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Blast Auxiliary Portable Ac ver 2 reviews:Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is an excellent air conditioning system for a calm environment manufactured by Quality Performance Limited.
The fantastic unique cooling gadget is designed to keep remote areas cool by supplying air through a water curtain, delivering coolness through the fan - keeping the atmosphere in your space cozy all summer and winter long.

Summer, as it is widely known, is a season that is the warmest of the year. Due to climate change, the season comes with a lot of hotness which brings about uneasiness for many individuals.

During this season, the atmosphere grows warmer, and in some regions, the heat gives off droughty temperatures. This time of the season is typically hot and dry, oftentimes leading to droughts, where water is becoming a scarce commodity.

In the northern parts, the season generally starts in June and ends in August, while it typically starts in December and ends in February in the southern parts.

During this season, people would become hot and sweaty fast; For this reason, there would be a need to cool the terrain.

Your standing and ceiling fans are not really of use at this time of the season. After operating for some hours, the air the fans blow generally gets warmer and uncomfortable to receive on the skin. This case will multiply the volume of heat you're feeling.

A lot of people constantly prefer to spend their time outside during the summer season. Still, during the winter season, the discourse is the same. The warmth of the weather in summer will result in your home being dry and boiling and very uncomfortable to stay in, while the cold winter wave makes every place chilly, making most people not want to go out or even spend any time outdoors.

scrubbed lips, dry skin, itchy skin, and nosebleeds are a portion of what the summer season brings because of the unbearable scorching heat that accompanies the weather. In the winter, cases of coughs, influenza, and snap generally escalate.

As earlier stated, this air cooler is useful in the Summer season, and it is likewise useful during the winter.

This season, infamous for being the coldest of the seasons, can spell trouble for many individuals with asthma.

Freezing temperatures keep people inside, which means further exposure to air impurities similar to dander, dust, and mold that can result in asthma attacks.

The season, which generally starts from December to February in the northern hemisphere and June to August in the southern semicircle, is genuinely harsh on the skin.

The cold temperatures in winter, in addition to damp tropical situations, generally end in dry air that usually draws moistness from the skin. Winter winds which are incessantly tough on the skin and dry inside heat, also make the situation worse as they can bring about scrubbed and indeed bleeding skin.

Each summer and winter seasons come with a threat to the people that require to be relieved to steer them while also staying healthy. The Blast Portable AC Ver 2 is what you need in your house to escape all these challenges, as stated before, that come with each season of the time.

The gadget does the work of providing a comforting environment and coolness that will make you feel comfy in your home, office, and anywhere.

This type of case is where the excellent product, Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2, comes into play.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC review is a recently produced air cooling device that just made its way into the air conditioning system on the market. You probably may have come across the air cooling device, but the air cooler is selling rapidly for a product that its first version sold out really fast that most people were unable to get their hands on one.

The fantastic compact and not heavy gadget is simole to use. It chills and humidifies the air around you, permitting you to receive an immeasurable supply of the freshest, safest air at any period of any season.

Possessing the Blast Portable AC Ver 2 around you'll make you taste relaxed, safe, and revitalized air at home, regardless matter the season - whether in summer or winter.
We suggest that everyone who wants to stay well-conditioned and healthy and at every season of the year should consider having an excellent gadget like the Blast Auxiliary AC as their comfort companion.
But the question is, are there authentic and astounding complaints from consumers and alarms to know about this air cooling device?, or is the Blast Portable AC worth the price and chilling advantages as reviewed by numerous buyers you may have come through on other review websites?

Well, this article is centered on clarifying the light on the air cooler. Continue to read our unbiased review about the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 below to know our answer and assist you in judging. In this Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 review, you will get the answer to every possible question you might have about the Blast Portable AC Ver 2.


The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 is a new remake version of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC review. The Portable Air Cooler is a unique, classic, noiseless, compact must-have device that can be useful with the issue of heating or warming of the atmosphere in your space such as your bedroom, dorm room, as well your workspace at home, under challenging circumstances that come as a result of hot weather in the summer season.

Unlike traditional ACs, Blast Auxiliary AC is a very portable, lightweight, and affordable air conditioner with many outstanding features for such an air cooling device. Even so, the air conditioner seems unreal in reality; the gadget is a practical must-have companion all summer long.

The Portable Air Conditioner Cooler, which derives its name "Blast Auxiliary Portable AC" from its compact and unobtrusive look, is designed to sit on a desk top without taking up any space as a desktop. The gadget, which is additionally very small in design, can fit on an office desk or a bookcase; and unlike regular air conditioners, it runs on very lower electricity; this translates that the users of this excellent air cooling gadget will not have to stress about their electric bill increasing by hundreds of dollars with the operation of the Portable AC.

Blast Auxiliary has an external framing which is plastic. However, it is very strong and durable. Likewise, the AC has three factors inside for multi-purpose features and multi-purpose operation. Similarly, the gadget has handles above it; the handgrip is for moving the lightweight AC anywhere to convenience.

While all conventional and crowd-pleasing ACs dries the air in a space before it can make it cool, the Blast Portable AC rather adds moisture to the air while also turning it into a fantastic atmosphere. Rather than drying out your skin and your sinuses, the Portable AC ver 2 can supply a cozy inside atmosphere within minutes and without issue or high electricity consumption like its conventional counterparts.

Unlike a conventional air cooling system that dries the air to cool it, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 comes with a new and bettered ultramodern design and more advanced features. It adds humidity to the environment while also cooling it. Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 is a new and massive in-demand gadget presently trending and transferring really quickly in the United States (US), Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom (UK), Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.

Rather than drying out your sinuses and your skin, Blast AC can produce and supply a soft inside atmosphere with minimum expenditure, thus the rationale why consumers of the freshly produced product are hastily buying it as they gear up for what would appear to be another heat-violent and damp summer season brought about by climate change.

As stated earlier, the Blast Portable AC is an efficient and energy-efficient air conditioner. The small and powerful gadget assists in safeguarding your personal environment from becoming too dry and hot during the time of the summer so that it can make you feel comfortable for as long as you want. The air works amazingly well to keep the air in the atmosphere of your environment cozy, calm, and fresh.

The manufacturer of Blast Portable AC Ver 2 did not design the portable air cooler to cool an entire home, nor was it intended to replace the conventional ACs that you may have known and been used to for years. The gadget is so compact, portable, and designed to cool a small space, thus the reason why it is for personal usage.

The Portable AC is very efficient and pocket-friendly. Even if you charge the air cooler over and over again, you will see no significant difference in your monthly electricity bills.

Consumers of the Blast Portable AC Ver 2 can also switch between three different fan speeds according to how cold they want their space or environment to be. The Portable AC provides such mind-blowing flexibility, which stands out among other ACs - to its users even though it is very small in size, which we can say is exceptional.

Because the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is very small, you can use the AC on your desk and receive the coolness of the device while you work. You can also put a Portable Blast AC in your children's room so as to prevent them from sweating as a result of the heat of the summer season while they sleep either during the day or at night.

With or without water filled in the 300ml tank, the AC is still very weightless and is very easy to carry anywhere you go, whether you work at home or go to the office so that you do not experience the harsh, sweaty, and miserable heat of the summer season. Like we moved from bulky computers to handheld smartphones, the Blast Portable AC is also an evolution of Air conditioning systems that can also be moved and used anywhere at any time as long as it is fully charged.

Blast AC also makes an extremely low noise, so you do not have to worry about the AC becoming a disturbance to you while you work or sleep.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC V2 works exactly like the regular Air Conditioners you have always known all your life. The air cooler comes with incredible air conditioning system features for such Portable AC. Refilling the 300ml capacity tank with water whenever it runs low is pretty a straightforward process and does not require any professional to do that for you.

This awesome AC lowers down the temperature in the atmosphere of a space, either bedroom or working space, and starts delivering coolness to a heated room within a minute, and in due course, making the environment more chilly and comfy to stay in. Users of this excellent air cooler can also adjust the coolness according to how cold they want their environment to be.

Blast Portable Air Conditioner makes no loud, obnoxious noise to disrupt your chilling moments. The gadget is so excellent that it comes with ambient light, which can help you set the mood whenever you want intimacy. The Portable AC comes with a blind that can be adjusted to the preferred direction to deliver the coolness wherever you want it.

Another feature that comes with Blast Auxiliary AC Ver 2, which also serves as a plus and additional thumbs-up, is that the device also works as a humidifier that aids moisten dryness on the skin, mouth, and nasal and passageways. In addition to that, Blast AC is cordless and rechargeable using the USB type C charger that comes with it out of the box, so you do not have to be concerned about running out of juice on the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler.

Fortunately, the technology used in air cooling systems has come a very long way, like many other inventions. With Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2, the effects of scalding heat of the summer would be greatly reduced without requiring tons of space and energy consumption.


The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 is said to be an amazing air conditioner that creates a chilling atmosphere for you, and it has 3 adjustable speeds which can be adjusted to whichever degree in accordance with the way you like the temperature in your space to be.

The Portable AC is not just a regular air conditioner you have known while growing up; it is likewise a multi-purpose air cooler with numerous features and different types of operations that other conventional air cooling products do not give even as expensive as they are.

While numerous Air cooling gadgets on the market cooling give single features like conditioning, the air or air cooling it, this Portable Air Conditioner also has ambient light that can help you in setting up your mood.

In addition to that, the Blast Auxiliary AC can help you in keeping your health and comfort in a cool environment as it is designed to also serve as a humidifier. So if you frequently suffer dry air or blocked sinuses from regular air conditioners, this Portable AC will help you prevent that.

As reported by thousands of consumers of this product, this Portable AC produces and supplies cold and clean air. Some consumers also maintained that they enjoy fast air cooling really quick as the portable air conditioner pumps out cool, fresh air in 3 seconds of operation.

There are numerous ACs procurable in the market. Still, these AC are moreover much costly to buy, expensive to install and maintain, really large in size and heavy, or have high conservation time and cost, generally making noise all the time and increasing electricity usage. Much significantly, they do not normally give the comfort the user needs. All the aforementioned makes the effectiveness of these air conditioners reduced.

Also, many of these air conditioners come with just two units. The external unit that blows out heat can increase the level of heat each around the house, making sitting outside very exasperating, and summer will feel more infuriating than comfy and fun.
Some portable ACs give Air-exertion, but these biases are costly for the size they have and the functionality they provide. And, there is no good device life for these Portable Air Conditioners.

Many Portable ACs are not as easy and accessible as Blast Auxiliary, and they do not give better battery and operation time. At the same time, Blast Portable AC has numerous benefits that come with using it. It has a power of 3 adjustable lights, USB type C charging port, ambient light. In addition, it has better battery life. Also, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC can be operated with ease, and the user can set it to their optimum comfort position.

These are some of the given reasons why Blast Auxiliary Portable Desktop AC is unique and different and sells cheaper than numerous other cooling biases in the request. We can slightly make them presto enough.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE BLAST PORTABLE AIR COOLER IS VERY SIMPLE: as water evaporates, heat is required. That heat has to go from the atmosphere. This Air Cooler sucks warmth in the atmosphere into one side of it also dispels it from the other side. Also, air evaporates water from the replaceable water curtain into the atmosphere, which also brings about cooler temperatures.

HOW THE BLAST AC SCIENCE WORKS: You immerse the water curtain into the water, drenching it with moisture before putting it back to the Blast AC.

Hot air passes one side of the Desktop AC and encounters the water curtain. As hot air comes in contact with the water curtain, it starts the evaporation operation. The recent air causes the moistness within the water curtain to dissolve, and that's because, without heat, evaporation can not take place.

Because evaporation needs heat to work, your skin feels cool once you get out of the shower; when the water evaporates from your body, moisture and heat are pushed far away from your body.

The Blast AC pushes cooler and wetter air out the other edge of the gadget as the air evaporates. This brings about a chilly environment without employing a standard Air Cooling System.

Conventional air coolers work in a very distinct way from Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2. Because these air conditioners use metal coils, high-powered fans, and vents to spread chilly air into your environment, they use high energy and take a huge toll on electricity bills. Even though these air coolers are excellent for giant homes, they are also expensive to acquire, install and maintain. In addition to that, they dry out your environment.

However, with Blast Portable Air Conditioner System, you get the same cooling capability in a cheap, portable unit at a meager price.
The AC even comes with an extra filter. After air goes through the device, it then proceeds to go through an extra filtration layer.

The result? The Portable AC produces and delivers cool, clean, cozy, and refreshing air into the atmosphere you are in. It is that easy, and you will start noticing the said coolness benefits within a minute just before your eyes after putting on the air cooler.


We have briefed the knowledge behind the Blast AC. notwithstanding, below are the significant features and functions of the device.

MULTIPLE OPERATING MODES: One of the most excellent features of the Blast Auxiliary AC is the blunt resilience that it possesses. This mobile air conditioner is not in any way a one-trick pony at all. Rather, it has numerous modes in which it can run fittingly to the consumer's relish. The main feature is, apparently, the air conditioner mode that cools the atmosphere you are in. Nevertheless, consumers can also change off the air conditioner mode and operate it as an average cooler.

The modes do not cease there, moreover, as the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 comes with a humidifier ability. This feature eliminates dry air in your space and replaces it with nice damp air, making you feel yet comfy and chill.
Also, you don't want arid air in your environment as it's known to bring about uneasiness. So, in terms of getting damp air, cool air, or precisely average air wherever you are, this portable air cooler becomes your go-to device as it comes with distinct modes to change in between.

THREE FAN SPEEDS Whenever you purchase an air conditioning machine, you necessitate it to be versatile. For example, if the atmosphere isn't hot enough for a fast speed yet, you need to lower its speed to a comfy degree per the temperature.

Luckily, the Blast Auxiliary AC Ver 2 comes with not two but three different speeds. These modes have been tweaked to befit a vast level of varying atmospheric conditions. Thus, whether you need an ultra-fast speed to cool you down or require to enjoy mild air, you are all covered with this Portable AC with you.

MULTIPLE COOLING SOLUTIONS: We have formerly talked about how multifaceted the small device is in its modes of usage and coolness speeds, but the tendency does not just cease there. In addition to the features mentioned before, Blast Portable AC Ver 2 likewise comes with several practices for you to cool your surroundings.

Initially, you can typically utilize it as an air conditioner, which will require time to cool down your atmosphere. Yet, you can correspondingly use the water tank to fit some new cooling power into the box and speed up the whole process to enjoy the air hastily.

Also, you can also utilize the other water curtain for a vastly further mellow cooling effect. Or, if you are up for some sophisticated air filled with mist, you can use the humidifying mode, which can be helpful, particularly for your skin and sinuses.

WATER CURTAIN; The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 air cooler has its replaceable water curtains included, which assist in cooling cool the air in addition. Just like how you fill the water tank with water, these water curtains bear cold water. Once they are wet, the wind that passes through these curtains automatically becomes more cozy and enjoyable. The water curtain only lasts for eight months. After that, it is recommended that you change the curtain.

AIR FILTERS; Blast Auxiliary AC Ver 2 design has air filters that control the air quality advancing out from it. These filters make certain that the air you are getting is free from impurities, allergens, and dirt.


Still, you would have read how this Portable Air Cooler works the job it does if you started reading this Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 review from the very start without a loop. Nonetheless, you might still wonder how the device is so distinctive and special, as stated. Below are some reasons why the Blast Auxiliary AC is excellent;

COOLS THE AIR AROUND YOU: Similar to all other ACs, this Portable AC will chill the environment you are in. The air cooler sucks in the warmth in the atmosphere to one side and also dispels a cooler one through the other side.

Evaporation takes away warmth from the air, while the water curtain adds moistness to the supplied stand. That means you get frosty air circulating in your environment.
DIRECTS COOL AIR: Like all sound air conditioning systems, the Blast Portable AC has vents to contain cold air flow's direction. You can contain the motion of the relaxed air, shoving it wherever you need it to go.

While some individuals want cool air right on their skin, others like it towards their face. In addition, some individuals would like to transfer air around the environment they are in, while others need it to point in a precise position. With this air cooling device, you can choose where you want the cool and fresh air to go.

ADDS MOISTURE TO THE AIR: Conventional ACs can leave you with dry sinuses and skin. Still, with Blast AC Ver 2, you can add moisture to the air rather than taking it all out it out. Air makes it way through the water curtain to the inside of the Blast AC, supplying the air with moisture. However, also the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 may be the right selection for you if you do not like the dryness of an average air cooling system.

FILTERS THE AIR: The Blast Auxiliary AC Ver 2 does not just chill the atmosphere. It likewise filters the air using tableware (which is inherently antimicrobial) particles. This, still, does not denote that the AC filters all of the impurities out of the atmosphere, nor does it remove all airborne pathogens.

Notwithstanding, the included silver purifier within the Portable AC Ver 2 could exclude germs, microbes, and different bits in the air.

SIMPLE TO USE: Ceiling fans are genuinely stressful, and that Is because they are permanently mounted to ceilings. For you to be capable of dusting them, you must use a ladder. Conventional ACs are indeed more arduous to clean, so it constantly requires specialists to wash them. However, it can become spoilt if you try washing your AC on your own. This case is not equal to the Blast Portable AC Ver 2. This air cooling gadget is direct to clean. You use a handkerchief to clean it and take off any dirt clung on its exterior and its curtains.

Conventional cleaning of the air cooler can be done per the consumer's requirement because you will not have to go through a complex task before finishing the cleaning; also, it takes just a few moments to cleanse. When talking about preserva, Blast Portable Auxiliary AC Ver 2 is also really simple to preserve. The only thing that needs regularly replacing in a while is the water curtain. In accordance with recommendations by the manufacturers of the device, the curtain needs to be changed erstwhile every eight months every three months.

PORTABILITY: The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 is a cordless portable product that can befit into a small room. Subsisting that portable means you can effortlessly move it from one spot to another if required. You can similarly operate the air cooler in your living space and also relocate it to your bedroom when you need to rest.
Lift the air cooling device with you when relocating to other areas or indeed when moving overseas is achievable because of its portability, unlike regular ACs, which are nearly unattainable to displace as they are not portable and are generally massive. Similarly, ordinary ACs are permanently fixed on walls, meaning removing them from one space to another, from the living space to the bedroom, for example, is not an attainable feat. Blast Portable AC Ver 2 is compact and does not need expert installation or be fixed in walls on the flip edge.

CAN BE CHARGED NUMEROUS TIMES: This Portable AC does not operate with any external cables plugin to wall socket any cables (it is cordless). Signifying you can swiftly turn it on whenever it is charging. Still, the air cooler comes with a USB type C charger and port, which is a thing that is relatively trending at the moment. When you need to charge it, you plug it into the wall socket. You should not try to detach its cord until the air cooling device is ultimately charged.

BLAST AUXILIARY PORTABLE AC VER 2 IS QUIET: This probably is another reason why numerous house renters and homeowners alike love this fantastic device. With the air conditioner, you get to experience a fresh and cold breeze in a quiet room. This feature differs from different air conditioning, which gives off a lot of noise when being operated.

With the Blast Portable AC Ver 2, working in your office space and getting to rest become painless without bothering about noise. It likewise makes it a good air conditioner if you need to focus on watching your much-cherished program on TV or reading a book and or/ magazine.

CONSUMES LOWER ELECTRICITY: Unlike some other portable ACs in the market and conventional ACs aimed for use in big houses and rooms, they consume plenty of electricity, pumping up your electricity bills. Blast Portable AC Ver 2 uses lower energy and consumes lower electricity.

Numerous consumers support Blast Auxiliary AC Ver 2 for its minimalist design and ease of operation. Read their reports about this particular air cooling product on the official website of Blast Portable AC.


SIMPLE TO SET UP: Set up the Blast Portable AC Ver 2 quickly and effortlessly. Setting up the Blast Portable AC only takes a few minutes, and you can then proceed to run the air cooler. There are no unpredictability, unreliability, or complications in setting up this portable air cooling gadget.
FAST AND COMFORTABLE: The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 delivers amazing coolness to you wherever you may be. The Portable Air Cooler is easy to use and installs in minutes!

HASSLE-FREE RETURNS: If, for one rationale or another, you discover this air cooler is not delivering coolness to you as anticipated, you can return it for a complete refund within 30 days. Customer service representatives will present your case with the priority it deserves.

When buying this air cooling product, be rest assured that your money will be secure if you discover that its work is not all right.

HIGH QUALITY IS GUARANTEED: Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 is dependable and delivers harmonious effects, whether on chilly, dry winter days or in scorching, dry summer seasons.

Manufactured using high-grade materials that likewise make it durable, the air cooler can assist you in enhancing the inside and out-of-door air quality in summer and winter while guaranteeing that moisture is retained at an optimal degree for optimal comfort situations.


The AC cooler is designed for individuals who want an air conditioner but could not go the regular ACs because of the expenses that come with them. Also, the air cooling gadget is fit for individuals working from home and feeling aggravated due to heat while in their working space. To attain this, all you need to do is position Blast AC in the front right beside your working Computer or Laptop on the office desk; also, you stay revitalized as you work.
The Blast AC Ver 2 Reviews is likewise helpful when napping at nighttime or during the daytime.


The air cooling device can be useful in a small working area while there is an ongoing board meeting or the consumer is just waiting idly or working on a computer or laptop.

You can also use Blast Auxiliary AC Ver 2 in your car, pickup van, truck, children's room, workstation like a car garage, etc. The operating of the device is simple; just plug it in a USB port and boom! You are good to go. No technical know-how is needed to operate or maintain it. Remember that when planning to use it at the office, the Blast Portable AC Ver 2 is best for people on desk work.


• Adjustable, flexible, and versatile
• Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 is very compact in design.
• It has 3 fans speeds which can be adjusted to wish.
• Portable and can easily be transported anywhere to deliver coolness.
• It has water curtains
• 300ml water tank making it work like the traditional air conditioner
• Works as a humidifier to prevent dryness.

1. Can fluently be conditioned to favorite
2. It helps in degrading skin irritation to the very minimum.
3. It helps in maintaining a chill atmosphere of the corner being faced. The air cooler cools the atmosphere (small) within a minute of operation; Blast Portable AC Ver 2 is swift than many air coolers that are being retailed on the market.
4. It has an effortless power origin and is authentically adjustable in this regard. However, if you are working on a desktop or a laptop, you can just put it on and enjoy your work without a power source if there is no power outlet where you are.
5. It has beautiful ambition lighting that can set the mood to calm and relaxing or for intimate purposes.
6. It is noiseless, which common humidifiers do not have.
7. Blast AC does not take up important space and allows further things to be on the desk where it is placed.
8. Eventually, the air cooler helps dampen the nasal hallway and oral pit. Drying of these two regions can bring about injuries that work as an impetus, allowing a way for bacteria to have their way into one's system.

Despite the reality that hot summers may be delightful for a bit, particularly for meeting in out-of-door exertion, the factuality of the matter remains that extended exposure to the sunlight can have a profoundly harsh and unwelcome result on one's health. That said, this Portable AC can help consumers smoothly cope with any heat-related challenges.

Blast can be utilized in dry conditions, specifically, since it comes with a follow come, a high-grade humidifier that can swiftly moisturize our environment atmosphere with comfort.

Blast Auxiliary AC Ver 2 review can also help consumers in curbing their environment atmosphere when used constantly, permitting for enhanced health, relaxation, recreations, and work.

The air cooler can cease a degree of dry air-related problems and irritations that are understood to affect our eyes, nasal paths, and skin during the summer seasons, and the credence is to the air cooler's built-in humidifier.

At the time of this Blast Portable AC review, several and various positive reviews are accessible online about the air cooling gadget. All the consumers who reviewed Blast Portable AC Ver 2 applaud its general usefulness and functioning affair to be pleasing and satisfactory.
In all, the Blast Portable AC Ver 2 is a good air conditioner device for minimalist individuals and those people who want more features in an air cooler for much less.


There are uncomplicated ways and instructions to use Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2. However, you will witness that it is easy, hassle, and struggle-free if you read the way on utilizing the air cooler.

• Charge the Portable Air Cooler through a normal outlet by Type-C charging cord, which comes with the AC out of the box.
• Plug the cable into a USB Port or normal outlet for an energy source.
• When the battery is completely charged, free the charging cable from Blast Auxiliary AC.
• Place the portable device on a flat surface like a desk.
• Fill the 300ml water tank or soak the replaceable water curtain if further cool air is demanded.
• Make certain the ice you are filling the water tank without creating a mess on the Blast Portable AC Ver 2. These precautions are compulsory to prevent an electrical hazard to the consumer water touching unwanted places can bring about electrical wreckage.
• Soak the water curtains in the water of water so that Blast Portable AC can dry up heat out of the atmosphere of the space through it.
• Fill the water tank with water of about 270ml (recommended), also pick your chosen setting.
• Set the ambient light to refreshen or calm the room's atmosphere or set the space's mood for intimacy.
• The consumer has all the adjuncts to set the Blast Auxiliary in accordance with requirements and preferences.


Unlike conventional ACs, the extremely portable Blast Auxiliary AC needs no technical services for its maintenance. The basic cleaning of the air cooler can be done by the owner; recommended cleaning period should be 15 to 30 days. The only warning to know is using the water curtain, which requires a replacement every eight months.

The Blast AC is a top-notch air cooling device that has high demand in the market. However, the manufacturer of the air conditioner takes into consideration its market condition and does not charge an expensive sum for it.

There are four packages of PORTABLE AIR COOLER with different prices available.

They are; 3X BLAST PORTABLE AC: This originally costs $415.35, but with the 50% discount that's currently ongoing, it costs $201.99

i. 1X BLAST PORTABLE AC: Initial cost is $138.45 but is currently sold for $89.99 due to the 50% discount.

ii. 2X BLAST PORTABLE AC: Initial cost is $276.90. The promo price is currently $179.99.

iii. 3X BLAST PORTABLE AC: Initial cost is $415.35, and the promo price is $201.99.

iv. 4X BLAST PORTABLE AC: Initial cost is $553.80, and the promo price is $246.99

Please keep in mind that the offer may only be valid until the current stock lasts, so we would recommend buying your own Air Cooler quickly to prevent any availability issues.

The manufacturer of the air cooler offers worldwide shipping with a very easy and one-time payment method.

The manufacturer accepts payment via Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. Using the link on this page, you get a 50% off as soon as you reach the checkout section of the website.



The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2 can only be bought through the manufacturer's official website) and nowhere else.

Any other site different from the above-given link should be avoided. So, we strongly suggest that buyers not buy from any other third-party website as you may be risking your details and savings.


To buy the Blast Portable Air Cooler, correctly fill in your details on the website checkout page and fill in the card details you want to use to order the portable air cooler. Before you complete checkout, make sure that each detail you provided is accurate; otherwise, the order might not be made complete.


"Swift delivery, thank you for that. It keeps me genuinely cool in my home desk, and I love the factuality that I can be cooling off while my hubby likes it hotter." - RICHARD W.

"This small air conditioner is astonishing. I utilize it to cool my workroom because I have got a desktop and pamphlet and two PCs. It just gets too war, but the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC does the job of making it cool." - DERRICK L.

"This is a room-saving air conditioning gadget. It sits on my office desk top and is really small but produces immaculate chilly wind. I cherish the factuality that it has a unique filter using silver to kill germs in the air. That's a big gain to have immaculate air." - THOMAS M.


Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is the perfect portable buddy during hot days at home or at the office. It's a rechargeable air conditioning unit designed to be compact, portable, and powerful. Equipped with replaceable water curtains, Blast Auxiliary Portable AC can filter dust particles and double as a humidifier. It also has 3 fan speeds to suit every need, mood lightning, and can operate with minimal noise.
CTC 69.99

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ver 2, per our examination, looks like an authentically potent and strong air cooling product that can aid numerous individuals on hot summer days, which is what is demanded during hot weather days. Additionally, when it is not summer yet, it usually still feels like it, so the product is obtainable, and numerous individuals can rely on the air cooler, and it will significantly reduce bills on electricity and assist in saving money on electricity.

Blast Auxiliary AC Ver 2 is very eco-friendly as it uses only water for cooling. The cost range is really affordable and can be utilized by even individuals with low income too. Finally, the portability is awesome, and its features are just fantastic. We suggest that you buy this air cooler now; you will not regret buying it.

COMPANY NAME: Quality Performance Limited

COMPANY ADDRESS: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton NJ 07013


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compensation by actual users of our products and/or services. As such, the results are neither illustrative nor typical and cannot be guaranteed for all individuals. The exact results and experience will be unique and individual to each customer. RESULTS MAY VARY

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