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Interceptor Missiles Market By Technology, Application & Forecast, 2017 – 2024

Interceptor missiles market of up to 125 kms range is estimated to hold major share contributing demand over 2,000 units during the forecast timeframe. Consistent boost in the penetration of these product including PAC-3, SM-3 and Iron Dome particularly in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel will account the industry dominance. Interceptor missiles over 200 kms range will witness revenue growth at over 18% owing to

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Market: Global and Regional Vendor Landscape & Forecas …

Utility all-terrain vehicle is anticipated to gain highest revenue share in the ATV industry. The segment growth can be credited to its importance in military & defense sector as it seamlessly work on rough and rocky terrains. High cargo capacity along with fast mobility on hard surfaces are of greater importance in border security combats and anti-terrorist operations. This in turn will escalate the product usage, strengthening its adoption over

Airless Tires Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis 2017-2024

Tire size of 21-25 inches is estimated to dominate the volume share owing increased usage in commercial vehicles. Increasing penetration of the product in terrain vehicles will further fuel the industry growth. Product over 35 inches will witness strong growth of around 10% owing to increasing demand from utility vehicles including agriculture and construction along with military applications. Low product penetration has forced the OEMs to focus on their volume production.

Automotive Aftermarket in E-commerce By Product, Application, Growth Potential & …

Steering and suspension will account for highest revenue share over the forecast timeframe owing to increasing demand of vehicle components such as bearings, coil springs, and control arms. Easy availability of diverse options at reasonable prices will further strengthen the product penetration. Spark plugs will grow exponentially, exhibiting over 21% CAGR from 2018 to 2025 owing to their high replacement needs. The vehicle manufacturers generally recommend replacement of spark plugs

Commercial Seaweed Market Worth USD 87 Bn By 2024; Assert Global Market Insights

Commercial Seaweed Market is forecast to exceed USD 87 billion; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights. Seaweed belongs to algae species which is cultivated in sea or ocean. Edible seaweeds are of various types which can be used in food, pharma and other application. It offers excellent source of nutrition and iodine subsequently which helps in improving vitamin A and C deficiency. Owing to its several health

Frozen Bakery Market 2024: Ultimate Research Report

Frozen Bakery Market is forecast to reach USD 25 billion according to this new research report. Frozen bakery products market shall benefit from growing consumer preference for frozen and processed foods coupled with rising demand for ready-to-eat and bake food products during the forecast period. These frozen food products offer the convenience to be stored for longer period when compared to conventional bakery foods. In addition, versatile properties such as better

Non-Protein Nitrogen in Feed Market Comprehensive Analysis & Worldwide Forecast …

Non-Protein Nitrogen in Feed Market size will exceed USD 1 billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing preference to provide nutrient diet to animals is expected to propel non-protein nitrogen in feed market growth. Increasing livestock diseases penetration coupled with growing necessity for safe nourishment practices will support product demand. As per FAO, animal fodder production was estimated to hold 11% share

Protein Hydrolysate for Animal Feed Application Market Research Report Forecast …

Protein Hydrolysate Market for Animal Feed Application may exceed USD 830 Million by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increasing livestock production along with rising awareness regarding proper animal nutrition pertaining to high nutritious diet requirement for animal’s growth and development will drive the protein hydrolysate market demand for animal feed application. These products are rich in amino acid content, thereby facilitating overall livestock growth

Soluble Fibers Market 2024: Comprehensive Research Report

Soluble Fibers Market will surpass USD 5.5 Billion by 2024; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Soluble fibers market demand will be mainly driven by the increasing awareness regarding the health benefits offered by the product among the U.S and European population, coupled with a significant growth in the functional food & beverages sector. The product is widely used in the edible and conventional food items

Geofencing Market – Trends Research And Projections For 2017-2024

The growing adoption of geo-conquesting marketing campaigns is also driving the growth of market in automotive and retail sector. By setting up geofences in the proximity of competitors business establishments, enterprises are targeting potential customers in the perimeter by offering lucrative offers on their products. As more and more brick-and-mortar retail businesses are implementing proximity-based marketing campaigns, the applications of geofencing-based marketing solutions are poised to increase rapidly over the

Unified Communications & Collaboration Market Innovation Trends and Current Busi …

The extensive penetration of mobile devices across the world is majorly driving the growth of global UCC market. Over the last 10 years, mobile devices have evolved from just a means for voice communication to a smart device with sophisticated multi-function capabilities. Enterprises are leveraging the advanced mobility capability to enable real-time communication among different stakeholders including the mobile resources. Furthermore, as an increasing number of organizations are adopting the

Augmented Reality Market : Evolving Technology, Trends and industry Analysis 202 …

The hardware segment of the AR market is expected to grow rapidly over the forecast time span. Common applications, such as gaming and retail, use AR applications on tablets and smartphones, not requiring a dedicated hardware device such as HMDs or smart glasses. However, enterprise uses of the technology such as designing, manufacturing, and quality check in aerospace & defense, industrial, automotive, and medical are increasingly investing in hardware such

Fog Computing Market Forecast & Business Opportunities 2017-2024

The growth of the fog computing market is driven by the growing demand of cloud computing services across the globe. The distributed and parallel computing has significantly evolved over the past fifty years from mainframes to vector era to modern computing paradigm. Despite, the growth in the computing technology, there is still a significant requirement of more advance computing technology to overcome the future challenges. As the number of devices

Commercial Drone Market – Competitive Landscape & Product Benchmarking 2017-20 …

North America is the dominating region in the Commercial Drone market owing to the relaxation on the use of UAVs for commercial applications by the FAA. The rising adoption of drones for covering events through aerial photography, filming, and video is also driving the market growth. The existence of large number of players such as 3D Robotics, PrecisionHawk, Aeryon Labs, with the support of government initiatives and policies also support

Precision farming market By Technology, component, Application 2017-2024

North America held a major share of the global precision agriculture market in 2016 and is expected to maintain this dominance over the forecast timeline between 2017 and 2024. Large scale adoption of advanced farming solutions such as soil mapping, yield mapping, Variable Rate Technologies (VRT) and guidance and steering systems by U.S. based farmers is driving the growth of North America advanced farming market. Asia Pacific precision farming market

Software Defined Networking (SDN) Market – Competitive Landscape & Product Ben …

North America is the dominating region in the SDN market. The growth of the market is attributed to the high mobile subscription rate and customer spend. North America have approximately 300 million mobile subscribers in 2017, which is further estimated to reach 313 million by the end of the year 2020, i.e. approximately 84% of the overall population. North America collectively accounts for more than one fifth of the global

Automotive Decorative Exterior Trim Market – Growth Opportunities and Challeng …

Around lamp segment is anticipated to cross USD 9 billion by 2024. It is majorly used around lamps to offer superior fit and improve aesthetics of the vehicle part thereby boosting the automotive decorative exterior trim market growth from 2017 to 2024. Increasing predilection for vehicle customization is one of the many factors supporting overall business demand till 2024. Windows sector will exhibit a CAGR of over 4% from 2017 to

Rear Spoiler Market: Global and Regional Vendor Landscape & Forecast To 2024

Rear spoiler market from ABS plastic will account for highest revenue share of more than 40% till 2024. Shifting manufacturers preference towards usage of ABS materials owing to their beneficial chemical properties, that offer protection against dents and heat resistance. Improved fit & finish is another factor that will support the material’s dominance till 2024. Numerous cars are currently equipped with rear spoilers for minimizing the accident rates and enhancing the

Beacon Technology market: Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities Worldwide …

North America will hold majority of the share in beacon technology market throughout the forecasted period owing to the increase adoption of the BLE in the region for proximity marketing. With high penetration of mobile devices in U.S. and Canada, marketers are leveraging the technology to increase their operating profits and maximize their ROI. With extensive presence of beacon platform providers such as Apple and high investment opportunities for advancing

Electrical Steering Column Lock Market By Application, Industry Analysis Report, …

In global electrical steering column lock market, light commercial vehicles will pose a CAGR of over 6% in the forecast time frame. Newly developed vehicles are equipped with advanced units for the driver’s comfort, thus accelerating product adoption rate. In Europe, it is predicted that half of the trucks functioning on the road will be equipped with advanced locks by 2024. Revolution of the auto industry owing to technological changes will

Electric Motors Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis 2017-20 …

OEMs of electric motors market will hold 80% revenue share till 2024. Rising importance of DC motors in industrial, consumer, and automobile applications will drive the industry growth. Industry participants focus on developing cost-effective solutions to gain competitive edge. Moreover, tax cuts and reduction in excise duties for auto parts will boost trading activities thereby accelerating product demand. Aftermarket will pose a CAGR of over 8% owing to high demand from

Solar Tracker Market – Trends Research And Projections For 2017-2024

"Solar Tracker Market is expected to surpass USD 27 billion by 2024. Paradigm shift towards sustainable electricity generation technologies from depleting conventional resources will embellish the global solar tracker market. Rising concerns pertaining to greenhouse gas emissions along with favorable regulatory measures for energy conservation have instituted a promising business scenario. In January 2016, British Columbia passed the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act which lays abiding standards and

Firewall as a Service Market – Competitive Landscape & Product Benchmarking 20 …

FWaaS Market is estimated to surpass USD 2.5 billion by 2024. The firewall solutions are being used by organizations to protect end-to-end web application and database of customer information and business. FWaaS enables fast and secure local Internet breakouts for all ports and protocols, without the use of hardware appliances. It elastically handles all the cloud application traffic, bringing the entire security stack closer to offer protection no matter where

IoT Infrastructure Market Trends Growth Forecast Research 2017-2024

Rising demand for customized services to manage the systems in IoT network will drive the professional service segment growth in IoT infrastructure market. Professional service providers with technical expertise provide end-to-end services and deploy the technological solutions in order to increase the operational efficiency. Furthermore, increasing adoption professional services by the users to reduce the total cost of ownership contributes to the segment growth. Increasing government initiatives for smart cities

Solar PV Backsheet Market – Research Report Released with Growth, Latest Trend …

U.S. solar PV backsheet market share is predicted to witness growth owing to establishing renewable energy mix. The industry has been economically competitive and rapidly maturing across the country when compared with other available counterparts. In 2016, according to the U.S. department of energy, photovoltaic jobs increased by 123% from 2010, registering for more than 209,000 workforces. UK solar PV backsheet market is predicted to exceed USD 90 million by 2014.

Solid Waste Management Market – Industry Trends, Technology, Applications and …

European Union set target to curb greenhouse gas emissions up to 20% by 2020 from 1990 level. Growing adoption of waste treatment facilities including composting, anaerobic digestion, incineration and recycling will further propel the industry growth. Introduction of several government incentives including soft loans and tariff to promote the collection of recycling waste for treatment facilities along with paradigm shift towards privatization collection services will drive the solid waste management

Microirrigation system market – Research Report Released with Growth, Latest T …

APAC microirrigation system market will be valued over USD 3 billion by 2024. Favorable socio-economic conditions in China, India, and Australia has enhanced the product demand. For instance, China accounts for 10% agriculture land under the microirrigation system, thus regional market is expected to provide lucrative opportunity for manufactures. Rising awareness among the farmers about product application has further propelled industry growth. Increasing necessity to overcome water scarcity will drive microirrigation

GPU as a Service market – Competitive Landscape & Product Benchmarking 2017-20 …

North America will dominate the GPU as a Service market in 2016, approx. accounting for 35% and is expected to maintain its majority by 2024, due to increase in the use of cloud computing and use of graphics technologies in various industries. Moreover, the region has established providers who are collaborating with software providers to offer their products on cloud. Asia Pacific (APAC) has huge opportunities owing to the increase

Behavior Analytics Market Forecast & Business Opportunities 2017-2024

North America is the dominating region in the global behavior analytics market owing to the presence of some of the major players such as Splunk and IBM. Moreover, high internet penetration rate and increase in number of mobile phone and application users in the region are also estimated to contribute significantly towards the growth of the industry. In addition, growing adoption of the analytics solution in the healthcare organizations in

Electric Underfloor Heating Market – Industry Trends, Technology, Applications …

UK electric underfloor heating market is projected to expand over 7% on account of growing measures to improvise energy security by the reduction of energy consumption. In 2015, UK implemented an energy saving ordinance with an objective to reduce energy consumption across new buildings by 25% and ensures to achieve the carbon-neutral buildings target by 2050. Russia electric underfloor heating market is predicted to exceed USD 120 million by 2024. Significant

Automotive Wheel Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis 2017-2 …

Expansion in global transportation industry along with rise in frequency of public travelling are among the key factors fueling the industry demand. Strong availability of substitute alloy materials accompanied by high manufacturing costs owing to inclusive manufacturing process may affect automotive wheel market price trend. Shifting consumer preference for comfort & improved driving experience along with increasing corrosion resistant automobile machineries preference is projected to propel automotive wheel demand. Flourishing global

Automotive Air Intake Manifold Market Trends 2018 & Forecasts to 2024

HCVs accounted for over USD 3 billion in 2016 and is anticipated to exhibit over 5.5% CAGR over the forecast timeframe. Rising usage of commercial vehicles for commodities transportation will support the high revenue generation till 2024. The sales of these vehicles in U.S. in 2016 recorded an increase of 10% than 2015. Heavy commercial vehicles sales in India for 2016 grew by over 25% due to rising FDIs for

Automotive Collision Repair Market Trends 2018 – Growth Forecast Research 2024

Paints & coating was valued at over USD 35 billion in 2016. The segment is most commonly used product in the industry. Its wide acceptance can be attributed to the rising road traffic that poses risk of small collisions and minor dents, which results in the need to restore the original color of the vehicle. Rising demand for the enhancement of repair quality, efficiency, and profitability in medium & large sized

Marine Diesel Engines Market – Growth Opportunities and Challenges 2017-2024

Offshore application accounted for over 18% in global marine diesel engines market share in 2016. Increasing demand for offshore vessels including FPSO, drill ships and rigs owing to rise in shale exploration will augment the business landscape. Upsurge in demand for tankers, container vessels, bulk carriers, and gas carriers will fuel the marine diesel engines Market for merchant application. According to the Eurostat’s in 2015, Germany ports handled 126 million

Automotive Switch Market By Product, Application, Growth Potential & Forecast, 2 …

The luxury vehicle manufacturers are including screen touch panels in their cars for electronic operations, which will hinder the global automotive switch market growth. Also, after continuous use of these switches, their service starts failing and delays the processes, which can slow down the industry growth. Further, the fluctuating raw material prices can also restrict the growth. Switch failure is one of the major threats to the industry as it

Pumped Hydro Storage Market Trends 2017 – Growth Forecast Research 2024

Global Pumped Hydro Storage Market is set to exceed USD 350 billion by 2024. Swift development of distributed generation technologies along with expansion of microgrid network will embellish the pumped hydro storage market share. Ongoing expansion and upgradation of existing PHS systems along with rising concerns to reduce carbon footprint will stimulate the business landscape. The government of Canada in 2016, promised to decrease emissions by 80% below 2005 levels

Pumped Hydro Storage Market Trends 2017 – Growth Forecast Research 2024

" Global Pumped Hydro Storage Market is set to exceed USD 350 billion by 2024. Swift development of distributed generation technologies along with expansion of microgrid network will embellish the pumped hydro storage market share. Ongoing expansion and upgradation of existing PHS systems along with rising concerns to reduce carbon footprint will stimulate the business landscape. The government of Canada in 2016, promised to decrease emissions by 80% below 2005

Stationary Battery Storage Industry Share, Growth, Analysis, Statistics, Trends, …

Increasing investments toward research and development of energy efficient systems coupled with increasing deployment of improved storage units with high power density will fuel stationary battery storage market. Comparative efficiency, battery cost, weight, discharge rates, cycle life and voltage are key parameters that will positively influence the business outlook. The MDPI in 2017, denoted the comparative gravimetric energy density of lithium ion batteries to be 110 – 160 Wh/Kg

Solar PV Glass Market : Evolving Technology, Trends and industry Analysis 2024

Global Solar PV Glass Market is anticipated to surpass USD 3 billion by 2024. Increasing capital support from private and public financial organizations including Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank to explore the untapped photovoltaic potential across developing economies will enhance the solar PV glass market. In 2017, the European Investment Bank (EIB) conceded a long term financial support of over USD 230 million to the State Bank of

LED Lamp Market Innovation Trends and Current Business Trends by 2024

LED Lamp Market is expected to cross USD 13 billion by 2024. Rising demand for enhanced lighting systems and wide adoption across varied applications including residential, commercial, and industrial will have a positive impact on the LED lamp market growth over the forecast timeframe. Features of these lamps, such as cost-effectiveness and longer illumination duration, are responsible for their heavy adoption across the globe. Stringent government norms and regulations in

LPO Market – Industry Trends, Technology, Applications and Growth Drivers to 2 …

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) Market will observe a rapid growth with a CAGR of 35% over the forecast timeframe. The industry is expected to surpass USD 40 billion by 2024. Growing need for efficient legal firms to manage high volume and process-oriented legal services is expected to boost the industry growth Growing need to minimize legal processing costs have led companies to look for alternatives such as outsourcing. These process

Vertical Farming Market Trends Growth Forecast Research 2017-2024

The product market has been segmented on the basis of product such as fruits & vegetables, equipment, aquatic species, technology and application. In leafy greens segment, lettuce has bagged the largest market share and is expected to grow at a robust rate. Indoor means of growing crops such as shipping containers and warehouses are estimated to account for more than 70% market share in 2024. Based on technology, hydroponics is

Hydronic Underfloor Heating Market Forecast & Business Opportunities 2017-2024

UK hydronic underfloor heating market is predicted to expand over 9% on account of ongoing government mandates toward Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB). Measures to cut carbon emissions along with growing demand for energy efficient heating unit systems will further embellish the product penetration. The European Union published the Energy Efficiency Directive to incorporate the framework for encouraging energy efficiency. Hydronic Underfloor Heating Market is set to exceed USD 5 billion by

Solar PV Mounting Systems Market to Witness Steady Growth During the Forecast Pe …

Key industry players in solar PV mounting systems market include, Quick Mount PV, Landpower Solar, K2 SYSTEMS, UNIRAC, RBI Solar, Schletter, DPW Solar, SolarWorld, Versolsolar, Mounting Systems, Clenergy, Xiamen Grace Solar Technology, Suyash Metatech, SNS Corporation. Solar PV Mounting Systems Market is expected to grow at over 6% and surpass 9 billion by 2024. Stringent government guidelines pertaining to carbon emissions and climate change will propel the installation of solar PV

Hydropower Market – Growth Opportunities and Challenges 2017-2024

U.S. hydropower Market is set to expand over 2% on account of its huge untapped hydropower reserves. As per the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, in the U.S., hydropower provides around 6% to 8% of the country's electricity. Measures towards greenhouse gas emissions may further complement the industry outlook. Non-Powered Dams (NPDs) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) estimated existing untapped reserves capacity of 12,000 MW in 2015. Global Hydropower Market

Solar PV Module Market - Business and Innovation Trends 2017-2024

The world is heavily treading toward the adoption of renewable energy sources, which will lucratively impel solar PV module market. There has been an increase in public awareness levels regarding the effects of GHG, released into environment after the burning of fossil fuels, which has prompted manufacturers to come up with suitable sustainable alternatives. This initiative will provide a push to solar PV module market growth. Several technological developments and

Floating Solar Panels Market – Business and Innovation Trends 2016-2024

"Global Floating Solar Panels Market is expected to grow at over 42% CAGR to surpass USD 920 million by 2024. On-grid floating solar panels Market is anticipated to witness a grow over 45% by 2024. In 2017, Sungrow announced the establishment of its 40 MW grid connected aquaculture floating PV power project in China. Rising focus towards large scale utility projects along with government funded incentives and tax benefits will

Concentrated Solar Power Market Trends 2016 – Growth Forecast Research 2025

"Global Concentrated Solar Power Market is expected to grow at over 17% CAGR to surpass USD 120 billion by 2025. Shifting trend from conventional fuel to clean energy fuel will augment industry landscape. Strict government norms towards reduction of greenhouse gas emission will further stimulate the industry landscape. Government of China aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions from coal power by 180 mt by 2020. Increasing electricity demand along with technological

Smart Metering Systems Market: Segmented by Application and Geography Trends, Gr …

UK smart metering systems market is projected to exceed over 19 million units by 2024. Government of UK was the first to pass a guideline, which has made smart systems adoption mandatory to facilitate precise billing mechanism to consumers. China smart metering systems market share is forecasted to grow over 13% by 2016-2024. The increase in electricity generation from clean energy sources and its integration into the grid will positively

Solar Panel Recycling Management Market Forecast & Business Opportunities 2016-2 …

UK solar panel recycling management market share is predicted to grow above 35% by 2024. In 2017, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy reported that the country holds a cumulative installed photovoltaics capacity of up to 11.8 GW by 2016. China solar panel recycling management Market is anticipated to achieve over 12% of the global share by 2024. The “PV Recycling and Safety Disposal Research” segment under National High-tech

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