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Press Releases from GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH (13 total)

High-functionality multimeters

Introducing the METRALINE series, Gossen Metrawatt provides a new family of professional measuring and testing equipment that offers high functionality and reliability at an optimized price–performance ratio. The new product line includes three digital multimeters with different feature sets. All of these are equipped with automatic-blocking sockets, which prevent the incorrect connection of measuring lines and thus provide complete protection for the user. The DM 62 is designed as a

Modular infusion pump tester reduces „down time“

Nuremberg, June 29, 2018 : GOSSEN METRAWATT, supplier of measuring and testing technology, presents the SECULIFE IFPRO, a new modular analysis system for infusion pumps. The high-precision, easy-to-use system has full touchscreen control of all processes without the use of old-fashioned keys and buttons. The 7" colour touch screen display can be infinitely adjusted for optimum operation and readability. The highlight of the SECULIFE IFPRO is the new, innovative,

TRMS Multimeter for use in medical and hygienic sensitive environments

GMC-I Messtechnik with the Brand GOSSEN METRAWATT, a leading supplier of test and measuring equipment, introduces SECULIFE HIT MD, a TRMS multimeter that has been designed especially for all hygienically sensitive areas. The particular infectiological and hygienic risks in those fields of application require reliable surface disinfection measures. When applying test instruments in these areas, the hygiene regulations must be strictly observed as well to ensure that any hygiene risks

Multi – NIBP Tester and Simulator for the use in various medical testing appli …

GOSSEN METRAWATT, supplier of test and measurement, introduces the SECULIFE BPPRO, a new universal simulator tester for patient monitors, blood pressure cuffs and ECG recorder. Despite its small size this complete Multiparameter Simulator makes no compromises when it comes to the availability of accurate parameters. The ability to provide offsets for various NIBP manufacturers, is a particular feature. The graphic display allows you not only to see what happens digitally,

Safetytester Set MEDICAL

For testing the electrical safety according IEC60601and IEC62353 Nuremberg, June 8th 2015: GOSSEN METRAWATT, one of the leading suppier of test and measurement devices is introducing a equipment set which is designed for the use in medical enviroments. The SECULIFE Safetytester Set Medical consists of SECULIFE ST with integrated Memory-Interface, one adapter for appliedparts, Reporting and Databasesoftware GMST as well as the Devicebag for Measurement Device and accessories.

Multi - Defibrillator Tester for all types of shock waveforms

The GOSSEN METRAWATT, provider of test and measurement products, introduces the SECULIFE DFPRO, a new tester for testing defibrillators and transcutaneous pacemakers. The SECULIFE DFPRO can analyze all common types of shock waveforms, monophasic, biphasic and pulsed biphasic. The SECULIFE DFPRO Defibrillator Analyzer, thanks to the latest electronic technologies used precisely deliver consistent test results for all defibrillators, regardless of manufacturer or model. Whether you want to measure the

MAVOLOG PRO – the New Class A Power Disturbance Analyzer (IEC 61000-4-30)

GOSSEN METRAWATT is expanding its range of power disturbance analyzers with the new MAVOLOG PRO. It’s used for continuous mains monitoring in accordance with mains quality standard EN50160. Rapid increases in the use of non-linear power consumers with non-sinusoidal current consumption are making themselves apparent in the form of mains pollution, which greatly impairs voltage quality. Missing or incomplete information regarding supply voltage quality may be the cause of inexplicable increases in

METRAHIT COIL - Electric Motor Tester Meets Digital Multimeter

Diagnosis, maintenance and servicing of electric drive motors necessitate the measurement of various electrical quantities, as well as function and safety tests. Several measuring and test instruments are required to this end which are only conditionally portable and thus unsuitable for on-site service calls. GOSSEN METRAWATT’s new METRAHIT COIL unites all important measuring and test instruments for electric drives into a single handheld device. In addition to a universal digital

PerfectLum Software for Qualityassurance of Medical Displays

Nuremberg, July 3rd 2013 GOSSEN METRAWATT, manufacturer of test and measurement technology for use in medical instituts has integrated a Software for Qualitycontrol of Diagnostic Displays In Cooperation with QUBYX Ltd. the Software PerfectLum was adopted to work with the measurement devices from GOSSEn and to allow an automatic datatransfer of measured values. SECULIFE PerfectLum was developed for the use in medical imaging applications and includes a DICOM Calibration, Display-Profiling and

New SECULIFE Patientensimulators for Training, Test and Simulation

Nuremberg, June 18th 2013 : GOSSEN METRAWATT, global supplier of Test- and Measurementsystems, presents three new SECULIFE Patientsimulator. All requirements starting with the simple simulation of ECG signals up to multi simulation purpose are covered by this new range of products. SECULIFE PS100 is the perfect device to check the function of 12 channel patientmonitors and other ECG systemes and units. Equipped with 10 AHA/IEC Universalconnectors for clip,

Defibrillator tester for monophasic and biphasic systems with pacer function

Nuremberg, 1. March 2013 : GOSSEN METRAWATT, Supplier of test and measurement equipment introduces the SECULIFE DF+, a new tester for testing defibrillators and transcutaneous pacemaker. Der SECULIFE DF+ Defibrillator Analyzer can deliver accurate, consistent test results for all defibrillators due to the latest electronic technologies used, regardless of manufacturer or model. Whether you want to test the emitted energy, the cardio latency, maximum energy load time or other parameters,

PC-controllable IEC62353 Security Tester with test sequence generator

Nürnberg, November 5th 2012 : GOSSEN METRAWATT, provider of measurement and testing technology, introduces a new security tester which will be delivered in a package together with the ETC-Software (Electronic Testing Center). The SECULIFE SR offers all the advantages of a universal, PC controllable measurement device for technical equipment used in medical enviroments. The device is used to check the electric safety of medical equipment after a carried out repair

Market Leader of Test and Measurement goes medical

Nürnberg, October 18th 2012 : GOSSEN METRAWATT, leading global supplier of test and measurement systems is has launched SECULIFE, a product range developed for the use in medical enviroments and applications. SECULIFE is divided into the area of security testsystems and functional testsystems. They allow accurate measurements according to the international mandatory standards for medical devices and the necessary documentation. Depending on the device and measuring task extensive possibility for

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