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Food phosphate Market to Approach USD 2.4 billion by 2024

Food phosphate Market 2018-2024 - Industry Growth Report. The report provides Point to Point information of the market on a Global scale supported by the previous and present size market High consumer awareness regarding the benefits of protein consumption along with rising preference for canned food will result in Food Phosphate Market expansion. The demand for bakery items has been escalating in recent times subject to the rise in the number

Fortified Salts Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts

Fortified Salts Market 2018-2024 - Industry Growth Report. The report provides Point to Point information of the market on a Global scale supported by the previous and present size market Shifting consumer preference for nutritional diet coupled with increasing malnutrition concerns among children and adults will propel product demand. Rising prevalence of anemia due to iron deficiency will drive fortified salts market growth. The Fortified Salts Market size is projected to surpass

Broth Market Outlook, Opportunity And Demand Analysis, Forecast 2024

Broth Market - Industry Growth Report. The report provides Point to Point information of the market on a Global scale supported by the previous and present size market Shifting consumer preference regarding animal-based stock as an effective protein source is expected to drive broth market growth during the forecast timespan. Increasing awareness towards health benefits including enhancement of protein synthesis, hydration, immunity and weight loss will support product penetration. The Broth Market

Organic Spice Market Overview, Key Players, Revenue and Global Industry Forecast …

Organic Spice Market - Industry Growth Report. The report provides Point to Point information of the market on a Global scale supported by the previous and present size market Rising awareness among consumers regarding the medicinal properties and health advantages of natural spices consumption will primarily drive the industry growth. Shifting preference towards chemical free ingredients owing to their notable health benefits including anti-inflammation and pain-relieving properties is expected to propel

Dairy Processing Equipment Market Analysis by Latest Developments, Trends, Drive …

Dairy Processing Equipment Market - Industry Growth Report. The report provides Point to Point information of the market on a Global scale supported by the previous and present size market. Dairy Processing Equipment Market size may witness significant gains owing increasing utilization of processed milk for manufacturing various products including cheese, butter, and ice-cream. Change in consumer emphasis towards healthier and palatable products supported by rising health concerns may drive industry

Advanced Driver Assistance System Market to grow at over 13% CAGR from 2017 to 2 …

ADAS market share is led by park assist systems due to increasing adoption particularly from aftermarket. Faster parking and reduced curb strikes are among key properties supporting the product demand. Rising demand from passenger and commercial vehicles particularly for forward collision warning functions has enhanced the industry growth. Image sensors dominated the industry share contributing over 33% of the ADAS market revenue in 2016. Evolution of modern computer vision analysis

Automotive Turbochargers Market to grow at over 9% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

Automotive turbocharger market is expected to witness significant trends impacting its revenue generation. Engine downsizing is one such trend that has gained prominence among the manufacturers. It allows easy replacement of conventional engines with turbocharged engines with minimal impact on vehicle’s power and fuel efficiency. Electric turbocharger is another advancement that is featured with exhaust gas driven turbine and electric motor. It has gained traction owing to its advantages such

Recreational Boating Market to grow at over 6% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

Recreational boating market size is anticipated to exceed USD 230 billion over the forecast timeframe. Increasing promotional activities of tourist’s sports coupled with travel & tourism industry growth are primary factors boosting recreational boating market share during forecast time frame. Rising disposable income has resulted in an upsurge of traveling and adventure sports. Remarkable increase in global urban population and acceleration in personal consumption expenditure has resulted in huge

Automotive Brake Caliper Market to grow at over 3% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

Automotive brake caliper market from steel is likely to account for highest share of more than 40% over the forecast timeframe owing to enhanced mechanical properties such as durability, stiffness, and high corrosion resistance. These properties have led to the shifting preference of manufacturers towards the material. Moreover, the material offers cost effectiveness when compared to the counterparts, further supporting the industry dominance. Phenolics will witness steady growth of over

Inland Waterways Vessels Market to grow at over 4.5% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

Inland waterways vessels market from non-passenger vessels is anticipated to dominate the overall industry with more than 80% revenue share over the forecast timeline. High adoption of workboats, that are used for specific tasks, including fishing vessels and general cargo ships will primarily support the industry dominance. Passenger ships will grow significantly, exhibiting more than 3% CAGR owing to rising marine passenger traffic coupled with increasing government support across the

Water Taxi Market to grow at over 4% CAGR from 2018 to 2024

Water taxi market from sail boats dominated the overall industry share in 2017 and is expected to continue its dominance with more than 78% volume share by 2024. These boats have witnessed high production across the globe owing to their increasing adoption for short distance travel. Cost effective manufacturing as compared to the counterparts will further support the industry dominance. Ferries will exhibit growth at over 6% over the next

Aerospace & Defense Fluid Conveyance Systems Market to exhibit over 3% CAGR from …

Aerospace & defense fluid conveyance systems market size is anticipated to exceed USD 22 billion over the forecast timeframe. Increasing aircraft production and global commercial plane deliveries will fuel the industry growth. Consistent investment in defense sector particularly in emerging countries has resulted in increase in demand from military aircraft resulting in revenue generation. Up surging air traffic owing to urbanization and affordability has contributed to the superior demand of

Automotive Air Intake Manifold Market to cross 150 million units by 2024

Automotive air intake manifold market from aftermarket accounted for over USD 6 billion in 2016 and will exhibit highest CAGR over the forecast timeframe. Dependence on the customer preference towards cost and quality of the product. Lesser cost as compared to OEMs will primarily drive the industry growth till 2024. Stringent government regulations for vehicle emission reduction is positively impacting the industry growth. various environment management associations have mandated low CO2

Automotive Wheel Market will surpass 643 million units by 2024

Automotive wheel market in Asia Pacific is expected to value more than USD 53 billion by 2024. Growing vehicle manufacturing particularly in India and China remains the significant driving factor for industry growth. Development of manufacturing units owing to favorable socio-economic environments will drive the regional demand. Aluminum is anticipated to grow at over 4.8% over the forecast timespan. Its demand is growing at a faster pace in developing economies including

Automotive Relay Market to grow at over 4% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

PCBs are projected to acquire over 75% of the total automotive relay market till 2024. The high revenue generation is attributed to the rising demand for compact devices across the automobile industry. Moreover, benefits such as their high current carrying capacity and significant space saving due to the miniaturized will escalate the industry over the forecast timespan. Manufacturers of PCB relays focus on penetration into potential business and continuous innovations

Automotive Electronics Market will cross USD 390 billion by 2024

Automotive electronics market in APAC generated more than USD 85 billion in 2016. Sifting vehicle electrical constituent manufacturer production unit to Asia, availability of lesser cost equipment and labor. Necessity to meet international governing standards to promote export will positively impact industry growth. Entertainment application sector is anticipated to generate over USD 80 billion business by 2024. Increase in consumer spending on entertainment systems including MP3 players, rear set entertainment, navigational

North America Precision Gearbox Market to cross 950 thousand units by 2024

U.S. is projected to register nearly 90% demand of North America precision gearbox market till 2024. Improved living standard and well-established automobile base in the country is stimulating luxury vehicles demand and other application products of precision gearbox, leading to fostering sales in aftermarket and OEM channels. Stringent regulations pertaining to usage of better quality gearboxes will drive the product penetration. The regulations are related to robotic applications that include

Magnesium Wheel Market will cross 75 million units by 2024

Magnesium wheel market from premium/sports cars accounted for maximum share crossing 95% in 2016. Improving income trends and changing lifestyles have led to increased demand for comfort and better rides. Enhanced braking system, improved acceleration, and high impact absorption are other factors propelling the industry growth over the forecast timeframe. However, high capital investment, production costs, and fluctuations in energy costs may negatively impact the industry price trend. Cast manufacturing accounted

Heavy-Duty Trucks Market will surpass 2 million units by 2024

Natural gas will demand for over 160 thousand units in the heavy-duty trucks industry over the forecast timeframe. Enhanced fuel efficiency and rising preference towards reduction of carbon emissions will support in overall business growth. Increasing number of natural gas refueling stations coupled with superior mileage served by the product will drive the industry. Increase in fleet size will support the construction and logistics segments thereby spurring heavy-duty trucks market share.

Electric motors market to surpass 2 billion units by 2024

High penetration of electromobility is likely to boost the industry. Major industry participants are from the automobile field focusing on increasing electric vehicle production which will drive the product demand. For instance, Honda aims to electrify two-third of its automobile production by 2030. OEMs of electric motors market will hold 80% revenue share till 2024. Rising importance of DC motors in industrial, consumer, and automobile applications will drive the industry growth.

Electrical steering column lock market to cross 180 million units by 2024

Electrical steering column lock market in North America was worth USD 4 billion in 2016 and will register gains approximately at 6.5% by 2024 due to its matured automobile industry. Further, presence of well-established industry participants in the region will influence the regional business demand over the projected period. Rising adoption of electronic units in the vehicles has led the demand for electrically operated locking devices. High demand for advanced products

Rear spoiler market share will surpass 44 million units by 2024

Rear spoiler market from ABS plastic will account for highest revenue share of more than 40% till 2024. Shifting manufacturers preference towards usage of ABS materials owing to their beneficial chemical properties, that offer protection against dents and heat resistance. Improved fit & finish is another factor that will support the material’s dominance till 2024. Rising implementation in MPVs, SUVs, and hatchbacks coupled with increased sales of SUVs across the globe

Automotive Decorative Exterior Trim Market to cross 500 kilo tons by 2024

Automotive decorative exterior trim market volume share is predicted to reach over 500 kilo tons over the forecast period. Increasing automobile production across the world along with shifting customer preference towards enhancement of vehicle aesthetics is driving industry growth over the study period. Rising demand for premium vehicles such as Mercedes and BMW have resulted in increased production thereby boosting industry. PCVs segment will generate demand of more than 430

Automotive Glass Market to grow at over 7% CAGR between 2018 and 2024

Automotive glass market size is predicted to be valued more than USD 21 billion by 2024. Increasing vehicle sales across the globe together with increasing surface area of automobiles covered with glass is primarily driving the industry size. Rising product consumption per vehicle owing to changes in car designs is enhancing the business. Inclination towards large windscreens is driving the automotive glass industry size over the projected period. Introduction of

Electric Motorcycles & Scooters Market to grow at over 5% CAGR from 2018 to 2024

Electric motorcycles & scooters market to exceed USD 22 billion over the forecast timeframe. Shifting trends towards usage of e-vehicles owing to environmental benefits will drive the electric motorcycles & scooters market size. Increasing consumer awareness towards e-mobility assisting in reducing carbon emissions over the conventional vehicles will improve the product penetration. Low maintenance compared to vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines (IC) in conjunction with smooth operation of these

A Regional and Competitive Overview of EMEA Container Technology Market Trends b …

The UK dominates the EMEA container technology market in 2016 with a market share of approximately 25% owing to increasing preference towards containerized applications by private enterprises as well as government agencies. In order to realize cost savings and improved economic growth by leveraging the flexibility offered by cloud computing technology, the UK government is engaging in initiatives to enable government-wide adoption of the technology. EMEA Container Technology Market is

Software Defined Networking (SDN) Market: Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportu …

North America is the dominating region in the SDN market. The growth of the market is attributed to the high mobile subscription rate and customer spend. North America have approximately 300 million mobile subscribers in 2017, which is further estimated to reach 313 million by the end of the year 2020, i.e. approximately 84% of the overall population. North America collectively accounts for more than one fifth of the global

Report: Microirrigation System Market on growth track to 2024

APAC microirrigation system market will be valued over USD 3 billion by 2024. Favorable socio-economic conditions in China, India, and Australia has enhanced the product demand. For instance, China accounts for 10% agriculture land under the microirrigation system, thus regional market is expected to provide lucrative opportunity for manufactures. Rising awareness among the farmers about product application has further propelled industry growth. Increasing necessity to overcome water scarcity will drive microirrigation

IoT in Retail market expected to grow strongly by 2024

Companies operating in the IoT in retail market include SAP AG, IBM Corporation, Zebra Technologies, Intel Corporation, Cisco Systems and Microsoft Corporation. The industry is currently witnessing increasing entry of players with innovative solutions. Players are following strategies such as new product launches, merger & acquisitions to increase hold and expand into potential markets. IoT in Retail market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 19% from 2017 to

Solar PV Backsheet Market 2018 Revenue, Status and Prospect Analysis by 2024

Key player in solar PV backsheet market includes Coveme, Toyo Aluminium, Taiflex, Toray, Astenik, Isovoltaic, Arkema, Madico, Krempel, ZTT International, DuPont, 3M, Hangzhou, Targray and Dunmore. UK solar PV backsheet market is predicted to exceed USD 90 million by 2014. Favorable measures towards integration of renewable generation technologies will propel the industry growth. Tariff reforms, tax rebates and feed in tariff are some of the incentives which will

APAC Container Technology Market – Research Report Released with Growth, Lates …

China dominated the APAC container technology market in 2016 with a market share of approximately 27% owing to the presence of a huge Docker container user community. Also, due to the extensive presence of Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of the China based Alibaba Group, businesses operating in China are readily deploying compute workloads over cloud platforms to benefit from the associated scalability of resource utilization. APAC Container Technology

IoT Healthcare Market: Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities Worldwide By …

Companies operating in the IoT Healthcare market include Cisco Systems Inc., Qualcomm Inc., Honeywell International Inc, IBM Corporation, Stanley Healthcare, SAP SE and General Electric. The industry players are increasingly investing on R&D in order to develop more advanced solutions to manage patient data and provide diagnosis in an effective way. IoT Healthcare market is expected to grow at over 15% CAGR to reach USD 10 billion by 2024. Growing demand

Report Predicts IoT Utilities Market May Reach $15Bn by 2024

Companies operating in the IoT utilities market include IBM Corporation, Cisco Systems Inc., Intel Corporation, Huawei Technologies Inc., Honeywell International Inc., Trilliant Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Osisoft LLC and General Electric. These technological solutions are considered as a necessity for the sector eliminating the need for physical visit for fault detection and restoration. The companies are investing heavily on R&D for fully connected solutions covering every aspect of the sector. Request for

Electronic Security Market by 2024: Rising trend of the development of smart cit …

Segmentation of the electronic security market by product indicates that the antiterrorist and inspection equipment is anticipated to grow during the forecast timespan owing to their applications in airports, commercial units, and the residential sector. Systems such as metal detectors, X-ray inspection machines, and turnstile & revolving doors can be easily deployed at low cost or on rent basis and are instrumental in dissuading criminals carrying explosives and armaments from

Highly Reactive Polyisobutylene Market Perspective by Comprehensive Analysis, Gr …

Product use as lubricant additive and may have environmental implications which is probable to obstruct the highly reactive polyisobutylene market size by 2024. Its use in water transportation vehicles may have an adverse impact on aquatic life. Currently, there are limited regulations against product use, however, environmental protection groups including the Wildlife Trust, Marine Conservation Society, etc. are appealing the U.K. government to introduce and implement stringent regulations which is

High Altitude Platform Market in communication segment to witness a significant …

Segmentation of the HAP market by UAVs is anticipated to dominate during the forecast timespan owing to their applications in the defense sector. These systems can be designed to rely solely on solar powered technologies which is anticipated to cause large savings in term of fuel costs and reduce the CO2 emissions. The commercial segment of the HAP market is anticipated to experience high demand during the forecast timespan. Various telecommunication

Next-Gen Innovations to Revolutionize Middle East District Cooling Market by 202 …

The notable players in the Middle East district cooling market includes (Empower), National Central Cooling Company PJSC (Tabreed), Qatar Cool, Stellar Energy, Siemens, ADC Energy, Logstor, Marafeq Qatar and Emicool. Middle East District Cooling Market is predicted to surpass USD 12 billion by 2024. Ongoing investments toward numerous government projects coupled with rapid urbanization in the GCC countries will propel the Middle East district cooling market share. Increasing investments for a

ATM Market technology development and self-service functionality from 2018 to 20 …

Upgradation of simple cash dispensers to multifunctional machines is expected to propel ATM market growth. The ability of these upgraded machines to perform functions such as fund transfer, bill payment, and mini-statements, in addition to dispensing cash provides a one-point solution to the customers, thus adding up to the popularity. Furthermore, the proliferation of drive-thru machines is expected to accelerate the ATM market growth. Drive-thru machines are ideal for people

Concentrated Solar Power Market set for rapid growth

Global concentrated solar power market from parabolic trough for 2015 was valued over USD 27 billion. Low cost and high efficiency with matured technology makes this technology favorable over other alternatives. Power tower accounted for over 10% of the global concentrated solar power market share in 2015. Effective capacity factor, improved heat storage and low cost are some of the features which will favor the business landscape. Crescent Dunes solar power

Retail POS Terminals Market Study: Rising Demand For Self-Checkout Services by 2 …

The Asia Pacific region is expected to witness high growth in the retail POS terminals market owing to the evolution of retail sector in countries such as India and China. The demonetization effect in India has caused the customers towards cashless transactions and the convenience offered by it. The manufacturers in the region are actively focusing on launching devices QR Code enabled which will further escalate the demand. Global Retail POS

Solar Tracker Market to Witness Substantial Growth

Solar Tracker Market is expected to surpass USD 27 billion by 2024. Paradigm shift towards sustainable electricity generation technologies from depleting conventional resources will embellish the global solar tracker market. Rising concerns pertaining to greenhouse gas emissions along with favorable regulatory measures for energy conservation have instituted a promising business scenario. In January 2016, British Columbia passed the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act which lays abiding standards and

Microgrid Market expected to grow through 2024

Microgrid Market is expected to surpass USD 19 billion by 2024.Growing government regulations and policies concerning with integration of renewable energy technologies along with increasing demand to electrify urban and rural areas will propel the industry growth. Low power cost along with reduced transmission and distribution losses, economic competitiveness and power reliability are some of the key underlined parameters which will further positively impact the product penetration. Moreover, development of

Electric Water Heater Market Report 2018 to 2024: Finding Growth Opportunities, …

Europe electric water heater market is predicted to witness significant growth over the forecast timeline. This is attributed to the increasing use of renewable energy along with energy efficiency and emission control regulations. Increasing purchasing power of consumers in the growing economies provides huge potential for the market growth. In addition, Asia Pacific market is driven by factors such as increasing infrastructure development with growing population in China & India. Electric

Geofencing Market share growth trends and Forecast

Geofencing market is projected to surpass USD 1.7 billion by 2024. The technology combines the awareness of user’s current location with that of their proximity to a location of interest. The market is witnessing rapid growth due to increasing global penetration of mobile devices and favorable growth of location-based services implementation. As businesses are increasingly realizing the benefits of location-based monitoring and management of mobile resources for increasing workforce and

Fog Computing Market To Witness A Phenomenal Growth

Fog Computing Market is estimated to reach USD 700 million by 2024. Fog computing is changing the way edge networks are being developed. The wireless access point, switches, routers, storage servers, and applications at the edge are converging into single fog nodes. This significantly reduces the system complexities, increases the system manageability and ensures ease of interactions between system and application. The convergence of computing and networking at the edge

Power Electronics Market to Witness Steady Growth During the Forecast Period by …

Smart grids usage impacts the growth of the power electronics market. These systems have high penetration owing to their ability to utilize control systems and digital communications to monitor and control power flows to make the power grid efficient and cost-effective. The applications of power electronics market in smart grids are in the form of thyristors, AC/DC and DC/DC converters, and LED systems. Power Electronics Market is projected to reach a

Firewall as a Service Market to Witness Substantial Gains over 2017-2024

The firewall appliances market holds majority of the FWaaS market share with approximately 22% CAGR estimation from 2017 to 2024. Traditionally, proxy servers and stateful inspection firewalls were used to protect the servers and network. However, with the change in the attacks and spreading its reach, internal networks require more protection than traditional ways. The UTM and NGFW were used to protect enterprises from internal and external network attacks. FWaaS Market

Cloud Natural Language Processing Market share research by applications and regi …

Cloud NLP Market is estimated to reach USD 6.1 billion by the year 2024. The growth of the market is driven by the increasing use of NLP technology across several industries such as BFSI, IT & telecommunication, media & advertisement and healthcare. For instance, BFSI sector is utilizing NLP technology for text mining, solving queries, machine translation applications for cross boarder payments, and foreign exchange. Similarly, hospitals, diagnostic and daycare

Data Center Cooling Market to witness phenomenal growth opportunities by 2024

The data center cooling market in Asia Pacific will observe high growth accredited to rising number of data centers in the region due to the increasing demand for digitalization due to the convenience offered. The facilities help in supporting the digitalization trend as it significantly reduces the carbon emissions and overall energy consumption. Many key players such as Equinix are investing to construct these facilities due to the long term

Augmented Reality Market expected to grow significantly

Global Augmented Reality Market is estimated to surpass USD 50 billion by 2024. Rising applications of the technology in retail and e-commerce are expected to drive the AR market growth. According to Retail Perceptions, about 61 percent of the shoppers prefer to shop at the outlets that offer AR experiences and about 40 percent are willing to pay more if they could experience the product using the technology. Retailers are

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