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GD Rectifiers Becomes a Distributor for ANYSOLAR

ANYSOLAR was founded in 2009 and is located in Yongin, Republic of Korea. ANYSOLAR has extensive experience in the solar industry and has previously produced high quality solar modules for IXYS: A Littelfuse brand, building a global solar module market for more than a decade. In June 2020, IXYS sold the IXOLAR solar division to ANYSOLAR who acquired the business and customers from IXYS. IXOLAR now continues to attract new

CNC Machining by GD Rectifiers

CNC Machining, also known as Computer Numerical Control machining is a cost effective way to increase efficiency in the workplace. In recent years, CNC machining has become an extremely popular manufacturing asset, for its intricate and complex capabilities designed for aerospace, marine, automotive and medical industries. GD Rectifiers operates a fast and versatile CNC machine shop, offering customers the shortest lead times, competitive pricing and single source benefits. GD Rectifiers uses

Custom Heatsinks for Optimum Thermal Management by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers' customised heatsinks suit applications where standard products don’t meet the design brief, such as specific thermal performance or insufficient space requirements. GD Rectifiers offer a large range of customisations including: surface finish, drilling patterns, tapping, milling, length and shapes, with a choice of anodised colours or bare finishes. GD Rectifiers can provide pre-applied thermal interface material, easing production processing and material management. GD Rectifiers’ Managing Director, Paul Bentley explains: “It is

GD Rectifiers looks ahead to 2021

GD Rectifiers’ Managing Director, Paul Bentley reflects on 2020 and how Covid-19 has impacted the power electronics supply chain and discusses what the industry has to look forward to in 2021. 1) What significant changes and developments have you seen this year? Earlier this year in March, during the first national lockdown we saw component sales soar as the country came together to respond to the urgent demand for ventilators

GD Rectifiers announces acquisition of Harmsworth Townley & Co Ltd

GD Rectifiers Ltd today has announced the completion of it’s acquisition of Harmsworth Townley & Co Ltd (Power Semiconductors/Electronics Division), a UK distributor of high power semiconductors across the industrial, communications, consumer and medical device markets. As part of the acquisition, GD Rectifiers has acquired the Harmsworth Townley business, product portfolio and customer database. Discussing the completion of the acquisition, effective from Wednesday 30th September 2020, Paul Bentley, Managing Director at GD

Enerdoor's Custom EMI Filters by GD Rectifiers

Enerdoor offers custom EMI solutions with different attenuation levels, mechanical dimensions and electrical specifications, in addition to their comprehensive range of EMI-RFI filters, harmonic filters and motor protection devices. Enerdoor’s research and development teams are able to simulate different attenuation levels in the 9 KHz to 10 GHz frequency range, providing mechanical solutions for specific custom requirements. Enerdoor’s in-house prototype department is able to prepare prototypes with a quick turn around and

Buyer's Guide to Purchasing Heat Sinks by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of heat sinks, they design a comprehensive range of standard and customised heat sinks, heat sink accessories and power assemblies. They offer 160 different profiles in stock on their shelves at their factory in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. They also offer a contract manufacturing service for CNC machining and power assemblies. GD Rectifiers specialises in high quality batch-work machining with a highly-skilled workforce,

Distributors leading the way in 2020 by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers explains how buyers can streamline their purchasing process by following in a distributors footsteps and reducing costs. Purchasers are continuously challenged with finding and sourcing electronic components in the fastest and most efficient way, as well as consistently identifying new ways of maximising cost savings. A good, reliable distributor can help purchasers identify cost-saving techniques through a comprehensive product portfolio and value-added service. Distributors can also offer design-in options which

Smart Component Solutions by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers has over 55 years of engineering experience within the power electronics industry, from sourcing power electronic components to designing power assemblies and heatsinks for the rail, submarine and industrial industries. GD Rectifiers is an ISO:9001:2015 registered company that design and develop bespoke semiconductor assemblies to control voltage, current and frequency for international industrial markets. We work with some of the world's leading brands in power semiconductors, circuit protection, passives

GD Rectifiers offers engineering subcontracting services

GD Rectifiers is now available for subcontracting work, no matter how big or small your project is. Subcontracting work is usually a cost effective way to win new and repeat business, it enables companies to keep their costs and overheads down, whilst providing an extra service that they cannot provide through production constraints or do not have the equipment or machinery in place to offer such services. Customers often look for support

GD Rectifiers looks to expand it's product range for EVs and EV battery charging

With more than 227,000 electric cars (EVs) on the road today and 8,500 electric vans across 130 models and 25,733 charging points in the UK, the demand for power semiconductor components has increased tenfold over the past five years. As a result of the ever-growing demand of semiconductors and the attention on EVs across the power electronics industry, GD Rectifiers has this month announced the companies new focus on high powered

GD Rectifiers celebrates 55 years of electronic component distribution in the UK

This month marks a special milestone for GD Rectifiers, the engineering–led West Sussex based manufacturer and specialist distributor of power electronic components, as it celebrates 55 years of electronic component sales GD Rectifiers was founded in 1964 as Semikron Rectifiers & Electronics Ltd, as part of HCD Research Ltd, and was associated with Semikron in Germany, selling their products. Today, the company represents a truly global supplier base of more than

Five ways to improve your component supply by GD Rectifiers

Component availability is still an issue for buyers and procurement specialists within the electronics industry, with average lead times still exceeding 17 weeks. When demand is at an all time high, it is crucial for buyers to explore all of the supply chain options available. GD Rectifiers have compiled their five top tips to improving your component supply: 1. Product forecast Providing an annual product forecast enables distributors

Effective Cooling Solutions using Heatsinks By GD Rectifiers

The continuously growing integration and performance densities of electronic components is resulting in higher losses which cause an increase in component temperature. Thermal management is becoming more and more important and is also often underestimated by design engineers. It is a well known fact that the assumed service life of an electronic component increases by approximately 50% for each 10°C temperature increase. For electronic components to fulfil their long-life function they

Mersen's New Surge Protection Catalogue by GD Rectifiers

Mersen is a world leader and manufacturer of SPDs and solutions in the field of lighting and surge protection. They design, manufacture, test and certify products and systems. They are leading experts in the safety and reliability of electrical equipment, offering global electrical protection solutions. Mersen is committed to innovation and safety testing. They have two surge test labs, one in Massachusetts and one in Spain, offering the widest range of

SEMIKRON’s Application Manual for Power Semiconductors by GD Rectifiers

Today, IGBT and power MOSFET modules are instrumental to the power electronic industry and are increasingly gaining traction in new fields. This compliments the ever increasing need for rectifier diodes and thyristors to offer a cost-effective means of connecting to the power supply grid. This application manual is intended to assist users with component selection and application. Semikron’s application manual features basic explanations and background information on semiconductor physics to provide

GD Rectifiers' Interview with Enerdoor on CE Certification

As one of the largest EMI-RFI filter manufacturers in the world, Enerdoor also offer a flat rate, on-site CE Certification and consulting service. GD Rectifiers interviewed Stefano Bertone, Sales Manager at Enerdoor to understand the benefits of Enerdoor’s CE certifications service and find out more about EMC testing. What are the benefits of being CE complaint? When equipment is CE compliant, facilities run more efficiently, which results in both logistical and economical

New Range of Sirio Current Transformers By GD Rectifiers

Introducing Sirio’s latest range of Current Transformers After 30 years of experience in the development and production of high frequency electromagnetic components, Sirio has launched a new family of current transformers. The new range of current transformers features: high reliability, isolation and safety, automatic production, standard raw materials, customisation and a wide range of application fields. EE Core Based Drive Transformers Pulse transformers are used in high frequency power converters, when an

IXYS 1000V Ultra Junction X-Class HiPerFET MOSFETs by GD Rectifiers

Optimised for soft-switching resonant mode power conversion applications IXYS’ new 1000V ultra junction X-Class HiPerFET MOSFETs were launched at PCIM earlier this year, the product line is well-suited for high efficiency, high-power density applications including: power supplies, battery chargers and welding inverters. Each of the new MOSFETs can replace several parallel connected higher on-resistance devices for simpler design, high reliability and lower cost. Features - Ultra low on-resistance RDS(on) and gate charge

PCIM 2019: Our Manufacturer Highlights By GD Rectifiers

Littelfuse This year at PCIM Littelfuse launched it’s new 1000V ultra junction X-class HiPerFET MOSFETs, the product line is well-suited for high efficiency, high-power density applications. These include resonant-mode power supplies, battery chargers and welding inverters. Each MOSFET can replace several parallel-connected higher on-resistance devices for simpler design, high reliability and lower cost. In addition to the 1000V ultra junction MOSFETs, Littelfuse also showcased several other products including: 150V ultra junction MOSFETs,

Rail Traction Converters and Subsystems by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers provide modern, reliable, energy-efficient traction converters and subsystems designed for the rail industry. They supply a wide range of traction systems manufactured by KONČAR, including converters for coaches, locomotives, trains, trams and liquid cooling systems, power electronic building blocks and traction converters. KONČAR is a leading manufacturer of power electronics, protection, measurement and ripple control systems and devices for equipping complex plants in energetic, industry and transport.

From Design to Prototype and Volume Production: GD Rectifiers has the solution

From the initial design and everything in-between, GD Rectifiers has the right solution for you GD Rectifiers shows no sign of slowing down in it’s 55th year, the distributor supports projects at every stage. Where possible GD Rectifiers offer fast, free samples and expert FAE support at the design stage, along with tailored and flexible logistical services to minimise production costs. Supplier Relationships GD Rectifiers’ exceptional support is recognised by some

Enerdoor's High Power EMI Filters by GD Rectifiers

Enerdoor is a worldwide commercial manufacturer of EMI filters with locations, technical support and EMC labs in the U.S, Germany and Switzerland. They specialise in three-phase EMI filters offering a current range from 1 to 3000A with nominal voltage up to 690Vac. This EMI filter series is one of the largest and most dedicated solutions in the industrial automation industry. Enerdoor’s EMI filters provide high attenuation in a compact case with

Smart Ways to Source Semiconductor Components by GD Rectifiers

This year is set to be another successful period for the electronic components industry, with the demand for electric vehicles and the phenomenon of IoT taking off, the industry is booming and experiencing a long-awaited high. GD Rectifiers is an all-encompassing distributor of semiconductors, passive components and circuit protection devices, they also manufacture their own extensive range of rectifiers, regulators, selenium transient suppressors, power assemblies, custom designed capacitors, heatsinks, high voltage

SEMIKRON IGBT Drivers by GD Rectifiers

Semikron offers two different types of IGBT driver families, their extensive range is suitable for most applications. Driver cores from the SKHI and SKYPER family can be optimised using adapter boards for each module type. Semikron’s drivers such as the SKYPER Prime offer a fully qualified plug and play solution, saving time and costs in application. IGBT drivers are a vital device required between power transistors and controllers. Ultimately, the electronic

Specialist Distributors offer invaluable expertise by GD Rectifiers

Specialist distributors have been a vital link in the electronics supply chain for decades, but their importance continues to rapidly increase as more products and customers look to distributors for technical expertise. OEMs often like to purchase from specialised distributors because they have expertise in certain types of technology and product lines, they have a better understanding and knowledge of products, manufacturers and the underlying technology of the parts. This can

GD Rectifiers becomes an Official Distributor of Dynex Semiconductors

As of this month, GD Rectifiers are proud to announce that they are now an official distributor for Dynex’s industry leading high power IGBT modules and world-class fast recovery diodes. Dynex offers a large range of robust high power IGBT modules which suit traction drives, motor controllers and high reliability inverter applications. Dynex’s FRD modules provide reliability and increased efficiency, and are designed to match and work with their IGBT modules. Dynex

Interview with Paul Bentley, Managing Director of GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers has been a distributor of power semiconductors for over 54 years, as the industry’s one-stop shop for power electronic components, they offer a wide range of standard and customised solutions. Alongside distribution, GD Rectifiers works closely with customers to design and manufacture bespoke components, including: selenium and silicon rectifiers, suppressors, inverters, regulators, capacitors, heatsinks and power assemblies. They manufacture an extensive range of power components and assemblies to suit all

Component Shortages: The Smart Way to Buy From GD Rectifiers

Simple ways to work closely with your electronic component distributor to mitigate unnecessary risks The electronic components market is in popular demand with a wealth of strong new opportunities, applications, mergers and acquisitions having emerged throughout 2018. This year is set to be another strong year for electronic components which in turn means component prices and lead times will most likely continue to rise. The electronic component market is making it increasingly

SEMIKRON Product Catalogue 2018/2019 by GD Rectifiers

Semikron boosts a range of over 11,6000 different power semiconductors from 1Kw to 10MW, including chips, discrete diodes and thyristors, power modules (IGBT/MOSFET/diode/thyristor/CIB/IPM), driver and protection components and integrated subsystems. Amongst many other pioneering developments, in 1974 Semikron invented the world's first isolated power module, the Semipack. In 1996 Semikron also launched the MiniSKiiP – the first integrated IGBT rectifier circuits in solder-free spring contact technology. With more than 35 million modules

Bussmann's Industrial Red Spot Fuses by GD Rectifiers

Eaton is the leading source of fusible circuit protection solutions in the global marketplace. Eaton’s Bussmann series products are approved for use around the world and meet agency requirements and international standards: IEC, VDE, DIN, UL, CSA, BS and various others. The headquarters for Eaton’s Bussmann series product line is located in Burton-on-the-Wolds in Leicestershire (UK) and is part of Eaton’s Industrial Control and Protection EMEA division. Eaton manufactures over 50,000

API Capacitors' Guide to Obsolete Cpacitors by GD Rectifiers

Over the past decade or two the capacitor industry has seen some of the major OEM's either ceasing manufacture completely or discontinuing product lines, effectively making the capacitors within them obsolete. This can leave buyers and engineers trying to replace a part from a discontinued line of capacitors in a difficult situation. API Capacitors have designed this sourcing guide for those purchasers and engineers that have found themselves in the same

What is a Switching Regulator?

Discover the reasons why you should use a switching regulator and the benefits of using them A switching regulator is designed to take small levels of energy from the input voltage source and move them to the output, this is achieved by the regulation of energy transferred to the output helped by an electrical switch and controller. They regulate energy transfer to maintain a constant output voltage within the current limits.

How to Cope with Component Shortages By GD Rectifiers

Interview with Paul Bentley, Managing Director of GD Rectifiers 1) How have purchasing trends changed in the last 5 years? Several interesting trends have started to emerge, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), robotics and the increase in demand for electric vehicles, all of these developments are affecting purchasing trends in the industry. Having stock on the shelf is also vital in today’s market.

Industrial IoT By GD Rectifiers

What is IIoT? Industrial IoT (also known as IIoT) is the application of the IoT to manufacturing and it is revolutionising the world of manufacturing by collecting, sharing, analysing and using huge amounts of data at far greater speed in a much more efficient way. The industrial internet of things is thought to transform companies and countries by changing the way industries work in the future. It is set to open up

Design Registrations for Distributors by GD Rectifiers

Discover the benefits of design registrations and how they are issued Distributors play a key role in helping customers launch new OEM systems and component manufacturers are increasingly looking for their distributors to help support the promotion and performance of their products. To help support component manufacturers, distributors usually have field application engineers (FAE’s) who will work with OEMs designers and will suggest which parts are the best fit for their

GD Rectifiers: Your Distributor

GD Rectifiers has been distributing an extensive range of electronic components for some of the world’s pioneering OEMs in the medical, rail, industrial, aviation, electronics and automotive industries for over 5 decades. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise within the industry and the ability to provide an exceptional service to our customers. We understand that sometimes the needs of the purchaser and the designer coincide, having immediate access to

Enerdoor's Motor Protection Snubber Range by GD Rectifiers

Enerdoor's latest product development, the FIN47SNB snubber benefits markets facing voltage wave reflection issues due to their use of variable frequency drives. Voltage wave reflection is a function of the voltage rise time (dV/dt) and the length of the motor cables. This sensation creates additional overvoltage spikes causing premature degradation and failure to motor insulation and bearings. The Challenge It can be challenging for OEMs and system integrators to ensure the installed

How to Cut the Cost of Sourcing Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers

Sourcing customised heatsinks can be a time-consuming and impractical task when requiring low volumes or needing to source a large run in a short space of time. GD Rectifiers shares their top tips on how to source heatsinks in the most cost effective way possible. 1. Choose a manufacturer that has sufficient stock of material When sourcing heatsinks you should always try to use a manufacturer that has the material you require

Advantages of using Silicon Carbide by GD Rectifiers

Silicon Carbide, a synthetic mineral is also known as carborundum, it is a semiconductor containing silicon and carbon with chemical formula SiC. Silicon Carbide offers numerous advantages such as higher power density, reduced cooling requirements and lower overall system costs in applications such as inverters, motor drives and battery chargers. Advantages 1. Silicon carbide typically loses just 1% of the energy lost by silicon during the reverse recovery phase 2. Silicon carbide devices

Obsolete Component Solutions by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers’ obsolete solutions to help bring your designs to life GD Rectifiers offer a wide range of obsolete component solutions designed to help engineers, buyers and procurement specialists to continue the supply chain demand. Offering a comprehensive range obsolete semiconductors, including: high voltage diodes, flat based diodes, high voltage rectifiers, thyristors and fast turn-off thyristors, GD Rectifiers has positioned itself as the UK’s go-to power specialist for obsolete components. Boosting a

Distributors Help Start-ups by GD Rectifiers

Start-up companies and small independents are increasingly turning to distributors, not just for components for prototype builds, but for design, supply chain and manufacturing expertise needed to help bring their products to market. Start-ups are relying on distributors to provide the technical expertise and experience to help them select the right components and suppliers for design and help manage the supply chain. We have seen an increase in the maker movement recently

SEMIKRON - Your Ultimate Partner in Power Electronics by GD Rectifiers

Discover more about SEMIKRON’s SEMiX and MiniSKiiP product ranges In the world of electronics today, the way to guarantee maximum supply chain safety is to use industry standard power modules. SEMIKRON’s portfolio covers all the standard packages and are fully compatible and provide added value in the form of optimisations. By continually expanding their SEMiX and MiniSKiiP production capacities, they are able to meet our customers growing needs. What’s more, their application

Eaton’s Bussmann series electric vehicle fuses allow drivers to go further fas …

In August 2016 Eaton announced the release of its new Bussmann™ series electric vehicle (EV) fuses designed to provide superior circuit protection while incorporating innovative technologies that promote a vehicle with higher performance and longer range. The fuses are specifically designed to protect sensitive electric and hybrid automotive equipment, including high voltage, high capacity batteries, power conversion equipment, contactors, cabling and other auxiliary circuits – enhancing electrical system safety and reducing

Connecting customers with reliable power assembly solutions by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers offers customers a wide range of reliable power assembly solutions and have been servicing engineers, buyers and procurement specialists throughout the power electronics industry for over 50 years. Power Assembly Solutions GD Rectifiers offers a broad range of power assembly services and solutions, from standard off-the-shelf assemblies, to components, custom designs and traction refurbishments. GD Rectifiers utilise the experience of their mechanical, electrical and power electronics engineering experts to

IXYS Introduces Low Cost Dual 5A Gate Driver IC by GD Rectifiers

The IX4340 low-cost Dual 5A Gate Driver IC is the latest addition to the IXYS Integrated Circuits Division gate driver portfolio and features two high current outputs, both capable of sourcing and sinking up to 5A. Both outputs have a maximum voltage rating of 20V, with matched propagation delays, the identical output drivers can be connected in parallel for higher current applications. The logic inputs are TTL and CMOS logic

R&D Collaborative Projects by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers have extensive experience in collaborative R&D projects and are proud to work with some of the UK’s pioneering power electronic companies to drive design and innovation forward. This R&D service helps drive GD Rectifiers forward as a cutting edge manufacturer embracing fundamental technologies that support product development that contribute to next generation products throughout: renewable energy, embedded systems, smart metrering and the rail industry. Power Assemblies, Controllers and

Advantages of using GD Rectifiers as your Distributor

In recent years OEMs have started to operate with smaller in-house engineering teams, relying on distributors to provide a much greater technical input than ever before. Distributors are becoming more prominent in the supply chain of electronic components as the industry continues to evolve, and design engineers are constantly looking for technical support. GD Rectifiers have developed extensive in-house design expertise and abundant industry knowledge over the last 50 years and

Arcol Resistors Available at GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers distribute a wide range of Arcol power resistors designed for power generation, traction, renewables, drives and controls and marine applications. Arcol resistors are the preferred component supplier for high voltage and high energy applications in the medical, transport, military, aerospace and power distribution industries. Specialists in resistor technology, Arcol's aluminium housed power resistors range from 10 watts to 300 watts. Arcol's resistors are manufactured to meet the requirements of

SEMIKRON's SiC Power Modules Available at GD Rectifiers

SEMIKRON’s SiC Power Modules feature leading chip and packaging technology for the highest energy efficiency. The Full/hybrid SiC modules range from 10kw up to 350kw in 1200V and are typically used in the following applications: solar inverters, energy storage systems and motor drives. Both the hybrid and full silicon carbide power modules combine the benefits of proven industry standard power modules with SEMIKRON packaging technologies. A low module commutation inductance allows

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