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06.12.17 - Pat Chalfant

Pat Chalfant, Certified Care Medium, To Offer Psychic Readings As Christmas Gifts For Christmas 2017 Season

Pat Chalfant is a Certified CARE Medium who gives psychic readings and teaches mediumship classes. For the 2017 Christmas Season, she will be offering psychic readings to members of the public who wis... mehr

12.09.17 - Pat Chalfant

Miraculous Visions And Miracle Healings Are Common Occurrences For Pat Chalfant, Author Of 'Spirit Lights'

For most people, miracles in the forms of healings or visions are extraordinary events. For Pat Chalfant, they happen frequently. So much so that she has incorporated these kinds of events into her wo... mehr

05.07.17 - Pat Chalfant

Life After Death Can Be Proven Says Pat Chalfant, CARE Certified Spiritualist Psychic Medium, Author of 'Spirit Lights a Path To Mediumship'

While many of us believe there is an afterlife, for most it is just that - a belief. But where is the proof? The proof will not be found by science; it will instead be found in experience. CARE Cert... mehr

06.06.17 - Pat Chalfant

Proof Of Life After Death Offered By Pat Chalfant, CARE Certified Spiritualist Psychic Medium In 'Spirit Lights A Path To Mediumship'

Most of us believe death is the end. We dread the mention of the subject. It is our greatest fear and so it comes as no surprise that we look for ways to deal with it. Not surprisingly, many of us bel... mehr

11.04.17 - Pat Chalfant

Proof Of The Afterlife Is Not Available To Science, But Exists Nevertheless Says Author And Certified Medium Pat Chalfant

All of us experience death. It might be the death of a spouse, the death of a family member, the death of a child or a close friend. It is the most devastating experience any human must endure. Not su... mehr

03.03.17 - Pat Chalfant

Certified Medium Pat Chalfant Announces Psychic Readings, Psychic Medium Classes, New Website

Certified Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant has announced psychic readings and psychic medium classes are now available at her new website. Pat Chalfant's amazing psychic gifts have helped hundreds of... mehr

31.08.16 - Pat Chalfant

Mediumship as a Doorway to Christ: Pat Chalfant's Newest Video Demonstrates that EVP's and NDE's Can Open the Doorway to Christ

Certified Spiritualist Medium Pat Chalfant has announced the release of a video that demonstrates that electric voice phenomena (EVP) and near death experiences (NDE) can both serve as the doorway to ... mehr

03.06.16 - Pat Chalfant

Mediumship Is A Doorway To Christ: Pat Chalfant, Author Of 'Spirit Lights' Cites Silver Birch From 'A Voice In The Wilderness'

Pat Chalfant says Spiritualist mediumship is literally a doorway to Christ, as Jesus actually directs the work of Spiritualists here on earth. This is according to Silver Birch, the famed spirit guid... mehr

11.05.16 - Pat Chalfant

Mediumship As A Doorway To Christ: Pat Chalfant's Newest Video Demonstrates That NDE's Can Open The Door To The Experience Of Christ

Pat Chalfant, a CARE-certified medium, knows that mediumship is one doorway to Christ. It is not the only one, however. The near death experience, a relatively recent phenomenon, serves as another. Sh... mehr

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