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Solar Water Heater Market Forecast, Industry Analysis, Research Report by 2024

Rising concern to maintain fossil fuel sustainability along with stringent government norms to reduce carbon emissions will stimulate the solar water heater market growth. Introduction of several targets to reduce carbon emissions and encourage the development of renewable energy will further complement the industry growth. In 2016, the government of UK sets target to reduce carbon emissions up to 57% by 2030 from 1990 levels. Solar Water Heater Market size

Cochlear Implant Systems Market outlook with industry review and forecasts

Cochlear Implant Systems Market size is set to exceed USD 2.5 billion by 2024; according to a new research study published by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing incidence of hearing loss in infants and adults will drive industry growth during the forecast period. An increasing number of elderly individuals are suffering from severe and profound sensorineural hearing loss owing to age related changes in the inner and middle ear. Hearing loss

Embolic Protection Devices Market report for 2017-2024 – companies, applicatio …

Embolic Protection Devices Market size is set to exceed USD 1.8 billion by 2024; according to a new research study published by Global Market Insights, Inc. Rising prevalence of cardiac diseases along with shift towards minimally invasive procedures is likely to stimulate embolic protection devices market growth. According to American Heart Association, cardiovascular diseases are identified to be the most common cause of death globally, claiming more than 17 million

Dry type Transformer Market to witness the annual installation is set reach over …

Dry type transformer market is projected to witness upsurge owing to its economical cost structure along with efficient noiseless operations. Effective applicability across underground substations coupled with expanding medium & low voltage renewable networks will foster the product deployment. The technology has gained appreciable penetration across industrial establishments on account of its lower toxicity when compared to its conventional counterparts. Thereby, advancing product precision coupled with growing demand for sustainable

Protein Hydrolysate for Animal Feed Application Market 2024: In-Depth Research R …

Global Market Insights, Inc. has a Published report on the Global Protein Hydrolysate for Animal Feed Application Market. The Global Poultry Probiotics Market is growing continuously and expected to grow USD 835 Million by 2024 Rising demand for healthy and nutrient enriched animal feed coupled with growing consciousness about livestock health should stimulate the demand of protein hydrolysate for livestock feed application. The product has been considered as a significant ingredient

Busbar Market Analysis, Industry Trends, Growth Forecast 2024

Increasing demand for electrical conductor to carry large current within distribution board, substation, battery bank, switch board will stimulate the global busbar market size. Ability to offer stiffness to allow effective cooling of conductors, lower assembly time, reduced complexity and ability to tap-in without creating a new joint institute a favorable business scenario. Busbar Market size will reach over USD 20 billion by 2024, as reported in the latest study

Soluble Fibers Market 2024: Comprehensive Industry Analysis & Global Forecast

Global Market Insights, Inc. has a Published report on the Global Soluble Fibers Market. The Global Poultry Probiotics Market is growing continuously and expected to grow USD 5.5 Billion by 2024. High growth in the global functional food & beverages industry will be the major growth enabler for the soluble fibers market. Functional foods provide benefits beyond basic nutrition such as improving digestion, burning excess fat, etc. Proliferating demand for the

Stationary Catalytic Systems Market is forecast to grow at more than 6% from 201 …

Stationary Catalytic Systems Market which surpassed USD 3 billion in 2015, is all set to observe a high growth potential over the coming years. Population explosion and rapid industrialization will result in escalating demand for electricity, further generating heavy demand for stationary catalytic systems worldwide Various government efforts to curb industrial emissions to protect the depleting ozone layer and prevent global warming, is expected to boost the stationary catalytic systems industry

Hydrogen Generation Market size was above USD 110 billion in 2015 with forecast …

Rising demand for petroleum products, wherein hydrogen is primarily used to remove contaminants from crude oil will surge hydrogen generation market considerably over the coming years. The governments across the globe are taking strict actions to reduce carbon and sulfur emissions, which will in turn boost the hydrogen generation industry trends, on account of as hydrogen used to eliminate sulfur content. Petroleum refinery, metal, chemical are the key application areas for the

Increasing demand for clean fuel along with strict government regulations to red …

Increasing investments toward industrialization across developing economies coupled with growing demand for cost efficient and reliable alternate fuels will drive the global petcoke market size. In 2016, Egypt’s Arabian Cement announced to invest USD 9 million for constructing a petcoke mill with an aim to reduce the overall operating costs by lowering the freight rates of the product. Rapid urbanization with ongoing measures to mitigate carbon emissions will further augment

U.S. solar panel market size is expected to witness significant growth from 2016 …

Regional solar PV capacity was close to 24.1 GW by 2015. The spur in the region can be subjected to continuous realization of utility sector double-digit GW project pipeline accompanied by booming residential photovoltaic market. As of 2015, the U.S. is anticipated to add up more than 1 GWDC of panel installation. In addition, more than 30% of the electricity generated came for the solar panel implementations. California is expected

Steam Turbine Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Competitive Market Share & …

Global Steam Turbine Market size is set to grow substantially during the forecast time frame due to rising investment towards the development of high capacity generating stations. Government initiatives towards development of combined-cycle technology and capacity addition will further foster the industry. In 2016, the U.S. witnessed a capacity addition of more than 27,000 MW. Nuclear energy integration will depict a considerable growth for the global steam turbine market. Nuclear power

District Heating Pipeline Network Market is set to exceed 850 thousand Km by 202 …

Increasing government measures pertaining to carbon emissions coupled with ongoing adoption of heating systems will drive the district heating pipeline network market size. Rising space heating demand along with growing penetration of sustainable energy sources will further foster the business landscape. The U.S. EPA in 2016, released the Carbon Pollution Standard under the Clean Air Act to check and monitor the sulphur and carbon emissions across the region. Low maintenance cost,

U.S. Industrial Boiler Market is predicted to witness gain of over 3% from 2017 …

Flourishing chemical sector along with increasing investment across food processing industry will drive the U.S. industrial boiler market growth. Expansion of refining capacity in the country on account of robust fuel demand will further complement the business growth. As per the EIA, total operating oil distillation capacity in the U.S. exceeded 18,100 thousand barrels per day in 2016. California industrial boiler market is set to exceed 20,500 MMBtu/hr by 2024. Chemicals,

Global variable frequency drive market anticipated to witness significant growth …

Stringent government directives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will positively impact the business outlook of the global variable frequency drive (VFD) market by 2024. In 2014, the European Union has developed 2003/87/EC directive with an aim to curb emissions by 20% by 2020. The Government of Australia has also prepared numerous direct action plans towards the reduction of emission. Increasing oil and gas drilling activities across deep and ultradeep sea

Hydraulic Fracturing Market size was over USD 24 billion in 2015 and is forecast …

Hydraulic fracturing market finds major application across areas such as shale gas, crude oil, tight oil, and tight gas. Hydraulic fracturing industry share in shale gas applications will reach a revenue of over USD 15 billion by 2024, owing to the rising demand from power plant industries for natural gas for a better fuel efficiency. The growing awareness along with strict governmental rules & regulations regarding carbon emission will fuel

String Inverter Market size was above USD 2 billion in 2015 and is forecast to g …

Ever-increasing need for continuous/incessant power supply arising due to rapid urbanization is expected to promote string inverter market trends over the coming seven years. Growing preference towards renewable energy consumption will further drive the industry size over the next few years. High preference for off grid power supply is forecast to play an important role in string inverter market growth in the near future. Rising popularity of rooftop & ground mount

Breast Cancer Therapeutics Market applications and companies active in the indus …

The way in which breast cancer therapeutics market has changed over the recent years is an intriguing aspect depicting the evolution and progress of research activities with regards to cancer treatment. Considering the incidence and casualty rate due to breast cancer worldwide, it is undeniable that the industry is on its way to witness commendable growth over the ensuing years. Statistically, breast cancer occurrence rate, of late, has observed an

Global Lithium Ion Battery Market size is predicted to witness gain of over 12% …

With the product benefits of excellent load characteristics and efficient energy utilization over conventional batteries, lithium ion battery market is on a definite upswing. Conventional vehicles are the prime source of environmental pollution driven by carbon emissions through the combustion of crude oil. Growing awareness regarding the potential environmental hazards due to carbon footprints coupled with government regulations regarding the same will fuel the demand for electric vehicles. This in

Power Transmission Component Market is set to witness growth over 6% by 2024

The power transmission component market will gain appreciable proliferation subject to the ongoing refurbishment and retrofitting of existing grid infrastructure across the globe. Rising investments coupled with favourable political outlook toward the expansion of cross border electric networks will further boost the product demand. In addition, rapid commercialization and urban migration across developing economies have further instituted a favourable business scenario. Favourable policy interventions along with supportive sectoral reforms supporting the

Insights into ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Devices Market and it’s growth outlook

ENT Devices Market size is set to exceed USD 24.5 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights. Rising prevalence of ENT disorders including nasal trauma, deafness, larynx cancer, hearing loss across the globe fuels the need to develop devices used for effective diagnosis and treatment of such ailments augmenting the global ENT devices market size. Surging geriatric population will substantially influence ENT devices industry as

Circuit Breakers Market size was above USD 6 billion in 2015 and is forecast to …

Circuit Breakers Market is one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the electrical industry. Circuit breakers being an integral part of the power system protection is unavoidable in running a power link. In a world of digitalization, smart grid and modular packaged substations are witnessing a global preference, which in turn is leaving a direct impact on the massive growth of the market. For instance, UK’s Scottish Power Energy

Gas Turbine Market is set to exceed 120GW by 2024

Growing industrialization coupled with rising electricity demand will drive the global gas turbine market size over the forecast timeline. Government and private entities are investing aggressively to develop new power generation facility to mitigate the demand supply mismatch. In 2015, natural gas has fueled over 25 percent of the total U.S. electricity generation. EIA is projecting that the country’s present natural gas generation would exceed by 30 percent by the

Diabetic Retinopathy Market analysis research and trends report for 2017-2024

With diabetes on an impending rise across the globe, essentially on account of the growing geriatric populace, diabetic retinopathy market has lately been gaining heavy momentum. Subject to an unhealthy lifestyle and genetic composition, the prevalence of the disease has been robustly increasing by the day, enabling the requirement of effective treatment solutions, further providing a boost to diabetic retinopathy industry. According to WHO, diabetes has taken the shape of

HIV diagnostics market outlook with industry review and forecasts

Global HIV diagnostics market size was $2400 million for 2015 and is predicted to register CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period. Due to technological innovations in disease diagnostic tests and rapid development of CD4, EID and P24 tests, the global industry is predicted to record an enhanced growth during forecast period. Simple amplification based assay - a blood diagnostic kit created by Cambridge university scientists received the “Popular Prize

Steam Autoclaves Market trends research and projections for 2017-2024

Industry Overview :- Global Steam Autoclaves Market Size was evaluated at $1.5 billion for 2015 and registered CAGR of 8.91% during the projected timespan. Growing occurrence of hospital acquired infections, rising concern for management of bio-hazardous & medical wastes and strict government rules regarding bio-safety are the factors contributing to the industry growth during forecast period. Further, launching of new price effective and portable autoclave solution combined with growth of vacuum

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Market outlook with industry review and f …

Over the past few years, assisted reproductive technology (ART) market has depicted a plethora of dynamic changes pertaining to the rapid influx of medical advancements for infertile. The rapid economic growth witnessed across numerous geographies has led to an increase in consumer disposable incomes, on the grounds of which it is now possible for many infertile couples to easily avail ART treatments, notwithstanding the exorbitant expense. The rise in the

Bench-top Dental Autoclaves Market trends research and projections for 2017-2024

Bench-top dental autoclaves industry has garnered the reputation of being one of the most intense regulatory-driven fraternities, given the importance of hygiene and sterilization in medical equipment usage. Regulatory norms enforced by the European CE and the U.S. FDA stand to strictly monitor device performance post approval, which has led to important bench-top autoclaves market players such as Tuttnauer experimenting with various steam sterilizers as per end-use demand and transformative

Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics Market share research by applications and regions …

Growing at 2.5% CAGR over 2016-2023, autoimmune disease diagnostics market will get a push owing to the increasing prevalence of autoimmune diseases favorable government norms, rising health awareness, and as enhanced R&D investments globally. As per NIH (National Institutes of Health) estimates, nearly 23.5 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases, which is a major factor boosting the demand for autoimmune disease diagnostics servicesin America. Moreover, rising

3D Scanning Market By Product, Application, Range, Growth Potential & Forecast, …

Regional governments have been promoting the usage of advanced 3D scanners to enhance the efficacy of the medical services. Subject to the product’s capability to resolve complex theories, it has been extensively used in the medical sector. Many of the researchers have been continuously introducing new techniques to manufacture challenging 3D objects. As per the market study, 3D scanning market will collect a revenue of more than USD 10 billion

Barrier Resins Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis 2017-202 …

Barrier Resins Market size will witness significant growth rate from 2017 to 2024. Growth in pharmaceutical packaging industry along with increasing penetration of bio-based material will drive the industry growth. Effective protection against moisture, light, oxygen, physical damage, counterfeit and contamination are key properties fueling product scope. Strong outlook in food & beverages, cosmetics, industrial and agriculture industry will propel barrier resins market growth. Improved shelf life of packaged food

Electronic Security Market 2018 By Application, Growth, and Region, 2024

Regionally, Asia Pacific observes a strong foothold in the global electronic security industry share. The primary reason behind APAC to become the hotspot for electronic security market investors is the real and perceived concerns regarding social unrest and economic growth across this belt. Uptick in industrialization, increasing disposable incomes of the middle-class population, tightened security procedures across airports and malls, and smart city phenomenon are some of the other driving

Wax market to attain substantial proceeds by 2024, fueled by the growing demand …

The last decade has witnessed wax market traversing along a modestly profitable growth path. This progression can indeed be aptly attributed to the product’s widespread application spectrum comprising adhesives, packaging solutions, and various cosmetics. Given the diverse end-use spectrum, wax market players have been minutely focusing on product expansion with heavy investments in research and development activities as well. Not to mention, these firms partaking in wax industry share are

Power Transmission Lines & Towers Market is predicted to grow at over 6% by 2024

Enhanced government efforts to upgrade existing power grid infrastructure is expected to spur Power Transmission Lines & Towers Market growth in the years ahead. Global warming, majorly caused due to fossil fuel emissions, has adversely impacted the human health and this has led to rising preference for green technologies, in turn creating lucrative growth opportunities for the business. In 2016, the U.S. energy department had declared clean line project funding

Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Market is predicted to exceed 21 GW by 2024

Large-scale adoption of cogeneration systems to satisfy the growing demand for electricity globally will propel Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Market. With rapid industrialization and urbanization across the globe, the requirement for power has observed a massive upswing, which will drive product demand. On-going exploration and production activities in oil & gas coupled with strict environmental regulations regarding GHG emissions will also be a major factor driving aeroderivative gas turbine industry. Taking

Protein Hydrolysate for Animal Feed Application Market 2024: Comprehensive Resea …

Rising demand for healthy and nutrient enriched animal feed coupled with growing consciousness about livestock health should stimulate the demand of protein hydrolysate for livestock feed application. The product has been considered as a significant ingredient as it provides sufficient amount of peptides and collagen for the healthy growth of poultries, swine, goats, sheep, and equine, thereby driving the product demand. Protein Hydrolysate for Animal Feed Application Market size is

Soluble Fibers Market 2024 | In-Depth Research Study

High growth in the global functional food & beverages industry will be the major growth enabler for the Soluble Fibers Market. Functional foods provide benefits beyond basic nutrition such as improving digestion, burning excess fat, etc. Proliferating demand for the nutrient-rich functional foods made from soluble fibers in the developed countries over conventional food products is a result of growing awareness in these regions. The global functional foods industry

Petcoke Market size for 2016 was valued over USD 11 billion and the annual capac …

Increasing demand for clean fuel along with strict government regulations to reduce carbon emissions will drive the global Petroleum Coke Market size. Its high carbon, low ash content and high calorific value makes its adoption preferable when compared with other available counterparts. Calorific content of petroleum coke ranges between 7000 to 8500 Kcal/kg when compared with lignite 2800 to 3800 kcal / kg. Growing demand for fabrication of aluminum smelter anodes

Global Enhanced Oil Recovery is set to exceed 5 billion barrels by 2024

With the growing number of mature oil fields across the globe, enhanced oil recovery market seems to have gained a remarkable impetus in recent years. It would be prudent to mention that out of the three processes involved in oil recovery, around 40% of the oil is recovered through primary and secondary processes, while the remaining oil is extracted using tertiary or enhanced recovery. It is estimated by the Energy

Reprocessed Medical Devices industry analysis research and trends report for 201 …

Rising prevalence of chronic diseases that further lead to upsurge in surgical procedures drives reprocessed medical devices market size during the forecast timeframe. The increasing demand for cost cutting procedures in healthcare in developed as well as developing countries similarly upsurges need for usage of reprocessed medical devices thereby, propelling business growth. To reprocess the devices aspects such as, lifecycle, efficacy, probable risk to patient and the components used for

Cancer Diagnostics Market, Industry Analysis and Research Report 2024

Increasing prevalence of cancer across the globe will be major driving factor for cancer diagnostics market. World Health Organization reported that cancer accounted for 8.8 million deaths in 2015 and was second leading cause of mortality. Unhealthy eating habits and changing lifestyle are further expected to boost prevalence in near future rendering significant positive impact on demand for better cancer diagnostic methods. Cancer Diagnostics Market size is set to exceed

Automotive Wheel Market to exceed USD 105 Billion by 2024: Global Market Insight …

Europe automotive wheel market will witness growth over 4% up to 2024. Rising demand for premium vehicles coupled with recovery from economic recession are the key factors supporting the industry growth. Presence of key industry players provides a positive outlook for the regional demand. Asia Pacific automotive wheel market is anticipated to value over USD 53 billion by 2024. Increasing vehicle production particularly in China and India remains the key

Aircraft Communication System Market Share, Analysis & Forecast To 2024: Global …

Aircraft Communication System Market in APAC will grow rapidly, exhibiting a CAGR of over 6% over the coming years. Increasing aircraft deliveries has led to high demand for these systems, primarily supporting the regional growth. North America aircraft communication system market is expected to hold over 35% of the revenue share over the forecast timeframe. This can be credited to the presence of established aerospace industry leaders along with rising

Aircraft Carbon Braking System Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive A …

North America aircraft carbon braking system market is expected to acquire maximum share owing to substantial aircraft production across the region. Presence of established aerospace industry leaders such as Boeing and Bombardier will further contribute to the revenue generation significantly. The region is witnessing rising number of military modernization programs that has led to high procurement of military aircrafts, further supporting the regional dominance till 2024. Asia Pacific will witness

Fire Fighting Chemicals Market By Application, Deployment Model & Forecast, 2017 …

Fire Fighting Chemicals Market size is likely to witness steady gains in the forecast period owing to its widening application usage in sprinkler systems, dampers, portable extinguishers, retarded bulkhead, and inert gas systems. Rising safety concerns along with favourable guidelines should drive industry growth. Protection and reducing risk of life & property, and rising investments across various residential & commercial buildings to protect infrastructure will drive the fire fighting chemicals

Sodium acetate market to depict robust growth potential over 2017-2024 via hefty …

An extensively widespread application sphere can be chiefly credited for the massive commercialization scale of sodium acetate market. Having penetrated several end-use domains owing to its capability to function by turns as a buffering & pickling agent, diuretic agent, and food preservative agent, it would be apt to state that sodium acetate industry has witnessed a fairly steady progress in the last half a decade. This multimillion dollar space has also

3PL Market By Solution, Mode, Growth Potential & Forecast, 2017 – 2024

Regional Insights into Third Party Logistics (3PL) market: Robust road infrastructure that enables effective transit of freight & goods to & from the production plant is expected to impact the third-party logistics operations across the Asia Pacific region. The continent also houses large manufacturing units, while a majority of the warehouse & distribution operations in the area are supported by strong internet connectivity and escalated economic development. With China being

Home Audio Equipment Market By Product, By Price Range, By Technology 2017-2024

Growing penetration of technologies, such as Bluetooth, play-Fi, and Wi-Fi in the market, has greatly propelled the demand for these devices. Changing consumer preferences and trends are expected to increase the sales of wireless music devices. Companies, such as Sonos, are shifting its focus from traditional high-end devices to multi-room interconnected devices to gain a competitive edge. Increasing spending capacities in developing economies are encouraging North America and Europe-based vendors

Change and Configuration Management Market: Growth Potential, Competitive Market …

The North America region dominates the change and configuration management market followed by Europe owing to its technological advancements and stable economy. APAC is anticipated to grow rapidly during the forecast period owing to its huge population and increase in awareness about the benefits amongst customers. The increase in the usage of BYOD and IoT services in various sectors has resulted in the growth in the demand for the system.

Microgrid Market – Growth Opportunities and Challenges 2017-2024

The microgrid concept is aptly providing a platform that is proliferating distributed electricity generation and efficient power delivery with least compromise on environmental viability. However, in this regard, it is imperative to mention that microgrid market giants have been lately facing a wide array of daunting challenges such as establishing standards for microgrid design and extensive R&D requirement. Nonetheless, in the face of the severe energy crisis that has led

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