, recombinant proteins, growth factors and others. Single use bioreactors are not only used in pharmaceutical companies, but also in biotechnology research laboratories and contract manufacturing organizations. Single use bioreactors assure sterile conditions to quickly initiate production. This greatly reduced chances of cross contamination and increases productivity. Shorter turnaround time due to ease of
06-16-2017 | Health & Medicine

Global Dental Equipment Market Assessment 2017-2021

Dental equipment market is currently witnessing increased demand due to rise in number of dental procedures, most common being cosmetic applications. Most prominent dental equipment include dental chairs, dental imaging devices, dental autoclaves, operating devices, dental lasers, teeth whitening devices and others. Large percentage of general population suffers from dental caries; prevalence of dental problems extends across all age groups. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 83%
06-15-2017 | Health & Medicine

Contraceptives Market Analysis by Application, Revenue and Trend 2017-2021

Contraceptive products and methods prevent pregnancy through various methods and techniques. The history of contraceptive methods goes way back to the 17th and 18th century. Early birth control methods consisted of condoms and diaphragms made from vulcanized rubber, prior to which abstinence was the only known effective birth control or contraception method. Over the years however, the sexual activity in younger age groups has increased dramatically and exponentially across the

Report Focuses On The Global Emerging Demand For Companion Animal Healthcare Pro …

Veterinary healthcare products include pharmaceuticals, nutrition (feed additives) and devices for both companion and livestock animals. Companion animals include pets such as dogs, cats and horses; although in recent years the market has expanded reasonably for avian pets, reptiles and exotic fish. The healthcare products have transformed the health and quality of life for millions of pets across the world. The greatest challenge of maintaining pets is seeking the keenness
06-12-2017 | Health & Medicine

RF Ablation Devices For Dermatology & Cosmetology Market Is Expected To Grow At …

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on "Global Radiofrequency Ablation Devices for Dermatology & Cosmetology Market Assessment & Forecast 2017 - 2021" The "Global Radiofrequency Ablation Devices for Dermatology & Cosmetology Market Assessment & Forecast 2017-2021", estimates that the global radiofrequency ablation devices for dermatology & cosmetology market was valued at US$ 134.4 million in 2016 and expected to grow to US$ 221.0 million by 2021 at a CAGR
06-08-2017 | Health & Medicine

Good Growth Opportunities in Global Aptamers Market 2017 - 2021

Aptamers are oligonucleotides or peptide bioreceptors that can selectively bind to specific molecular targets with high affinity. Aptamers have proved to be an excellent alternative to monoclonal antibodies. Due to its properties, aptamers have found application in therapeutic drug development, diagnostics, and biotechnology research and development. Aptamers are non-immunogenic, non-toxic and also have fewer side effects as compared to monoclonal antibodies because of the absence of Fc region. Smaller size

Hearing Aid Devices Market Is Experiencing Healthy Growth Worldwide

Hearing aid are essentially sound amplifying devices that assist individuals with hearing impairment. Although hearing aid devices cannot restore normal hearing, these devices can greatly improve clarity and volume for the patients. Hearing aid devices market can be segmented into device types that include in the canal, completely in the canal, invisible in the canal, receiver in canal, behind the ear, and in the ear hearing aid devices. Completely in the
06-06-2017 | Health & Medicine

Global Varicose Vein and Spider Vein Treatment Devices Market Forecast Till 2021

Varicose veins and spider vein treatment has gained importance in the recent past due to evolving apparel trends and increased awareness about new minimally invasive treatment alternatives. Valves in varicose veins cannot function properly and hence become enlarged and obstruct regular blood flow. As the varicose veins become enlarged and painful; it may also lead to ulcers in lower extremities. However very small percentage of varicose vein cases turn severe.
06-06-2017 | Health & Medicine

Good Growth Opportunities in Global Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Market Till …

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves a pressurized room or tube in which patients are exposed to oxygen enriched environment. Breathing pure oxygen is known to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions such as decompression sickness, altitude sickness, anemia, arterial gas embolism, chronic wounds, radiation injury, burns and CO gas poisoning. Hyperbaric treatment enhances the body's healing process as hemoglobin enriched with oxygen can reduce tissue necrosis and promote healing factors.
06-06-2017 | Health & Medicine

Blood Gas and Electrolyte Analyzer Market Assessment Till 2021

Blood gas and electrolyte analyzers commonly used for analyzing pH and concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood. Rapid and accurate results for blood gases, acid-base and electrolyte balance, concentration of glucose, calcium and other substances is provided by blood gas and electrolyte analyzers. These parameters are an important indication for diagnosis of conditions that involve organ failure as electrolyte balance indicates efficient functioning of respiratory and excretory system. With
06-02-2017 | Health & Medicine

The Neonatal Incubators Market Is Expected To Grow Rapidly

Neonatal incubators are rigid boxes that maintain controlled environment for healthy growth of babies. Neonatal incubators are equipped with heaters, oxygen supply and access ports for providing medical care. These incubators are usually placed in pediatric hospitals and clinics, neonatal intensive care units (NICU), birthing centers and ambulance. Mortality of premature babies and infants with illness has reduced drastically when kept in incubators in the initial stages of treatment. Incubators
06-01-2017 | Health & Medicine

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Market Forecast 2017-2021

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) has received importance in the recent past due to increasing awareness about genetic disorders and availability of accurate noninvasive tests. NIPT testing is non-invasive has no risk of miscarriage as compared to other tests such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis. Down syndrome is one of most commonly diagnosed using NIPT. Some of the key genetic disorders diagnosed using NIPT include Edward's syndrome, Patau syndrome
06-01-2017 | Health & Medicine

On-Site Drug Abuse Testing Products Market Assessment Till 2021

The economic burden of illegal drug use or substance abuse in most developed countries has spiked considerably in recent years with the rising addiction and usage among all age groups. In United States for instance, it is estimated that the yearly economic impact of substance misuse is $249 billion for alcohol and $193 billion for illicit drugs. The economic burden is estimated through loss of productivity, crime, loss of property

An Exclusive Healthcare Business Research and Consulting Company

Spearhead Acuity-Business Research & Consulting (SA-BRC) is a premium Life Science business intelligence and data analytics firm. SA-BRC team offers a wide range of business intelligence services to multiple stakeholders such as Medical Device Manufacturers, Service Providers (Hospitals, Payers, etc.), Suppliers, Group Purchase Organizations, Distributors and all other individuals in the entire value chain of healthcare industry. Our research and consulting capabilities extend across several sub-domains within the sphere of
05-30-2017 | Health & Medicine

Smart Phone Enabled Healthcare Diagnostic Services Market Forecast Till 2020

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on “Global Smart Phone Enabled Healthcare Diagnostics Market Assessment & Forecast: 2016-2020”. Asia-Pacific was pegged as the fastest growing market with a growth of 21.6% from 2016 to 2020. Translated into revenues, the region contributed to sales of US$ xx million in 2015 and is forecast to grow to US$ xx million by 2020 according to the new report “Global Smart Phone Enabled
05-30-2017 | Health & Medicine

Surgical Aspiration & Irrigation Suction Pumps Market 2016-2020

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on “Global Surgical Aspiration & Irrigation Suction Pumps Market Assessment & Forecast: 2016-2020”. For irrigation suction pumps, laparoscopy and arthroscopy were the most prominent procedures performed for which irrigation suction pumps were acquired by medical facilities. In 2015, irrigation suction pumps acquired for laparoscopy accounted for a share of xx% followed by arthroscopy with xx% according to the new report “Global Surgical Aspiration

Healthcare Cloud Computing Market Assessment Till 2021

Integration of information and technology with healthcare systems has increased tremendously in the past decade. Large numbers of medical devices are connected to smartphones or hospital servers to continuously track and monitor vital parameters of patients. There has been a surge for medical data in digitalized form. This data is fed not only through hospital patient information systems, but through a plethora of smartphone apps used by billions of individuals

Global Pain Management Devices Market Forecast And Trends Till 2021

Non-drug treatment for pain management has become a trend. With growing cases of abuse and drug side effects, patients are seeking for non-invasive and non-drug alternatives to treat various types of pain. Advanced in electronic and nanotechnology has enabled development of compact and user friendly wearable devices that can deliver temporary relief from pain. Pain management devices market is flooded with generic over-the-counter (OTC) devices to hospital grade devices used

Electrosurgery Devices Market Assessment 2017-2021

Electro surgery devices have been widely used in various procedures globally. Patients prefer non-invasive or minimally invasive surgeries over open surgeries due to various advantages such as quick recovery, less pain and lesser chances of cross infection. This has been a major driving factor for electrosurgery devices market in minimally invasive surgery. Currently four types of electrosurgery devices are used ? monopolar, bipolar, ultrasonic and hybrid devices. Monopolar technology involves a

Stryker and Hill-Rom are the Leading Players in the Hospital Stretchers Market

Hospital stretchers have evolved into a multipurpose device in healthcare industry in the recent past. The market is still transforming allowing better patient comfort, and convenience and ease for care givers. The global hospital stretchers market has been segmented into procedural stretchers, transport stretchers, emergency stretcher, mortuary stretcher, bariatric stretchers, and other stretcher types. Integration of advanced technology in healthcare has helped in introduction of newer stretcher designs that are
05-24-2017 | Health & Medicine

Anti-Snoring and Sleep Apnea Devices Market Forecast Till 2020

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on “Global Anti-Snoring & Sleep Apnea Devices Market Assessment & Forecast 2016-2020”. SA-BRC’s latest market research report on “Global Anti-Snoring & Sleep Apnea Devices Market Assessment & Forecast 2016-2020” highlights the growing demand for a variety of anti-snoring and sleep apnea devices. The global anti-snoring & sleep apnea devices market was valued at US$ 7,399.7 million in 2015 and is forecast to grow
05-24-2017 | Health & Medicine

3D Scanners Market To Grow From US$ 647.8 Million In 2015 To US$ 917.7 Mn By 202 …

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on “Global Dental 3D Scanners Market Assessment & Forecast 2016-2020”. SA-BRC’s latest research report “Global Dental 3D Scanners Market Assessment & Forecast 2016-2020” puts a spotlight on the growing automation in dentist offices across the world. It provides insight into the dental 3D scanning technology and their increasing presence in dentist offices. According to WHO, approximately 60–90% of school children and nearly all adults

Veterinary Wearable Electronics Market Forecast Till 2019

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on 'Global Veterinary Wearable Electronics Market Assessment & Forecast: 2015-2019'. North America leads the market for veterinary wearable electronics with a share of 39.7% in 2014 that translated into revenues worth US$ 296.5 million according to the new report 'Global Veterinary Wearable Electronics Market Assessment & Forecast: 2015-2019' by SA-Business Research & Consulting group. North America was observed to have the greatest penetration of

Global Wearable Healthcare Electronic Devices Market Assessment Till 2019

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on 'Global Wearable Healthcare Electronic Devices Market Assessment & Forecast: 2015-2019'. The market in North America was valued at US$ 3,116.7 million in 2014 and is expected to reach US$ 8,454.5 million by 2019 at a CAGR of 18.8% according to the new report 'Global Wearable Healthcare Electronic Devices Market Assessment & Forecast: 2015-2019' by SA-Business Research & Consulting group. The report covers the

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Devices Market 2016-2020

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on “Global Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Devices Market Assessment & Forecast: 2016-2020”. Affordable rental and reimbursement for rental NPWT devices along with availability of single-use devices has propelled the homecare segment which is anticipated to grow the fastest with a CAGR of 7.1% between 2016 and 2020 according to the new report “Global Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) Devices Market Assessment &

The Geographical Analysis of the Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Devices Market

SA-BRC announces the release of market assessment report on “Global Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Devices Market Assessment & Forecast: 2015-2019”. The North American Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Devices Market was valued at US$ 356.0 million for 2014 according to the new report “Global Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Devices Market Assessment & Forecast: 2015-2019” by SA-Business Research & Consulting group. North America led the market with a share of 34.3% in 2014, which is expected to

Oxygen Concentrators Market Forecast: 2017-2021

Oxygen concentrators or generators are a medical grade device that pulls in air, modifies it and dispels concentrated oxygen. Normal air comprises 78% of nitrogen and 21% oxygen along with other gases. An oxygen concentrator uses filters and sieve beds to remove nitrogen and deliver oxygen. The device is used to treat people requiring medical oxygen due to low oxygen levels in their blood. Until recently, hospitals and clinics depended

Global Albumin Market Assessment 2017-2021

Human albumin is the most abundant protein present in the blood and comprises almost half of serum protein. The protein is produced in the liver and is responsible for carrying a number of substances through the body such as hormones, cholesterol, fatty acids and bilirubin among others. Albumin is a unique constituent that balances blood volume, can act both as a therapeutic agent for restoration and maintenance of circulating blood

Anesthesia Devices Market: North America And Europe Have Historically Been Leadi …

Anesthesia devices comprises of dosing unit, respiratory device to deliver the anesthetic drug and system for continuously monitoring of patient. These devices have evolved over the time to become more complex, but providing better patient compliance and safety, and reduced physician involvement. The global anesthesia devices market is mainly driven by the increasing number of complicated surgeries being conducted for varied number of disease conditions. New technology anesthesia devices have
05-15-2017 | Health & Medicine

North America And Europe Account For Largest Share Of The Orthobiologics Market

Orthobiologics used for accelerating musculoskeletal injuries have witnessed increased demand in the recent past due to rapid developments in the market. Orthobiologics market is expanding globally due to introduction of newer products based on platelet rich plasma and stem cell technology. Orthobiologics utilize regenerative potential of the body and assist in quick recovery of patients. These products are widely used in orthopedic procedures for bone injury, soft tissue damage, spinal

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