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Battery Recycling Market Evolving Industry Trends and key Insights by 2024

The vendor landscape of the global market for battery recycling is highly competitive, features a large number of raw material suppliers (used batteries), and is expected to become further competitive as battery manufacturers themselves enter the business through forward integration, observes a recent report by Transparency Market Research. Companies are resorting to the use of advanced technologies for core processes such as smelting and battery sorting and collaborating with niche

Terminal Block Market is expected to rise at a remarkable CAGR By 2024.

A terminal block is defined as an electric connector in which the wires are clamped down to the metal part by a screw. It allows more than one circuit to connect to another and often contains two long aluminum or copper strips designed to link different components. These strips create a bus bar for power distribution which is sent to the connected components. Terminal blocks are modular, insulated blocks which

Power Rental Market - Positive Long-Term Growth Outlook 2019

Power rental systems cater to the needs of numerous industries during periods of power suspension. During such periods, the power rental units provide back-up systems to keep operations running. Emerging economies and high population rates require more power supply each day. By 2030, the electricity demand worldwide will double at an annual rate of 2.4%, according to the findings of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). Augmenting levels of urbanization all over

Diet Water Market - Global Industry Growth and Trends by 2024

Global Diet Water Market: Overview Vast uncertainties continue to remain regarding the actual health benefits of diet water owing to the lack of evidence and a small product portfolio. Nevertheless, the budding market for diet water is expected to become one of the core segment of the global bottled water market in the next few years. Key drivers being the vast rise in world’s obese population and the increased efforts from

Alcohol Market - Global Industry Share 2023

Compounds having at least one hydroxyl (-OH) group attached to a single bonded alkane is referred to as alcohol. There are numerous types of alcohol being used in varied applications across industries. Some of the popular types of alcohol are ethanol, methanol, butanol, pentanol, ethylene glycol, sorbitol and xylitol among many others. The market for alcohol is vast and it is used in many applications, the most common being in

Butter and Margarine Market - Global Industry Share 2023

Butter and Margarine Market: Overview Butter and margarine are vital ingredients of confectionary products. Over the years, they have become an indispensable part of households and daily diets. Margarine, a non-dairy product, is often substituted for butter, as it a cheaper alternative when the cost has to be contained. Butter, on the other hand, is a dairy product and is used for making and baking several dishes. View exclusive Global strategic

Vanillin Market - Global Industry Share 2023

The extract of the vanilla bean contains an organic compound, vanillin, which is used extensively as a flavoring agent across the food industry to make ice creams, chocolates, biscuits, bread, cakes, and biscuits. Due to the high demand from the food and beverage industry, vanillin is chemically synthesized in addition to extracting from the seed pods of Vanilla planifolia. The existing global demand for vanillin is fulfilled majorly through synthetic

Animal Antimicrobials and Antibiotics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, S …

The global market for animal antimicrobials and antibiotics is being driven primarily by the rising global demand for milk, meat, and other animal products. The heavy usage of a variety of meats in the Western diet and the rapid adoption of Western eating habits across distant parts of the globe are leading to an increased demand for animal antimicrobials and antibiotics across the globe. Download exclusive Sample of this report: The

Mold Inhibitors Market - Global Industry Trends 2020

Mold inhibitors serve as additives which are used for preventing mold growth and reducing the mold contamination, for the purpose of minimizing the risk of having mycotoxin producing mold which proliferate on feed or grain. These inhibitors have the function to suppress generation of molds. Mold inhibitors generally include propionic acid and other organic acids. However, as mold inhibitors have no effect on mycotoxins which are already present in the

Food Diagnostics Systems Market - Global Industry Share 2020

The outbreak of foodborne diseases can put a heavy burden on healthcare agencies and patients alike. Food diagnostic systems have been in place for several years now but have caught on in the last couple of years thanks to growing awareness about food safety in emerging markets. The food diagnostics systems market is expected to report healthy growth chiefly on account of this factor. From being concentrated in the traditional

Alcohol Enzymes Market - Global Industry Trends 2019

Alcohol enzymes occur in various organisms which eases the inter conversion between aldehydes and alcohol with the reduction of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. They are significantly-selective catalysts that solve the purpose of inter conversion of complex molecules to smaller ones in different metabolic reactions. Different enzymes such as carbohydrases, proteases and lipases are used which are majorly consumed to manufacture biocatalysts, pharmaceuticals, bio-fuels, cleaning agents, and food & beverages. Interpret a Competitive

Salad Dressings and Mayonnaise Market - Global Industry Growth 2019

Salad dressing refers to garnishing of salads by adding condiment such as sauces, cream, nuts and cheese to enhance their taste and experience. Mayonnaise is a thick creamy sauce which is made from egg yolk, oil, vinegar and lemon juice. It is used as a condiment or spread in sandwiches and often accompany salads to impart taste and creamy delight in them. In this report, Salad dressing and mayonnaise market

Candy Market - Global Industry Share 2019

The research report on the global candy market explores the current scenarios that are linked directly and indirectly to this market. The report presents all information relevant to the candy market and the factors that govern its growth. It reproduces this information in a format marked for precision according to delivery. The report initially provides an overview of the candy market, before developing segmentations and providing details for each segment.

Crackers Market - Global Industry Share 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that the worldwide prevalence of obesity has more than doubled itself since 1980. In 2014 the WHO reported that more than 600 million adults aged 18 years and above were obese. The increasing incidence of obesity and other health disorders spurred by insalubrious diet and lifestyle has become a global concern. Such growing awareness regarding health and wellness is a key factor giving impetus

Protein Hydrolysis Enzymes Market - Global Industry Trends 2019

Protein hydrolysis refers to the breakdown of protein into amino acids and smaller peptides. Using enzymes such as pancreatic protease is one of the most common techniques of achieving this which simulates the hydrolytic process. Enzymes from various sources such as plants, animals and microorganisms are used in the industry which finds applications in certain end-user industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, detergents, animal feed, photography and textile. View exclusive Global strategic

Hog Production and Pork Market - Global Industry Trends 2019

Pigs are the species of animals that belong to Suidae family, are generally farmed for the production of meat. Pigs are commonly known as hogs in the U.S. The meat produced from hogs is termed as pork. One can farm pigs in open field by allowing it to wander freely, in restricted field by providing proper food or in special houses in modern countries. In recent years, the pig farming

Food Flavoring Market - Global Industry Size 2024

Thanks to the growing preference of global consumers for appetizing food items, the demand for food flavoring products has been witnessing a strong rise over the last few years. Gourmet and premium foods have led to an immense increase in the demand for high-quality food flavors. The rising shift towards fast foods is likely to help players in leveraging consumers’ interest and capitalizing on market trends over the next few

Chocolate Market - North America Industry Size 2019

In sweets, chocolates are considered to be the most favorite treat for everyone. Chocolate can be defined as a processed sweetened food, having a major content of cocoa. It includes various types; such as with maximum cocoa content, is the dark chocolate, milk chocolates has the major content of milk and other different flavor. The demand of chocolate with consumer’s preference will have the direct impact on chocolate market in

Sparkling Bottled Water Market - Global Industry Growth 2019

The market for sparkling water has become a diverse market with the introduction of a number of cutting-edge products. At present, within the bottled water market, the segment of sparkling water holds a share of 20% in the market. Within Germany, which is the largest market for bottled water globally, approximately 80% of the market comprises sparkling bottled water. Download Free exclusive Sample of this report: This study provides an in-depth

Chocolate Market - Global Industry Size 2024

Global Chocolate Market: Overview One of the most consumed and popular food product among consumers across the globe is chocolate. Based on the amount of cocoa employed during preparation, different varieties of chocolates are produced globally. As the global chocolate market is highly driven by the taste preferences of consumers, it is imperative that companies focus on product development and marketing strategies to gain a wider consumer base and

All Natural Food and Drinks Market - Global Industry Trends 2019

A new market intelligence report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) titled “All Natural Food and Drinks Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 – 2019,” offers insights into various aspects of the market. It presents a comprehensive study of the factors impacting the growth of the global all natural food and drinks market. The geographical segmentation, product-wise segmentation, and competitive landscape are also discussed in

Foodservice Market - Global Industry Share 2024

Companies in the global foodservice market are looking at ways to expand their consumer base. Hence, many foodservice companies are now making their way into supermarkets to reach more consumers. For their main grocery shopping, a growing number of households prefer supermarkets and supercenters. This offers a good opportunity for companies to reach new consumers. Foodservice companies operating in supermarkets offer low-cost options to consumers to replace their home-cooked meals. View

Beverage Ingredients Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Tre …

Beverages are important part of balanced and healthy life. They provide energy, quench thirst, and provide hydration. The key ingredients in non-alcoholic beverages include high fructose corn syrup, caffeine and low calorie sweetener. Consumers beverage choice are no longer restricted to refreshment purpose, but rather are influenced by various factors. Hence the beverage market is more focusing on ingredients to satisfy the demand of its consumers. The most widely consumed

Dairy Products Market - Global Industry Share 2019

Global Dairy Products Market: Overview The dairy industry is one of the more lucrative areas under the food and beverages sector. Players in the global dairy products market cater to a massive consumer base from every region. They provide a myriad products, including cream, milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, and even lactose-free dairy products. Dairy products are known to be an excellent source of nutrients essential for a body’s

Commercial Fishing Market - Global Industry Size 2019

Fish oils extracted from oily fish tissues help cure Alzheimer’s and several other diseases. Investigators from the University of California concluded in June 2015 that consuming fish oil supplements as well as antioxidants for a period of 17 months reduces inflammation within the brain and reduces the levels of amyloid plaques associated to dementia. This growing utilization of fish oils, amid several other factors, is responsible for fuelling the demand

Cocoa Market - Global Industry Trends 2019

The report titled ‘Cocoa Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2013 - 2019’ is a complete study of the global market for cocoa - a key ingredient in chocolates, cosmetics, and even liqueurs. While this ingredient has been used for several centuries now, new and innovative uses of cocoa have led an expansion of this market in the recent past. This report thus endeavors to

Growing Preference for Healthy Lifestyles Boosts Demand from Global Omega-3 Ingr …

Omega-3 fatty acids have emerged as essential nutrients in recent years, as researchers across the globe have found several benefits associated with their regular intake. The recent popularity of omega-3 fatty acids is mainly due to the rising incidence of cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases. Adequate consumption of omega-3 fatty acids offers benefits such as prevention of irregular heartbeat, inflammation, and accumulation of plaque. Essential polyunsaturated fatty acids are also

Egg and Egg Products Market - Global Industry Growth 2024

Transparency Market Research’s (TMR) new report is titled “Egg and Egg Products Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016–2024.” It delves into new age technologies that have brought about changes in the quality and nutrition quotient of eggs and have thus ramped up the market for eggs and egg products. Get More Information: The report throws light on the competitive dynamics in the market by profiling

Biscuits Market to Witness a Continuous Expansion, Due to the Change Towards Hea …

Global Biscuits Market: Overview The market for biscuits is very promising and is expected to witness a continuous growth. Product innovation is continuously changing the dynamics of the market worldwide. New flavors, shapes, taste, and attractive packaging are causing consumers of all age groups to buy biscuits. Players in the global biscuits market are making effective strategies on how to sell biscuits, and in contemplating the kind of packing that

Vitamin Fortified and Mineral Enriched Foods and Beverages Market - Global Indus …

A new report by Transparency Market Research on the global vitamin fortified and mineral enriched foods and beverages market offers an overview of the market and points out the key factors affecting its growth in the near future. The report, titled “Vitamin Fortified and Mineral Enriched Foods and Beverages Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 - 2018,” projects the size and valuation of the

Global Milk Powder Market-Market Research Report 2016-2024

The diets of people in emerging markets, such as Asia Pacific, are shifting towards dairy-rich tastes. This shift has fuelled the demand for milk powder as an alternative to fresh milk. Milk powder is the dehydrated form of milk obtained through evaporation. Before drying, pasteurized milk is homogenized and pre-concentrated. In recent times, milk powder has increased as a share of dairy products. View exclusive Global strategic Business report: Most

Green Tea Sales Worldwide to Rise on Back of Growth in Obesity Levels

A new market research by Transparency Market Research, titled “Green Tea Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 – 2018,” presents an in-depth overview of the global green tea market. The study states that the market, which is one of the fastest growing segments of the global tea market, is poised to witness strong growth over the period between 2012 and 2018. View exclusive Global strategic

Carotenoids Market - Global Industry Growth 2018

Carotenoids are the organic pigments naturally occurring in plants and have been used for food colorings with beta- carotene for a long time. However, with continuous research and development, carotenoids have found relevance in feeds and food supplements. The market is expected to exhibit a marginal growth compared to previous years. The majority of sales of the global carotenoids market come from the mature markets such as North America and

Fat Replacers and Salt Reducers Market - Global Industry Size 2024

Description The growing awareness among the consumers regarding healthy food habits and growing health concerns across the globe are some of the key factors propelling the global fat replacers and salt reducers market. This market intelligence study on global fat replacers and salt reducers market provides a detailed analysis, presenting insights into the potential opportunities and current trends in the market. The research study throws light on the key growth

Palm Oil Market - Global Industry Growth 2024

Low to zero trans-fat content and the pocket-friendly pricing of palm oil is fuelling demand from the global palm oil market. Palm oil is one of the most widely used vegetable oils and a common ingredient in biscuits, margarine, breads, instant noodles, cereals, lipsticks, candles, chocolates, shampoos, ice-cream, and detergents. The applications of palm oil are therefore quite diverse, which aids the expansion of the global palm oil market. View exclusive

Lactitol Market - Global Industry Share 2024

The global market for lactitol, an artificial sugar alcohol with a very low calorie count and 60% less sweetness quotient as compared to table sugar, has gained significant attention from the world’s rising calorie-conscious population lately. The low glycemic index of lactitol also guarantees its acceptance by diabetics, which again is a rapidly rising demographic across the globe. Download exclusive Sample of this report: Transparency Market Research’s analytical account of

Still Drinks Market - Global Industry Trend 2024

Still Drinks Market: Overview As sales of carbonated and aerated drinks report a gradual but sure deceleration, the scales are now tipping in favor of still drinks. A rapidly expanding base of health conscious consumers is stirring up new consumption trends in the global beverage industry. Although carbonated, sugar-sweetened drinks currently hold a massive portion of both sales and value in the global beverage industry, growth is expected to be the

Meal Replacement Products Market - Global Industry Share 2018

An alarming rise in obesity around the globe, busy lifestyles of the urban population, rise in number of working women have all made the practice of preparing whole meals quite infrequent on a global front. The need to replace whole meals with something that can be quickly prepared and has equivalent nutritional value has boosted of the global market for meal replacement products. View exclusive Global strategic Business report: The

Dried Processed Food Market - Global Industry Share 2024

The global market for dried processed food is expected to witness substantial growth in the coming years thanks to the growing popularity and longer shelf life of the products. In addition, the changing lifestyle of the consumers and shifting food preferences are some of the primary aspects expected to boost the demand for dried processed food significantly. These trends are likely to continue in the next few years, ensuring substantial

Functional Drinks Market - Global Industry Size 2018

Worldwide, functional drinks form an integral part of the daily life in several cultures. In Asia, consumers tend to prefer dairy-based drinks, while in the western markets such as the U.S. and Europe, consumers prefer a wide range of products such as enhanced juices and waters. On the other hand, the consumption of sports and energy drinks is rising in Mexico and South America. The global functional drinks market is

Global Animal Food Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, And Forecast …

The global animal food market report covers all its pivotal aspects in order to confirm or deny market speculations and help create a uniform and consistent conclusion regarding the global animal food market’s future. The report thus helps visualize a trajectory for the market, along which companies can generate their own portfolio and strengthen their market position. Download exclusive Sample of this report: One of the more important aspects that the

Microwaveable Foods Market - Global Industry Analysis 2024

Despite being a multibillion-dollar industry, the rising awareness among consumers about the dangers associated with microwaving foods packed in plastic wraps or containers is anticipated to suppress the microwaveable foods market’s growth to an extent. Certain plasticizers such as BPA and phthalates are endocrine disrupters, which have an adverse impact on the human health since they mimic human hormones. To ensure safety of the population, the U.S. FDA closely monitors

Tomato Ketchup Market - Global Industry Analysis 2024

Tomato ketchup is a widely popular condiment made from tomatoes, vinegar, sweeteners, and salt. The simple yet versatile formulation of tomato ketchup has made it popular in various cuisines, with the growing demand for fast food enabling smooth expansion of the tomato ketchup market. Tomato ketchup is commonly served with fast food items such as sandwiches, burgers, fries, and grilled or fried meat. It is also commonly used as a

Nutraceuticals Market - Global Industry Analysis 2021

Global Nutraceuticals Market: Snapshot The increasing consumer spending on functional food and beverages has been presenting lucrative prospects for the global nutraceuticals market. Consumers, especially those across developed nations, are currently exploring healthier lifestyle choices to curb the incidence of chronic and lifestyle diseases. Such trends have bolstered demand for dietary supplement not only as means to boost physical performance but also disease prevention option. Spurred by such factors, Transparency

Tea Market - Global Industry Analysis 2020

Tea market is expected to experience significant growth throughout the forecast period. Globally tea consumption increases rapidly as it is most preferred beverage next to water, available at low price. Research shows that consumption of tea helps to prevent a wide range of ailments. Tea has high antioxidants hence it is used in the treatment of cancer, helps to prevent arthritis, improve bone density, control blood pressure and reduce the

Medical Ceramics Market - Global Industry Analysis 2018

The growing demand for ceramics in artificial implant technology has boosted the global medical ceramics market. The report estimates the global medical ceramics market to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% during the period between 2012 and 2018. The report also calculates the estimated valuation of the overall market during the forecast period. Providing a brief overview of the medical ceramics market, the report points out the key driving factors,

Bentonite Market - Global Industry Analysis 2019

The global bentonite market was adversely impacted by the economic downturn in 2008-2009. However, the market for bentonite recovered in 2010 and is expected to demonstrate positive growth rate in the future due to the increasing importance of bentonite in the oilfield industry. Bentonite finds its application in drilling fluids and oilwell cement applications. The increasing demand for bentonite from oilfield industry will continue to drive this market. View exclusive Global

Boron Market - Global Industry Analysis 2019

Boron, as a raw material, is used by major industries such as agriculture, glass, building and construction, detergents, ceramics, and pharmaceuticals. In day-to-day products, boron finds application as composites used in car body panels, in LCD screens, in insulation grade materials and in glass wool for loft insulation, and in other products in the form of ferro boron, borosilicate glass, and fiberglass. View exclusive Global strategic Business report: The research

Zirconium Market - Global Industry Analysis 2019

The global zirconium market is recovering from the decline it faced over the last decade. By the end of 2014, the market had indicated a slow but steady growth as the demand is set to stabilize in the future. The global market for zirconium is analyzed on the basis of its geographical distribution. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World are the key regional markets for zirconium. Interpret

Barium Market - Global Industry Analysis 2019

The barium market is expected to register a moderate rate of growth over the remainder of the decade. The report on the barium market conducts a detailed analysis of the various market drivers, restraints, and opportunities to offer pin-point recommendations for growth. The quantitative and qualitative analysis contained in the report is used for obtaining reliable growth forecasts, market size, and volumes. Interpret a Competitive outlook Analysis Report with PDF

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