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Archiving Solution for PC, NAS (QNAP, Synology), Raspberry Pi, Web and Mobile

Aachen, May 2017. The ecoDMS software can be installed on a local PC, in a network, as SaaS solution, on a NAS or Raspberry Pi. It supports various operating systems. The current version 16.09 (eleanor) of the ecoDMS client-server system is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian (Raspberry Pi) and Docker on the server side, including support for the matching NAS devices from QNAP and Synology. The interface can be

Fake-News: Low ecoDMS Price is Mere Illusion. Hidden Costs for All Document Uplo …

Aachen, March 2017. Rumours surrounding the popular document archive ecoDMS are seriously broiling. If one gives credit to the latest rumours, ecoDMS is not the cheapest archiving system in the world. Instead, all this is fake and a complete rip-off. Apparently, the Aachen software company lures customers with low licence fees only to then shock them with expensive additional costs for archiving and retrieving documents. These are the fake

Revision-Secure Archiving of Documents, E-Mails and Files

Aachen, Germany, November 2016. The ecoDMS software from Aachen is the best proof for simple, user-friendly, cross-platform and good value document archiving and management. With ecoDMS users can safely store any files to a digital archive, protect them against loss and retrieve them quickly at any time. For an unbeatable and, most of all, one-off price of 69 Euro including 19% VAT per licence, users get a professional archiving system

ecoDMS Announces Release Date and More Features for Version 16.09 (eleanor)

Aachen, September 2016. It is now official. The popular ecoDMS archive is entering a new round with many great highlights. The new ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) will be released in the last week of September. As well as the release date, the software company from Aachen will reveal more secrets about the next ecoDMS generation, including automated backup functions, the shortcut for full-text search, and highlighting recognised search terms in

Revision Secure Archiving with ecoDMS

Aachen, August 2016. The ecoDMS archiving solution enables the secure and long-term storage of documents, data and information in one central document archive. Fast installation on all platforms, compact design, simple operation, flexible configuration and unique value for money make this ecoDMS software an attractive low-cost archive for private as well as corporate users. ecoDMS has made a very good name for itself in the German and English-speaking areas of Europe

ecoDMS GmbH Lifts Veil for First Details on New Version 16.XX (eleanor)

Aachen, June 2016. Since the beginning of June it has been official: In autumn 2016 the new major release of ecoDMS version 16.XX (eleanor) will be released. There is a lot of expectation and excitement in the run up to this version. Today the manufacturer has revealed the first details on the software. ecoDMS users can look forward to a brand new design and the merger of ecoDMS and ecoICE

ecoDMS Announces New Version and Products

Aachen, June 2016. Anyone following the lifecycle of the ecoDMS archiving solution will already suspect that a new ecoDMS version is in the making for 2016. As of today it is official. ecoDMS GmbH sets the pace. Users of the successful data management system can look forward to the brand new ecoDMS release 16.XX (eleanor). This, together with two completely new software products, will see the light of day in

ecoDMS Now Also Available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Raspberry Pi 3

Aachen, May 2016. The platform-independent archiving software ecoDMS version 14.08 (krusty) now also supports Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Moreover, the ecoDMS server can be installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 "Model B". ecoDMS GmbH has published the necessary apt sources for these installations in the official installation manual at The exact system requirements can also be found on the website. Ubuntu is a free Linux distribution based on "Debian". The philosophy

Audit-Proof Archiving of Documents, E-Mails and Files

Aachen, April 2016. The ecoDMS document archive is intended for the audit-proof storage of paper documents and digital data over a long period of time. The software is ideal for virtually any type of user due to its platform-independence, adaptability and fair pricing. Private users, small to medium-sized companies and large corporations can implement professional document management with ecoDMS. The full version is available at 49 Euros gross per licence.

Archiving Software for Computer, NAS, Browser and Smartphones

Aachen, in April 2016. The Software ecoDMS from Aachen is one of the most popular, modern and fastest archiving systems on the German-speaking market. The quick installation process and the easy application, unrivalled value for money, platform independence and versatility of this software make ecoDMS the ideal archiving solution for everyone. This modern data management system helps to archive documents and professionally manage and retrieve them. The clever combination of mature

Digitalising and Archiving with Data Management System

Aachen, March 2016. The ecoDMS software is a data management system for scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving any type of data and document. The archiving system is ideal because it is platform-independent, simple, flexible, and can be licensed for small and large companies. ecoDMS can be applied in all kinds of industries and even in private households. For private use the archive comes for free with limited functionality. The full

Archiving System ecoDMS for Raspberry Pi 2 Released

(Germany) Aachen, December 2015. Just in time for the Christmas season, ecoDMS GmbH has released the ecoDMS document management system as server component for Raspberry Pi 2. ecoDMS is renowned for its state-of-the-art technologies and modern, user-friendly archiving products. With this specially adapted version to Raspberry Pi 2, ecoDMS offers IT-savvy users an entirely new perspective in terms of document management. Raspberry Pi is a mini PC, the base of

Archiving and Managing Documents with Archiving Software

Aachen, Germany, December 2015. ecoDMS is a PC software for digital archiving and management of documents and files. The ecoDMS software is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The document management system facilitates access to documents and the full text indexing feature enables easy and quick searches for content and information. There are several DMS systems available on the German market. ecoDMS differentiates itself from those applications by virtue

Electronic Document and Data Processing

Aachen, Germany, November 2015. Electronic data processing and the management of paper documents and computer files comes at a low price with ecoDMS. ecoDMS is a document management system (records management system) that enables electronic data management for everyone. This comprehensive document archive convinces with its user-friendliness, platform independence, flexibility, ease of use and low licence price. Paper documents and digital data are archived revision-proof, managed professionally and retrieved quickly with

Scanning and Archiving Invoices

Aachen, Germany, November 2015. The ecoDMS document management system allows users to scan, archive and manage invoices and any other types of documents. A document scanner can be used to scan invoices, contracts and other paper documents. After they have been digitalised, the documents can quickly and safely be archived in ecoDMS. Searching for the documents afterwards with ecoDMS is as easy as googling. The search terms and search criteria

Low-Cost Archive ecoDMS One for Enterprises

Aachen, Germany, October 2015. With ecoDMS One, ecoDMS GmbH offers a solution that is particularly directed at corporate customers of the successful ecoDMS document management system. ecoDMS One is a modern "Full Service Package" for corporate customers of document management systems. With ecoDMS One, ecoDMS provides guaranteed planning security. This solution offers customers a fixed pricing structure for software updates and technical support by the manufacturer during the licence period.

Digitalisation 2.0: Low Cost, State-of-the-Art Archiving with ecoDMS

Aachen, Germany, September 2015. "The cleverest DMS of all times" is the motto under which ecoDMS GmbH is offering an entirely new generation of archiving system with its own archiving solution ecoDMS. The document management system convinces with intelligence, ease and mobility. The fair pricing concept makes the application of ecoDMS interesting to private users and small businesses. ecoDMS is an archiving software which includes all key functions of a

Saving Documents and Data Securely and Efficiently

Aachen (Germany), July 2015. ecoDMS enables the storage of files, documents and information in a central archive. ecoDMS is the first archiving system to bring a fresh breeze into the predominately conservative and expensive document management business. Changing from the conventional filing system to a modern, digital archive is easy to implement at low-cost. The latest technology standards and fair value for money make the employment of the Aachener DMS

The Paperless Office - PDFs Replace Paper

Aachen, Germany, June 2015. Today it is a matter of course that photos, films and music are archived and used digitally. For many documents and records, however, this is not the case. By using the ecoDMS archiving solution, users can make an important step towards the "paperless office". The ecoDMS document management system is a software for long-term secure storage of any type of files, documents and information in a central

Scanning and Archiving Documents and Records in a Digital Archive

Aachen, Germany, June 2015 With the software ecoDMS, private users and companies can safely store documents and records at a budget price. The manufacturer of this archiving solution is ecoDMS GmbH, a German company from Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia. ecoDMS is a software that complies with all requirements for a digital archiving system. Users can scan, archive, manage and retrieve their documents and records with ecoDMS. This computer programme is

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