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MVAS Market still growing

" Global Mobile Value Added Services Market is expected to exceed USD 1,300 billion by 2024. It is accredited to the growing implementation of 3G services coupled with the introduction of 4G/5G LTE networks which is anticipated to provide a widespread array of growth prospects. Increasing usage of application-based services is expected to force mobile network operators & providers to advance distinct platforms for 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Request for

Residential vacuum cleaners market to Grow

"Residential vacuum cleaners market is expected to surpass USD 17.5 billion by 2024 with around 3% CAGR. Increasing industrialization has resulted in more employment opportunities in various regions, especially in Asia Pacific. Rising working population in urban areas result in surging demand for home appliances, to save consumer’s time and provides ease of doing household chores. Request for a sample of this research report @ Better infrastructure, sophisticated technology

Household Fridge And Freezers Market expected to grow significantly

Household Fridge And Freezers Market may surpass USD 75 billion by 2025. These devices provide cold storage to store food products such as fish, ice-cream, fruits, vegetables, milk, water, etc. Adding to this, it uses vapor compression technology for maintaining storage conditions. Increasing adoption of environmental friendly products in order to reduce emission of chloro-fluoro carbons has encouraged the development of high energy efficient refrigerators. With new energy standards, manufacturers have

Report: Optic Sensors Market on growth track to 2024

" Optic Sensors Market is expected to grow at around 7.5% CAGR with increase in the usage of sophisticated gadgets and devices. Optical sensors are the need of the hour and have a wide-ranging demand. They have a variety of applications and are high precision sensors that are available in component or a module form. They can be customized and arranged according to the needs and requirements of the end

Ultra High Definition Panel Market expected to grow strongly by 2023

"Ultra High Definition Panel Market will witness a growth of 11% CAGR by 2024 on account of the rising demand for high-quality display from various sectors such as commercial, government, hospitality, retail, and sports. Increasing platforms providing UHD content, thus encouraging the manufacturers to expand their offerings. Further, numerous benefits provided by these devices such as sharper picture quality, better durability, vibrant colors, light-weight, and low power consumption will likely

Outdoor LED signage market explores vigorous size by 2024

"Outdoor LED signage market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20% during the forecast timeline. Emerging demand for wireless information connections for high resolution 10 mm symbols, billboards which are appropriate for high pedestrian traffic sectors and customizable content are anticipated to witness growth in the Outdoor LED signage market. Customized content can be altered and programmed based on scheduled events, expected audience, weather conditions and inventory

Report Predicts Enterprise Application Software Market May Reach $211B by 2022

Enterprise Application Software Market is expected to surpass USD 280 billion by 2024. Rising need for interconnecting business processes will drive the industry in the forecast time frame. High adoption of enterprise application by industries such as retail, BFSI, manufacturing, and telecom will further propel the industry growth. This increased implementation is attributed to its user-friendly features that assist the organizations to enhance the consumer experience. Moreover, it facilitates enterprises

Aviation Test Equipment Market on path for growth

Aviation Test Equipment Market size includes use cases such as test and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft and artificial satellites to provide improved system reliability, safety and isolate failures. Increased development of software adaptable solutions, increased investment in defense sector by the governments and growing commercial aerospace industry further fuels the demand. Request for an in-depth table of contents for this report @ Testing of new technologies such as

Automotive NHV Materials Market expected to grow strongly by 2024

Automotive NHV Materials Market size is projected to grow in the forecast period owing to increasing demand from automobile industry due to strict government protocols for safer and noiseless vehicles is the key driving factor for automotive NHV materials market. Extensive applications of product in passenger vehicles in order to reduce noise, vibrations and harshness levels stimulates the vehicle buying decision is also a major factor for fueling the product demand.

Multiple Opportunities Drive Global Market for Automotive Wiring Harness

The global Automotive Wiring Harness market share report provides numbers for applications and regional segments of the industry covering historical as well as forecast data for decision makers. Increasing demand for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) installations in vehicles and consumer preference for automotive electricals are further fueling the industry demand. Installing connectivity systems in cars for simplified and easy connection of electrical components will further support the industry growth. Complex

Train Seat Market Set for Continued Growth

The global Train Seat Market share report provides numbers for applications and regional segments of the industry covering historical as well as forecast data for decision makers. Increasing government initiatives and investments to develop faster and convenient modes of transportation across the globe will drive the market growth in the forecast timespan. High speed rails require greater infrastructure than the traditional trains and thus require larger investment. Lack of essential infrastructure

Report Predicts Growth in Fuel Injection Systems Market

The global Fuel Injection Systems Market share report provides numbers for applications and regional segments of the industry covering historical as well as forecast data for decision makers. Fuel Injection Systems Market size is poised to grow at significant growth over the forecast timespan owing to the growing automotive demand, usage of two-wheeler vehicles and stringent exhaust emission regulations across the globe. It supplies, measures and optimizes fuel consumption and thus,

Digital Signature Market Till 2024 Growth, Key Players, Competitive Strategies a …

Digital signature market is popular across several industry verticals including education & research, human resource, government & defense, BFSI, real estate, legal, manufacturing & engineering, healthcare & life sciences, energy & utilities, retail, telecommunications, sales & marketing, pharmaceuticals and procurement & operations. Digital signature market demand from legal and financial sectors is anticipated to experience drastic surge due to benefits such as improved compliances, reduced document turn-around time and fast

Intelligent Vending Machine Market : Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunitie …

The intelligent vending machine market is segmented on the basis of type and applications. Based on type, the machines are classified as snacks, hot drinks, and packaged drinks vending machines Packaged drinks segment is expected to grow at a significant growth rate during the forecast period, owing to growing customer focus on healthy vending. This segment includes water, juice, milk, energy drinks, and flavored water. Consumers ate consistently looking

Smart Labels Market – Growth Opportunities, Pitfalls and Challenges 2016-2024

Smart labels market on the basis of applications segments are equipment, electronic & IT asset, pallet, retail & inventory tracking, security access, perishable goods, smart wrist bands for patient care, and reusable goods. Perishable goods segment is expected to gain traction over the future in the smart labels market. Sensing labels are used in this industry, owing to its ability to track changes in oxygen, temperature, and other environmental factors.

Voice Recognition Market By Product, Application, Region - Forecast 2024

Based on applications, the voice recognition market is classified into artificial intelligence based and non-artificial intelligence based. Artificial-intelligence based solutions segment is expected to gain momentum, owing to the ability of this technology to recognize speech patterns accurately. AI transforms voice into well-structured algorithms in steps such as formulation, representation of speech units, demonstration of correct inputs, and development of recognition algorithms. Voice Recognition Market size is anticipated to witness

Seeding Planters Market Trends Growth Forecast Research 2017-2024

The seeding planters can be categorized on the basis of attachment type, planter type and region. Based on attachment type, the product market can be segmented into trailed, semi-mounted and front/rear/mid mounted. Trailed planter is connected to the drawbar hitch point and requires its own depth control wheels to provide support. Semi-mounted planter is pivotally attached to tractor’s two lower three-point linkage points and requires depth wheels toward the rear

Telecom Cloud Billing Market Drivers of Growth Analyzed in a New Research Report …

Asia Pacific telecom cloud billing market is anticipated to grow at a high rate over the coming years owing to the burgeoning population in China and India, which is leading to a vast customer base. Moreover, factors, such as demonetization, growing internet usage among users, and economic developments in several countries, are contributing to the regional growth. Increasing penetration of smart devices is projected to drive telecom cloud billing market.

Multi-Touch Equipment Market Explores New Growth Opportunities by 2024

North America is expected to have the largest industry share during the forecast time frame followed by Europe. Asia Pacific is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during 2016 – 2024. Latin America and the Middle East are estimated to have substantial growth rates in the coming years. The multi-touch equipment market enables the user to interact with a system by using multiple fingers at the same time. Individuals,

Explosive Trace Detection Market Innovation and Current Business Trends by 2024

North America is projected to hold a major share in the explosive trace detection market over the forecast period owing to the increasing number of security vendors in the region. Additionally, recent terrorist activities are promoting the demand for these devices in Europe, thus offering opportunities to the industry players. The security agencies and the government officials are using these detectors as a part of the security program to protect

Real Time Location System Market, Industry Analysis Report and Forecast by 2024

Based on the applications, the RTLS market can be segmented into inventory & asset tracking & management, temperature & humidity monitoring, supply chain management, mapping & visualization, staff locating & monitoring, security, dock monitoring & warehousing, workflow & process automation, postal & courier services, and others. In inventory & asset tracking & management, the systems track vehicles’ speed, geographical location, and analyze drivers’ efficiency. Integrating GPS, mobile cellular technology, and

4D Printing Market By Product, Application, Region - Forecast 2024

4D Printing Market is set to grow over the forecast timeline owing to the rising demand for modernization in several 3D printing applications and growing R&D investments. The technology is being commercialized and is anticipated to replace 3D printing over the coming years. The technology is an extension of 3D printing technology and offers customers and end users enhanced efficiency, quality, and performance abilities over manufacturing techniques. The rising demand from

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market Update, Analysis, Growth, Forecast, 2016 …

Companies in the HMI market include Siemens AG, ABB Ltd, Eaton Corp, Schneider Electric, Honeywell Inc., General Electric, Emerson Electric, Advantech Co, Beijer Electronics, Yokogawa Electric, etc. Mergers and acquisitions is the focus of many key players as a part of business strategy. For instance, in 2016, Rockwell Automation acquired Magnemotion, in order to make expansion in the motion control business. Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market size is driven by rising

Network as a Service Market Update, Analysis, Growth, Forecast, 2016 – 2024

The report “Network as a Service (NaaS) Market Size, Industry Outlook, Regional Analysis (U.S., Germany, UK, Italy, Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa), Application Development & Forecast, 2016 – 2024”, is driven by Increasing need for pay-per-use business model. The recent advancements in technology have led to abundance of applications in numerous segments and global usage of wireless services has provided solutions for the

Ambient Lighting Market

Asia Pacific ambient lighting market is expected to grow at a significant rate, owing to increasing standard of living. Introduction of legislations regarding energy efficiency is favoring the industry growth. With the rising number of private museums in China, the need for highlighting the museums attractions, creating a perfect ambience for the audience and providing the correct reading environment is increasing. The growing importance of these illumination systems in the

Vibration Sensors Market - Regional Market Segment by Production, Revenue and Gr …

Germany is expected to grow at a rapid rate during the forecast period due to the presence of vibration sensors market players, automotive industry manufacturers, and the high adoption of these sensors in the airline industry, making Europe a prominent region. The strong growth of the industrial sector, facilitated by the surge in low-cost consumer and industrial products is a major factor for the large market size of the vibration

Photonic Integrated Circuit Market Drivers of Growth Analysed in a New Research …

In the photonic IC market, optical communication dominated the industry and will grow at a fast rate over the forecast timespan. Over the last few years, the industry has witnessed a tremendous increase in the data traffic. Optical communication based on the photonic ICs offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to data transmission. In addition, owing to its efficiency in handling the increasing data traffic, the demand for optical communications

Semiconductor Memory Market Applications, Segmentations and Forecast by 2024

Growing adoption of IoT and smart homes is expected to propel the semiconductor memory market growth. These components are widely used for M2M communication and automation and can tackle the vast amount of data that is generated. Growing number of smart cities globally will increase the demand for smart devices, propelling the industry growth. Furthermore, the demand for high-capacity memory and low-power devices is increasing at a high rate over

Automotive Brake Pads Market expected to grow strongly by 2024

Europe is anticipated to dominate automotive brake pads market, owing to increasing production of automobiles. Growth can be attributed to increasing stringency in stopping regulations. For instance, in U.K., stopping distance is 12 meters for a car running at 20 miles per hour speed. The stopping distance doubles for every 10 mph increase in car speed. This is the major driving factor for disk products demand, thus boosting the demand

Solid State Drive Market Report Analysis, Growth, Trend, and Forecast, 2024

The U.S. SSD market is expected to witness growth that can be attributed to the increasing demand for advanced computing systems, flourishing cloud computing, and big data markets. Additionally, the manufacturers in the U.S. region are focusing on innovation & product differentiation to increase the penetration of their products, increase the revenues, quickening the demand for the product in the region. A substantial rise in the mobile devices, increasing need

Multiple Opportunities Drive Global Market for Automotive Disc Brake

North America automotive disc brake market size is projected to surpass Europe over the forecast timeframe owing to high demand growth rates of luxury and high performance vehicles. Moreover, U.S. and Canada are featured with favorable government initiatives developing dedicated corridors to boost trade of automobile parts. Europe automotive disc brake market size is expected to witness considerable growth in coming years owing to healthy economic recovery, presence of large automobile

Impressive Growth for the Automotive HMI Market

Automotive HMI market is categorized into the instrument cluster, voice control, HUD, central display, and RSE displays, on the basis of the products. HUD segment is projected to dominate the industry share pertaining to its featured safety applications. Instrument cluster sector is estimated to witness appreciable growth rate over the forecast period owing to the increasing global consumer demands. Asia Pacific automotive HMI market share dominated the global industry share, in

Automotive Lighting Market Set for Continued Growth

Increasing vehicle production and sales, technological advancement and tightened regulations regarding safety measures are the prominent driving forces for the automotive lighting market size. The raw materials used in manufacturing are glass, tungsten, molybdenum, phosphorous, silicon, niobium, polymers, tantalum and mixture of inert gases. The cost for these materials keeps on changing and slows the growth rate for automotive lighting market size. Product development to meet the requirements of government specifications

Report Predicts Growth in Market for Automotive Transmission

Automotive Transmission Market applications include the supply of optimal torque to drive the engines to make them safe and comfortable. Efficient transmission system allows the vehicle to attain high cruise speed while providing the necessary safety. The growth drivers for the automotive transmission market size are growing demand for automatic transmission which provides light weight, fuel efficient and comfortable driving experience in exploding traffic congestion situations in growing cities. Also, increasing

Automated Passenger Counting and Information System Market : Evolving Technology …

The automated passenger counting and information system market is segmented on the basis of devices & components, types, technology, and mode of transport. Based on components, the industry is segmented as networking & communication devices, multimedia displays, and sensors. On the basis of type, the automated passenger counting and information system market is segmented as information announcement systems, infotainment systems, information display systems, emergency communication system, and mobile application. Advancements

Water Source Heat Pump Market – Trends Research And Projections For 2018-2024

The U.S. water source heat pump market will expand on account of growing measures to curb carbon footprint coupled with government initiatives to encourage installation of heat pumps. Rising demand for space heating and cooling along with concerns over energy efficiency will propel the product penetration. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, in 2016, water heating across the residential buildings accounted for 18% of electricity consumption with 4% from

Marine Emissions Control Systems Market Forecast & Business Opportunities 2018-2 …

Europe marine emissions control systems market will continue to grow on account of regulatory measures on ecosystem disruption and GHG emissions. For instance, in 2015 the European Union (EU) introduced the Regulation ([EU] 2015/757) on the monitoring, reporting, and verification of carbon emissions from maritime industry. Ongoing government funded ventures, most notably the UK Zero Emissions Sector initiative to minimize shipping emissions will further support the industry growth. Marine Emissions

People Counting System Market – Competitive Landscape & Product Benchmarking 2 …

Based on the end user, the people counting system market is classified into retail, BFSI, sports & entertainment, hospitality, corporate, transportation, and others. The retail industry that includes shopping malls and supermarkets is expected to witness a significant growth owing to the several advantages offered by these systems in formulating strategies for the businesses. However, in the transportation sector, the demand for these systems is on a rise to effectively

Hybrid Power Solutions Market Trends Growth Forecast Research 2018-2024

The U.S. hybrid power solutions market share will witness rapid growth owing to shifting focus toward clean energy along with energy conservation measures. Enhancement of capacity utilization factor by introducing innovative technologies for renewable systems will further augment the industry growth. In 2015, Grand Ridge Energy storage project commenced its operation across the U.S. with overall capacity of 232.5 MW. The project is owned by Invenergy and is situated at

Home Energy Management Systems Market – Product Functionality Anticipated To E …

Notable participants in the home energy management systems market include Panasonic Corporation, Cisco Systems, Honeywell International, General Electric, Ecofactor, EnergyHub, Johnson Controls, Nest Labs, Hitachi, Vivint and Ecobee amongst others. Home Energy Management Systems Market size will grow on account of escalating energy consumption and increasing investments in smart grid systems. In 2017, EIA projected the world energy consumption to increase by 56 percent by 2040. Reduced energy spending, improved equipment

A Regional and Competitive Overview of Mobile Ticketing Market Trends by 2024

North America is dominating the mobile ticketing market due to the increasing adoption of the mobile ticketing solution in the public railway services. Approximately, nine contracts have been established between January 2016 and May 2017 to integrate mobile ticketing on the transit system across the region. For instance, in 2017, Moovel Group and Caltrain Transit Agency signed a deal to develop, maintain, and host a mobile ticketing solution in San

A Regional and Competitive Overview of Mobile Ticketing Market Trends by 2024

North America is dominating the mobile ticketing market due to the increasing adoption of the mobile ticketing solution in the public railway services. Approximately, nine contracts have been established between January 2016 and May 2017 to integrate mobile ticketing on the transit system across the region. For instance, in 2017, Moovel Group and Caltrain Transit Agency signed a deal to develop, maintain, and host a mobile ticketing solution in San

Global Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Market Trends, Competitive Analysis, Research R …

China membrane bioreactor market is set to grow owing to growing initiatives toward green industries and cleaner economy. In 2015, the country as part of its 13th Five Year Development Plan enforced the amended Environmental Protection Law to conserve the national water resources. Furthermore, an expanding manufacturing and industrialization base will further contribute to the industry growth. Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Market size will witness robust growth on account of rising environmental

Passive Optical Network Equipment Market – Trends Research and Projections Fro …

Asia Pacific PON equipment market share is projected to provide attractive growth opportunities owing to its steadily developing economies and increasing digitization in the regions. Increasing penetration of internet and infrastructural R&D investments in countries such as Japan, China and India, is expected to drive regional demand. The growth of the industry is backed up by the increasing demands of digitization in Europe and North America in the forecast timeframe. North

3D Motion Capture System Market Predicted Analysis and Forecast 2018 – 2024

The 3D motion capture system market can be classified based into optical (including active, passive & markless) and non-optical (including inertial) products. The passive systems have various features including high frequency of capture, considerable performance area, high accuracy and zero cables. Markless optical systems have made inroads due to high quality of data output. The optical systems market is projected to grow considerably due to the markless and passive systems

A2P SMS Market To Witness A Phenomenal Growth by 2024

The Asia Pacific A2P SMS market dominates due to the presence of the largest consumer base in this region. The government of the developing economies of China and India are undergoing various digital transformations resulting in a rise in the number of mobile subscribers, driving the market demand. For instance, in July 2015, the government of India launched the Digital India initiative aimed at transforming India into a digitally knowledgeable

Display Controller Market Trends - Industry Statistics Report from 2018 to 2024

Based on the type, the display controller market is segmented into touchscreen controllers, LCD controllers, multi-display controllers, smart display controllers, and digital display controllers. LCD controllers are anticipated to lead the display controller market mainly due to the penetration of LCD technology in the automotive, home appliances, consumer electronics, and office automation sectors. Touchscreen and smart display controllers make use of capacitive controllers and touch panels that are highly responsive

Data Science Platform Market - Growth, Statistics, Trends, Forecast Report, 2018 …

Based on business function, the data science platform market in segmented into marketing, logistics, human resources and operations. The logistics vertical segment is predicted to grow at a steady rate owing to easier information collection and ability to answer business queries with inputs derived through various sources. Effective network planning and optimization achieved through historical information insights of transportation routes is enabled. Data Science Platform Market is estimated to witness

Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) Market Status and Prospect Analys …

North America holds a significant share of the global MADP market due to the presence of highly sophisticated IT infrastructure in the region along with the availability of excellent internet connectivity and extensive penetration of mobile devices. Also, large-scale investments on R&D by major technology companies operating in the U.S. are expected to foster the market growth over the forecast timeline. Asia Pacific, on the other hand, will register a

Wearable Sensors Market – Trends, Drivers and Projections Reports from 2018 to …

Rising share of aging population and application of wearable sensors to observe patients will contribute the wearable sensors market growth. However, the usage of such products has not only been limited to the healthcare sector, as it has expanded into various other sectors like sports, military, entertainment and fitness. Increase in prevalence of chronic sicknesses and geriatric population, higher penetration of smartphone technology will provide growth opportunities for the wearable sensors

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