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Property abroad. Good news for Mallorca property sellers as tourism increases

With record numbers in tourism for 2005, Mallorca property is set for a major property sales increase in 2006 as more and more foreigners contemplate this idyllic location for their choice as a property abroad. Although many pessimists predicted doom and gloom at the beginning of last year. 2005 turned out to be a fantastic year for tourism on Mallorca. Many of the concerns regarding independent travelers, competition from

Property abroad. French property price increase

French property prices showed a steady increase in 2005 with more property sales passing through the books of local French estate agents. According to investment property experts, apartment prices rose by 10.6 per cent in 2005, while the price of a house or Villa rose by 9.9 per cent. Although both figures are lower than those for 2004, the FNAIM was very happy with the fact that there was

Property abroad: Costa Blanca property sales increase

Over 50,000 Costa Blanca property sales will take place over next decade The thirst for Spanish property on the Costa Blanca in Spain has grown enormously over the past two years. British investors looking for the ideal property abroad have moved here in droves buying holiday,retirement or investment property. Costa Blanca is the most popular location for buying property in Spain at the moment . Its warm climate

Property abroad. Bulgarian property. Bansko or the beach for Investment property …

As authorities in Bulgaria prepare to debate legislation on the Black Sea building regulations. Bansko gains momentum. Bulgarian property is still gaining momentum. The number of Britons buying Bulgarian property in 2005 rose by 77 per cent on the previous year. With the promise of E.U. entry in 2007 or 2008 and flight increases to regional airports, and analysts' expecting a 15-20 per cent rise over the next year, demand

Property abroad: Spanish property price rise slow down

According to figures released this week by the housing ministry in Madrid. The rise in Spanish property values on a national level slowed down in 2005. A price slow down is great news for potential buyers in 2006 looking to buy their property abroad along the southern coast of Spain but not so good news for those Spanish property owners looking to sell. There are some fantastic new development projects available along

Property Abroad: Tenerife is still the Island of Eternal Spring

Property investment abroad can be a difficult decision especially with the number of virgin territories popping up weekly. However this doesn't stop one of the old British favorite's from gaining strength. It’s good to see that Tenerife property is still going strong amongst all the euphoria of property investment abroad in virgin locations such as Bulgaria property and Cape Verde property. Tenerife (Better known as the island of eternal spring) in

Property abroad. Could a studio x 2 be the best Bulgaria property Buy for you?

As the demand for Bulgarian property rises, estate agents advice potential property abroad investors to spread their options but is it better to put all their eggs in the one basket. In a recent property abroad survey amongst 600 participants , the team at discovered that the preferred choice of potential buyers of Bulgarian property before being advised by a local agent was a 2 bed unit. Percentages and reasons for: 60%

Property abroad. Spanish sellers say go. But Estate Agents say No!

Property sales on the Costa del Sol have declined dramatically over the last 12 months forcing many agents to close down. Existing agents are fighting back by saying “No” to registration of unrealistic house prices. One of the main reasons for the down turn in property abroad sales on the Costa del Sol are the inflated property prices compared to other popular areas such as Costa Almeria and Costa Blanca. During

Property abroad good for your Health. Emigration is the perfect Diet

From 17 stone to 12 stone in record time! Was it drugs or a miracle diet? Could it be an ancient Japanese health remedy? Maybe it was something as simple as an investment in a property abroad? At the age of 55 Richard Ellis finally took the plunge and done something that he and his wife Veronica have considered for years. In an exclusive interview with the Team at D2rworldwide

Spanish property. Bargain of the century

Have you ever said to yourself "Why doesn't it ever happen to me?"or " How come its always someone else that finds the bargain or has a lucky streak?" Do you buy the U.K. national lottery ticket each week then hope and pray that the big finger in the sky will point down at you but in the back of your mind you're already convinced it wont ? How many times

The Pied Piper of Property Abroad

Who is convincing the masses of U.K. residents to buy property abroad and emigrate? What is creating the biggest exodus of U.K. citizens since our soldiers left to fight the 2nd World War? Is it the lure of a better lifestyle of sun , sea and sand? Is it just cheaper property abroad? Or could it be the overwhelming frustration of seeing the very establishment we grew up believing in,

Spanish property Doom. Bulgarian property Boom.

Over the last 3 months on the internet there has been a steep decline in Spanish property searches and huge increase in demand for Bulgarian property. Is this due to the inflated Spanish property market or are their major changes ahead? As an internet based real estate agency supplying property information worldwide, The experts at have to keep an eye on the searches daily in order to keep up

Property abroad.Spanish decrease bulgarian increase

Spain always has been and probably will carry on being the number one location for people buying property abroad mainly due to its location .Bulgaria has been a buzz word for the last 12 months , hot on the heals of its predecessor Croatia. Although Countries like Bulgaria and Turkey have taken a chunk of the Spanish market as a great alternative to Spain due

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