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06.11.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

INFACT has launched first trials of innovative, non-invasive mineral exploration technologies

Press release I October 2018 I The EU-funded INFACT project aims at combining the development and test of innovative, non-invasive minerals exploration technologies with an assessment of their social ... mehr

18.10.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

Innovation in 2030 – open, digital, systemic?

Five hypotheses on the future of innovation in Germany and Europe By 2030, innovation will take place outside of R&D departments. Innovation processes will be comprehensively digitalized. New product... mehr

18.09.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

Solutions for digital working worlds

TransWork, one of the most extensive publicly funded, collaborative initiatives to investigate work in a digitalized world, is looking at how digitalization is transforming jobs across industries. Res... mehr

04.09.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

Food for the city - from the city

Fraunhofer IAO publishes study on urban farming Whereas the number of people living in cities worldwide is continually growing, the already scarce area used for growing food and resources has been st... mehr

19.07.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

Innovative Manufacturing CRC and Germany’s Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft partner to deepen Industry 4.0 collaboration

Framework agreement to catalyse uptake of Industry 4.0 within Australia’s manufacturing industry A framework engagement agreement (The Agreement), signed today by the Innovative Manufacturing CRC (... mehr

03.07.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

New inquisitive mind for digital product development

Prof. Oliver Riedel joins management team at Fraunhofer IAO Fraunhofer IAO has expanded its management team to include Prof. Oliver Riedel. Focusing on research into digital product development, he b... mehr

19.06.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

The car of the future – sleeper cars and travelling offices too?

International comparative study on what people want from autonomous driving technology As part of a survey involving 2500 motorists in five major markets, management consultants Horváth & Partners w... mehr

23.05.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

Germans open to the idea of 3D printed organs

Final results from BR, ARTE and Fraunhofer IAO’s “Homo Digitalis” study Many Germans are open to the idea of 3D printed organs, permanent body scans and cell repairing nanorobots as part of hea... mehr

11.04.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

A helping (Sens)Hand

How smart technology can help with manual load handling Due to mechanization and automation the amount of physical load work has been progressively reduced. Yet for those working in intralogistics,... mehr

19.03.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

Virtual reality conference comes to Reutlingen

IEEE VR 2018 presents the latest research findings on virtual and augmented reality From Los Angeles to Reutlingen: in 2018, the premier international conference on virtual reality and 3D user interf... mehr

15.02.18 - Fraunhofer IAO

Professional coordination of civil protection

In many places, emergency services struggle to recruit volunteers for civil protection duties. However, in the event of a natural disaster or other crisis situation, there is an impressive willingness... mehr

11.12.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

See, understand and experience the work of the future

Fraunhofer IAO to launch hands-on activities relating to the Science Year showcasing the “Working Life of the Future” With events, projects, interactive experiences and a series of blog posts, Fr... mehr

22.11.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

Corporate coworking as a driver of innovation

Three years ago, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO released “The Fascination of Coworking - Potentials for Companies and their Employees.” This study explored in depth the to... mehr

06.11.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

Launch of the world’s first online platform for digital accessibility

“DeveloperSpace” serves as a community, exchange platform, and a source of ideas both for developers and for companies The world’s first online platform for digital accessibility has been launc... mehr

24.10.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

Fraunhofer IAO joins “Partnership on AI“

Working together to increase the benefits of artificial intelligence for people and the workplace Founded by big tech companies such as Apple, IBM and Microsoft, the Partnership on AI promotes collab... mehr

23.10.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

Monitoring trends in the environmental technology market

Fraunhofer IAO charts a roadmap to identify future environmental technology trends To identify the most promising trends in the lead markets “water”, “air” and “circular economy” on behal... mehr

09.10.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

Sharing ideas for tomorrow's digital communities

Morgenstadt Workshop 2017 provides a creative platform for urban Innovation. The digital transformation of communal life calls for cross-sectoral thinking and solutions. The second edition of the Mor... mehr

24.08.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

Better practice for disaster situations

Events such as the attack at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin or the train crash near Bad Aibling have shown that it is important for aid organizations, the fire service, the police, the German Federal Agen... mehr

28.02.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

Smart data analysis for transport in Stuttgart

Fraunhofer IAO confirms the potential of mobile network data for transport planning The overburdening of city transport systems is becoming an increasing challenge. But before cities can take concret... mehr

16.02.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

Dieter Spath is new acatech president

As of February 8, 2017, Professor Dieter Spath – director of both the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO and the Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management (IAT) at the U... mehr

30.01.17 - Fraunhofer IAO

More transparency in Engineering IT

CPO certification helps evaluate openness of IT systems Digitalization is making openness in the linking of IT solutions increasingly important. The Code of PLM Openness (CPO), developed by the ProS... mehr

28.01.16 - Fraunhofer IAO

Top innovative ideas for the city of tomorrow

Three winners of the “Call for Ideas” competition at Fraunhofer’s “Urban Futures” conference As part of the Fraunhofer “Urban Futures” conference, ten selected young entrepreneurs and s... mehr

28.01.16 - Fraunhofer IAO

In the NeuroLab, Fraunhofer IAO develops emotion-sensitive human-computer technologies

With the opening of its NeuroLab, Fraunhofer IAO now has a test environment for researching neuro- ergonomical topics. It is a place where researchers are applying neuroscientific knowledge to issues ... mehr

28.01.16 - Fraunhofer IAO

Envisioning the production of tomorrow

Production research by Fraunhofer IAO honored with three awards at the ICPR 2015 The 23rd International Conference for Production Research ICPR, which took place from August 2-5, 2015 in Manila, was ... mehr

28.01.16 - Fraunhofer IAO

“Bank & Zukunft 2015” trend survey highlights the need for banks to reform business models

Banks and the banking business are on the edge of profound change. This is the primary finding of the newly released “Bank & Zukunft 2015” trend survey. Only a fifth of the executives and managers... mehr

28.01.16 - Fraunhofer IAO

ENTOURAGE project among the winners in the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s Smart Service World competition

ENTOURAGE, an interdisciplinary project involving Fraunhofer IAO, has succeeded in attracting funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) through its Smart Service ... mehr

28.01.16 - Fraunhofer IAO

Call for ideas: New impulses for better cities

Fraunhofer Conference offers idea platform for the city of the future What does the city of the future look like? Start-ups, cities and students will present their best ideas to prominent representat... mehr

28.01.16 - Fraunhofer IAO


EU Robo-Mate project presents first prototype of an exoskeleton to help production workers. Production workers often lift up to 10 metric tons of material a day. According to the Work Foundation Alli... mehr

03.06.15 - Fraunhofer IAO

Simulation for civil protection

Results of the CRISMA EU project help rescue teams prepare for catastrophes In 2012, 40 researchers, technicians and operators from 17 European institutions joined forces in the EU’s CRISMA project... mehr

03.06.15 - Fraunhofer IAO

Fraunhofer researchers and industrial partners develop user-generated operational aids

How do technological developments change the way humans and technology interact in industry? And how can companies make use of these changes? As part of the HMI 4.0 joint research project, Fraunhofer ... mehr

03.06.15 - Fraunhofer IAO

Technology that feels good

Brain-computer interface to improve interaction with technology through emotion recognition May 27, 2015 In the EMOIO project launched at the beginning of the year, Fraunhofer IAO is working with pa... mehr

10.04.15 - Fraunhofer IAO

Cooperation between Fraunhofer IAO and SIRIM, the Malaysian research organization

Fraunhofer IAO and SIRIM, a research institution in Malaysia, will work together to support small and medium-sized enterprises with their expertise in innovation and technology management in the futur... mehr

23.01.15 - Fraunhofer IAO

Electric vehicles for Fellbach

City council switches to e-mobility following Fraunhofer IAO analysis With eight electric vehicles currently in operation, Fellbach City Council’s vehicle fleet is now almost completely electric. I... mehr

19.12.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Visualizing technology networks

“ResearchLandscaping” brings together science and industry experts Research collaborations and related networks are becoming increasingly important in developing new technologies, particularly si... mehr

12.12.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Milestones in Human-Machine Cooperation

Just a little over a year has passed since BBC News ranked the Robo-Mate exoskeleton at No. 2,right after the announcement of the new iPhone, and major technical progress has been made on several fron... mehr

05.12.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Energy efficiency you can count on

New ENBUS! smartphone app helps home owners on the way to energy efficiency The building sector accounts for 40 percent of primary energy consumption in Europe. Home owners seeking for energy efficie... mehr

05.11.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Best Paper Award for IAO Researchers

Team led by Joachim Lentes recognized for new product development platform. At the APMS 2014 International Conference, Joachim Lentes and his team at Fraunhofer IAO were awarded the Best Paper Award ... mehr

05.11.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

City of Stuttgart becomes reality lab

Research project on new forms of knowledge transfer and civic participation Starting in January 2015, several University of Stuttgart research institutes will be investigating new forms of knowledge ... mehr

05.11.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Distinguished for embracing equal opportunity

Fraunhofer IAO and the University of Stuttgart IAT receive “Total E-Quality” award: For the fifth time in a row, Fraunhofer IAO and its partner IAT of the University of Stuttgart received the Tota... mehr

10.10.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

EU sponsors sustainable City Concepts

European Commission nominates Fraunhofer Smart Cities project as lighthouse project The European Commission has nominated the Triangulum project, led by Fraunhofer IAO and with the support of the Ste... mehr

26.09.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Book release “The fascination of coworking”

Researchers shed light on the potential of new modes of working for companies The “coworking” and “coworking spaces” phenomenon is popping up in the media with increasing frequency. Even so, ... mehr

29.08.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

IT security in the digital society

Open Identity Summit 2014 focuses on identity management, cloud computing and data protection In the age of big data, industry 4.0 and cloud computing, IT security for enterprises and consumers is g... mehr

18.07.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

EU project DRIVER successfully launched

37 organisations, will jointly develop solutions for improved crisis management in Europe The European Union’s new demonstration project, DRIVER (Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for Europea... mehr

18.07.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Tenth anniversary for Stuttgart Software Technology Forum

Contributions from users and experts shed light on current challenges in the IT sector The Stuttgart Software Technology Forum (SSF) has long been a fixture in the diaries of IT managers, and this ye... mehr

11.07.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Top-class international research into tomorrow’s mobility

Fraunhofer IAO and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are launching a joint lab focused on mobility called the Ambient Mobility Lab Marking the start of this collaborative effort and offerin... mehr

02.07.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Network office opens in Cluj-Napoca

Promoting industry 4.0 in Transylvania with the Global Digital Production innovation network Fraunhofer IAO and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUC-N) have been working together in the Globa... mehr

06.06.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Trend survey “Bank & Zukunft”

Latest edition in the survey series reveals trends and developments in the financial sector More than 365 decision-makers from the banking sector took part in the Bank & Zukunft 2014 trend survey. In... mehr

13.05.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Service engineering for urban climate protection

Or how cities can benefit from services to improve energy efficiency As part of a competition sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to reward the most energy-effic... mehr

13.05.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Ready for the smart factory?

“FutureKomp 4.0” aims at identifying Industry 4.0 skills needs ahead of time The advent of smartphones in factories not only fundamentally changes production processes, but also impacts manufa... mehr

13.05.14 - Fraunhofer IAO

Keeping abreast of Car2X technology developments

Fraunhofer IAO’s patent index serves as position indicator for technology companies Car2X technologies make vehicles “intelligent” and allow them to communicate with the objects around them. En... mehr

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