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Press Releases from London Drainage Facilities (6 total)

Conservationists warn wet wipes are a major threat to wildlife in the Thames

A huge increase in wet wipes flushed down London's loos has become a major threat to wildlife in the Thames, conservationists have warned. Recent findings show the foreshore has the most recorded amount of discarded wet wipes in Britain, which are not biodegradable. Wet wipes can cause the shape of a river bed to change, clogging together with twigs and mud to form mounds on the inside of bends where

London Drainage Facilities highlights benefits of London’s new $7 billion supe …

The UK based drainage company London Drainage Facilities (LDF) discusses the various benefits of London’s new $7 billion (£4.2 billion) super sewer. Due to London’s increasing population and the fact that much of the land in the area is covered with hard surfaces, the capital’s existing sewer system, originally constructed in the 1860s, cannot cope when rainwater enters the sewers. As a result, a brand new super sewer has been introduced. A

Update your drainage systems or prepare for this to happen

The UK based drainage company London Drainage Facilities (LDF) urges people to maintain or update their drainage systems, in light of the Westminster flooding in June 2016. The basement at Westminster was severely flooded with sewage earlier this year, after a combination of heavy rainfall and a high Thames tide could not be held back by the Victorian drainage system. The flood destroyed the basement, forming pools near the high voltage

London Drainage comments on new eco-friendly drainage system in Fulham

The UK based drainage company London Drainage Facilities (LDF) comments on the new drainage system in Fulham, London, that promises to reduce the risk of localised flooding and improve the green landscape. The new drainage system in Stevenage Road, which is jointly funded by H&F’s Flooding Team and Transport for London, follows the successful introduction of similar schemes in locations such as Shepherds Bush and the award-winning Bridget Joyce Square

London Drainage offers 5 tips on autumn maintenance to fend off winter worries

London Drainage Facilities (LDF) offers timely advice to homeowners looking to safeguard their drainage systems against winter damage. Following one of the hottest and longest summers on record, autumn has finally set in, with sub-zero overnight temperatures hitting the south east this week. The result is an unprecedented rate of leaf fall, which is to have a catastrophic impact on many of London’s drains. The UK Met Office has also predicted

London Drainage Facilities explains who is responsible for repairing drains and …

Leading drainage company London Drainage Facilities (LDF) clarifies exactly who is responsible for repairing drains and sewers. Who is responsible for repairing drains? Homeowners are responsible for maintaining and repairing any drains that are within the boundaries of the home, and in the event of something going wrong, the homeowner will be required to pay for this to be fixed. They are also in charge of choosing a suitable company

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