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Women in IT: Ways to Close the Gender Gap

Nowadays, equal opportunity is unthinkable without equal challenge. It is also a fact, however, we now have fewer women working in male-dominated industries such as IT, despite a variety of programmes and political correctness. In reality, since the beginning children are treated differently. While boys are playing with Lego sets, girls received dolls. This trend continues until the university when the general public tries to convince girls that IT is too

Switch careers? Yes, we can

Nowadays, more and more people are unsatisfied with their current job and IT is worth considering for a wide range of reasons. IT is a high growth, high skill, rapidly changing and well-paid occupation that touches every area of the economy. However, switch careers is stressful, but not impossible and starting a new job takes an incredible amount of strength and energy. You just need confidence, courage and – especially

More women into digital and IT careers

IT and digital jobs are gender-neutral in nature and the employers do not differentiate between male and female while employing them. However, only 17% of IT professionals in the UK are women, but more and more female quotas are needed in the technology sector to fill the skills gap. The problem is particularly acute in technology-focused professions, where it is both difficult to recruit women into technology roles and to

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