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If you have ever witnessed the ordeal of spending your time amidst mosquito bites,then you should have known the importance of having a mosquito repellent like BLITZYBUG. The BLITZYBUG Review provides an insight on BLITZYBUG. BLITZYBUG mosquito trap is a UV light powered insect zapper that kills flying bugs by attracting, controlling and dehydrating these bloodthirsty creatures once and for all so they pose no more risk to those around the BLITZYBUG.

Like it or not, the summer is here. 2020 has been filled with exceptional circumstances. Americans are busy being locked away in their homes, and extraordinary economic occurrences have made this a notable year in a number of ways. But one thing that is unlikely to change? The descent of millions of mosquitoes all over the country.

As the heat goes up, mosquitoes almost always come out to play. And their idea of "play" definitely isn't any fun. Mosquitoes can be an excessive annoyance. They mostly live outdoors, so consumers with backyard pools or camping proclivities are probably used to dealing with the pests. But mosquitoes can make their way into the inside of homes, too. Leaving a window door open does more than let some valuable cool air outside; it invites swathes of bothersome flying pests into the house.

One common misconception about mosquitoes is that they're nothing but a basic annoyance, much like flies and house ants. In reality, mosquito bites can be quite dangerous. Most mosquitoes carry no diseases, and their bite is likely to be little more than a frustration during an otherwise perfect day in the sun. But some mosquitoes can carry dangerous viruses. Some of the most notable diseases spread by mosquitoes include the West Nile virus, dengue, malaria, and the Zika virus.

In extreme cases, all of these viruses can result in serious health problems-or even death. Is it likely that you'll end up getting West Nile from a mosquito this year? Definitely not. Most people will never contract a mosquito-borne disease, even if they're frequently bitten by flying insects. Nevertheless, all of these diseases result in deaths nearly every year in the USA. To many consumers, it's better to be safe than to be sorry, and trying to avoid mosquito bites when possible is never a bad idea.

Luckily, the US has never had a shortage of companies that specialize in mosquito-killing devices. The trick for most consumers is figuring out how to identify which mosquito killers are helpful-and which products are cheap cash-grabs.

BLITZYBUG is an exciting, highly efficient and effective new mosquito trap hitting the market. Initial reports regarding this device argue that it helps to kill mosquitoes quietly and effectively-two markers of a great mosquito trap. But is BLITZYBUG worth the money? Or is it just another unlegit mosquito zapper? Find out today in our comprehensive review of BLITZYBUG.



As the name suggests, BLITZYBUG is a pest control tool being marketed all over the United States. The primary insect targeted by BLITZYBUG is mosquitoes, but it seems that other small flying insects can also be trapped and killed inside of the device. Like many products in this niche pest control industry, BLITZYBUG claims to kill mosquitoes quietly, efficiently, and reliably.

The main claim to fame of this device is the combination of a LED light and a suction fan. The LED light attracts bugs toward the device. This makes sense; scientific studies have repeatedly found that flying insects like mosquitoes are attracted to LED lights. Once bugs are close enough to the BLITZYBUG trap, a suction fan pulls the pests inside before dehydrating them to death.

Although the product is pretty new, it's quickly gained a pretty substantial reputation within the pest control sector. Thousands of the devices have been ordered already, and we don't expect this demand to subside during the next few months. Consumers can purchase the device from the official BLITZYBUG website, although it does not appear to be available in traditional brick and mortar stores or in major online retailers.

Another major feature of BLITZYBUG is the device's low noise level. One of the biggest complaints consumers have about traditional mosquito killers is how loud they can be. Most zappers make a loud noise each time they zap a bug-which can be frequently, especially in some parts of the country. Because there's no zapping involved in the dehydration process used by BLITZYBUG, sound is greatly reduced.

It's also probably worth mentioning that BLITZYBUG is considerably safer than many traditional bug zappers. Open-faced bug zappers can be dangerous, especially in the hands of children who could accidentally zap themselves. BLITZYBUG also uses no harmful chemicals, making them safer than some of the smelly sprays that consumers use to keep the annoying bugs off them.


The BLITZY BUG Zap is an effective insect zapping system that works anywhere. Just turn on the device, let it run, and enjoy effective protection against mosquitos and other annoying insects.

Attracts and Zaps Bugs: The key feature of BLITZY BUG Zap is its ability to attract and zap bugs. Bugs fly towards the light because they're naturally attracted to it, thinking it's a food source. When bugs try to touch the light, they encounter the electric coils instead, zapping them and killing them instantly.

Purple LEDs: While some bug zappers use ultraviolet light to attract bugs, BLITZY BUG Zap uses purple LEDs. According to the manufacturer, purple LEDs attract bugs to the unit, giving you effective protection against mosquitos.
No Harmful Chemicals: Some people use pesticides and other artificial solutions to attract and kill bugs. You might spray your backyard, for example, to eliminate mosquitos. BLITZY BUG Zap is a more natural solution free of toxic chemicals. You can enjoy a bug-free environment without poisoning your family or pets.

Rechargeable: BLITZY BUG Zap comes with a rechargeable, long-lasting battery.

Portable: Because BLITZY BUG Zap has a rechargeable battery, you can carry it wherever it needs to go. The bug zapper is designed for use indoors or outdoors, and you can easily carry it camping, hiking, or to anywhere where you don't have electricity.

Stand It or Hang It: BLITZY BUG Zap stands upright on its own. The device also features a fabric loop that you can hang around your home or backyard. Whether using it like a lamp or hanging it from a loop outdoors, BLITZY BUG Zap can stand or hang anywhere.

Because of all of these features and more, BLITZY BUG Zap aims to help you enjoy summer without the uninvited pests. It's marketed as a next generation mosquito zapper that kills bugs effectively and naturally without the use of harmful chemicals, ridding your air of mosquitos and other unwanted bugs.

How to Use the BLITZY BUG Zap

The BLITZY BUG Zap is easy for anyone to use. Here's the three-step process recommended by the manufacturer:

Step 1) Use the included micro-USB cable to charge the BLITZY BUG Zap. When charging, the device's LED indicator will turn red. When it's fully charged, the light will turn green. At this point, the BLITZY BUG Zap is ready to be used.

Step 2) Turn the top rotary switch on the device until you hear a click. If you did it right, then the purple LED will turn on. The device is now running and will begin to attract bugs.

Step 3) Place the BLITZY BUG Zap in the area where you wish to eliminate bugs, then leave it operating for at least two hours. Many place it in an area before they arrive, for example, to clear the area of bugs. You might leave the device running in your backyard before you sit outside.


As we explained above, the patented mosquito-killing strategy used by BLITZYBUG is relatively simple and extremely safe. The device uses a powerful LED light to draw bugs close to it. Once mosquitoes or flies are close enough to the BLITZYBUG, a suction fan inside the device pulls them inside. After that, the bugs are quickly dehydrated until they die.

The result? A quick, quiet, and effective method of ridding your home or backyard of pesky flying insects. After a while, consumers can detach the BLITZYBUG reservoir and dump the dead insects into the trash or outside. It might be helpful to wipe down the inside of the device to keep a smell from developing over time.

Because BLITZYBUG doesn't use an electric shock or any nasty chemicals, the device is completely safe to use around children or pets. This is a pretty major benefit, as some alternative bug zappers can be dangerous if accessible to children, dogs, or cats.

Some of the main features of BLITZYBUG include the following:

Ease of use.
Safe no electrical shock.
Quiet fan.
There aren't many clear downsides of BLITZYBUG. However, some of the main complaints we have:

Only available online.
Bright LED light.

Overall, the specific method used to kill bugs on the BLITZYBUG seems to be more effective than alternative models. By using an LED light and suction fan to draw bugs inside the device before killing them, a few of the more bothersome aspects of traditional bug killers are easily avoided.

BLITZYBUG unlegit Complaints: Is it Legit?

It's tough to find any product on the internet that hasn't faced accusations of unlegitming, and BLITZYBUG is no exception. While most customers appear to be satisfied with their device, some industry watchdogs have pointed out a few problems with the quick rise of the new bug-killing tool. For the most part, these concerns have to do with the purchasing options available and the nature of the company behind BLITZYBUG.

First, it is true that BLITZYBUG is only available on the official product website right now. It's fair to label this as a cause for concern. Some companies shilling ineffective or even dangerous products will only sell on their own website. This allows companies to purge negative reviews and artificially boost sales with fake testimonials. However, it's also very possible that BLITZYBUG simply hasn't branched out to sell their products at other online retailers.

This is pretty common among new gadget-based companies. Perhaps BLITZYBUG will start to sell on Amazon, eBay, or even in traditional brick and mortar stores in the future. For now, consumers should avoid taking reviews on the official product websites as the tell-all about this product's effectiveness. Instead, mitigate the risk of being unlegitmed by referencing off-site reviews and outside testimonials from customers and industry watchdogs.

Another problem some consumers and reviewers seem to have with BLITZYBUG is the minimal amount of information we're given about the company behind this new device. It almost seems to have come up out of nowhere. However, further investigation reveals that the company manufacturing BLITZYBUG is "Strong Current Enterprises." This Hong Kong company has created a number of similar gadgets and devices within a variety of industries. While the company certainly isn't Apple or Google, they have a relatively solid reputation within the industries where they operate. While the BLITZYBUG unlegit complaints are out there, much of it seems pretty straight forward in that this bug killing mosquito trap zapper is a must have item this summer and fall seasons for outdoor pest control.


Many people often ask if this device actually works, or is it just another half-baked device that doesn't worth a cent. We can't blame them because many manufacturers come out with lots of devices and even mosquito repellents that don't work. But, the simple truth is that this device is effective in catching and squeezing insects to death.

If you want to do a little experiment, catch a little insect and keep it close to a hot object. You'll notice how it will struggle to escape because the heat is drying it up and staying there will mean death. This is exactly what happens when you put BLITZY BUG zap to work. All the processes described above are tested and proven to be effective. Moreover, there're lots of positive reviews about this product. Many people who bought it have expressed their satisfaction with the device and rated it highly.

Also, there's a 30 days' money-back guarantee on this product. The manufacturer knows how effective it is and is not afraid to make the promise. If you buy the BLITZY BUG Zap and it doesn't suit you, you can get your money in full. But you must return the device within 30 days of receiving it.

The only situation where you'll think that the device is not working is when you expect it to kill mosquitoes in a large building. I mentioned it somewhere in this article that one device can't cover large spaces. If you must use it in your restaurant or other crowded environments, get more than one BLITZY BUG and place them on strategic locations in the room. That way, each device will handle the mosquitoes around it.


The Science Behind the BLITZY BUG Zap
The BLITZY BUG Zap is designed to encourage bugs to fly towards it and then die on the electric coils. We'll explore the science behind this phenomenon.

First, many bug zappers use ultraviolet (UV) light to attract mosquitos and other bugs. Scientists believe bugs associate UV light with food sources - like humans. They fly towards it hoping to get an easy meal.

However, some studies have shown that bugs also fly towards visible light, including purple light like the light used on the BLITZY BUG Zap. Bugs may associate visible light with food sources. They also use visible light for navigation. Bugs use the sun and moon to navigate their surroundings, which is why you see bugs clustered around light sources at night, confused because they can't find their way. They think large lights are the sun or moon, and it messes with their built-in navigation systems.

Devices like the BLITZY BUG Zap aim to confuse the navigation systems of bugs in a similar way. The BLITZY BUG Zap displays a light in front of bugs, and bugs fly towards it. They think the purple LED is food, so they try to land on it and eat it.

Instead of eating food, however, bugs encounter the electric coils that surround the BLITZY BUG Zap's purple LED. The electric coil causes electricity to surge into the bug's body, frying it instantly.

Science has validated the use of light-based mosquito zapping systems. In this study, for example, researchers tested different types of light to see what mosquitos preferred. Researchers found that mosquitos tended to fly towards ultraviolet (UV) light while ignoring red and yellow light in the visible spectrum entirely. Some people add red or yellow lights to their backyard or porch to keep bugs away for that reason. The study did not analyze the purple light used on the BLITZY BUG Zap.

BLITZYBUG Helps Control Mosquito Dangers.

The buying decision eventually comes down to individual consumers. But at its core, all mosquito killers work to address the same root dangers associated with the troubling pests.

You have likely heard that mosquitoes tend to infect people with malaria and even the Zika virus. Not all mosquitoes spread dangerous illnesses, especially in many non-tropical parts of the world. But this does not mean that the risk doesn't persist. It's extremely dangerous to allow mosquitoes to regularly sting you, according to the WHO.

Of course, these diseases are mostly troubling for people in more exotic areas, and your odds of getting infected by something like that in the US are extremely slim. Still, even without such issues, bug bites are itchy and annoying, and children are even more negatively impacted by the constant bug bites associated with hot nights.

Also, there are quite a few people who are allergic to something in the mosquito bite, and the itching and swelling that follow the bites can get nothing less than unbearable. And, as we already established, different salves, lotions, sprays, and alike, can help - but more often than not, you are damaging your skin by using them, and they sometimes don't work anyway.

Not to mention that mosquitos and other bugs can become immune to such products. In the end, you end up living in a toxic environment where the toxins harm you more than they harm the bugs they are meant to kill.

BLITZYBUG is a powerful mosquito zapper that uses ultraviolet light to attract, trap and kill flying insects safely and effectively. Found exclusively at only, the BLITZYBUG insect zapper is the hottest UV light mosquito killer on the market this summer and was recently voted the number one flying bug zapping device to have this season.

By now, everyone knows summer has come. For many of us, this means fun at the beach, barbeques in the backyard, and exciting nights of drinking and carrying on with friends. But the increase in heat also often leads to an unwanted invader in the home and the outdoors: mosquitoes. Far from a benign annoyance, mosquitoes and other airborne insects can create serious medical problems because of the diseases they often carry. That is where the BLITZY BUG comes into play as a natural, safe and effective home solution for indoor and outdoor bug control that can lure, trap and kill mosquitoes with minimal effort and maximum comfort.

Prior to the innovations in ultraviolet light bug zapping devices, most people have just accepted that bugs often invade and ruin our fun on these cozy summer nights outdoors. We scratch when bitten, we try to make them go away by waving our hands around, and we even pay for expensive bug zappers, sprays, and insect repellents that make the entire house smell funny. Now, the threat of mosquito dangers has seen a heightened increase in worrisome outcomes due to the risk of mosquitoes transmitting coronavirus-like diseases.

It is safe to say that using an ultraviolet UV light bug zapper to trap and kill mosquitoes is a bet worth making as not only will users enjoy a more comfortable and itch-less experience, but dramatically reduce the exposure to these blood sucking insects. For most, despite all of our valiant efforts, the pesky itchy bites just often don't seem to stop, and using all those chemicals creates a toxic environment that is undoubtedly bad for you, your children, and even your pets.

So, is there nothing that can be done about it? Are we bound to keep suffering constant bites and itches throughout the summer, every summer?
Fortunately, the answer is no. There is a way to get rid of them for real this time, and it has nothing to do with sprays or bug repellents. Instead, you can simply get a BLITZYBUG and forget about the annoying insects. The unique new device is making waves within the pest control industry. Find out everything you need to know about BLITZYBUG in today's comprehensive review to find out if the BLITZY BUG Insect Zapper is the right mosquito killing trap for flying bug control this summer or if it should be called the Buzz B-unlegit.
Pros of BLITZYBUG Zap:
There're lots of advantages of using this device over all other insect-killing methods in the market. Some of the notable ones include:

Many people often shy away from electrical devices due to their fear of noise. Well, if you've been worried about that, I can assure you that it's not necessary. You can plug this device into a power source, but it doesn't make noise while working. Given the portable design, you should know that it operates quietly as well. That's why you can keep it close to you even while you sleep.

Safe for all users
There's no hidden chemical in BLITZYBUG, and it doesn't emit harmful substances either. This is why I prefer this product because users are safe from harm. Many mosquito repellents in the market often cause one health issue or another if you inhale them mistakenly. Sometimes, they can cause you to sneeze uncontrollably or even develop catarrh without notice. The chemicals in them are so harsh that they affect your respiratory system. But with the BLITZY BUG Zap, you're never going to face any danger.

Operates in a simple way
This device is a natural insect killer that follows a simple process to operate. It uses a UV light that it produces to attract the insects and further dehydrate them, thereby killing them instantly. Everything it needs to work is in-built. Buzz Zap doesn't require any action from you except to plug it into a power source.

Can be used anywhere
Another advantage worth mentioning is that the BLITZY BUG Zap is a device you can use both inside and outside your home. Anyone can carry it to where they want to go, and since you can even plug it into your phone, locating a power source won't be a problem. This simple capability is worth more than anything. Most of the sprays and other repellents are only suitable for indoor protection against mosquitoes. But you can use this zapper anywhere you wish to stay or even camp.


Cons of BLITZYBUG Zap:
BLITZYBUG Zap is not effective in wide areas
This is one of the downsides of this insect-killing device. It is more effective when you keep it closer to one user and not for a whole room. The implication is that you may need to buy more than one zapper if the space is wide. Well, most people may consider that very challenging.

It's not available in the market
If you're planning to buy this product anywhere else instead of the official website, you can't find it. Buzz Zap is only available on the manufacturer's website. That's where you can place your order and hope to get it. Right now, they've not released the product to online marketplaces such as Amazon. So, it is very limiting to many people who want to buy it.

Purchasing BLITZYBUG
Consumers who are interested in purchasing this product have a limited number of options. As of now, BLITZYBUG is only available on the official product website. As part of an ongoing promotion, users are able to save quite a bit of money when they bundle several devices together. A blanket discount is also available.

Current purchasing packages for BLITZYBUG include:

1 BLITZYBUG: $39.99
2 BLITZYBUG: $79.98
3 BLITZYBUG: $89.98 (Highest Savings!)
4 BLITZYBUG: $109.97
Users can pay for their devices securely on the official website using PayPal and most major American credit or debit cards.

Where to Buy BLITZYBUG

Unfortunately, this product is not currently available on Amazon, eBay, or other online retailers. The devices are also not sold in traditional brick and mortar stores, which means that users will have to buy their BLITZYBUG bug killers from the official BLITZYBUG website. Some mosquito killers will be available at Home Depot, and other bug killers are sold at Lowe's and other physical home-care stores. This isn't a major cause for concern, but it might be an important consideration for consumers who want to maximize their savings using Amazon Prime or shopping for extra deals on eBay.


Frequently Asked Questions About BLITZYBUG

The bug killer industry is infamous for the unlegits and ineffective, overpriced products often promoted within it. This section will dispel rumors as we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about BLITZYBUG and see how to get the most out of UV light mosquito trap zappers.

Q: Where is BLITZYBUG sold?
A: As of right now, users can only buy BLITZYBUG from the official product website. In the future, this device may be sold on Amazon, eBay, or in physical stores such as Lowe's or Home Depot. But for the time being, consumers who want to try BLITZYBUG must buy the device from its website.

Q: Who created BLITZYBUG?
A: The company behind this innovative new mosquito killer is Strong Current Enterprises, Ltd. This Hong Kong company has been the subject of several of this site's recent reviews. They're particularly known for their gadgets and technological tools, which have gained popularity this year within the United States.

Q: How does BLITZYBUG work?
A: This device's method of killing mosquitoes is simple and effective. It employs a bright LED light to draw mosquitoes close enough to be sucked into the reservoir by a powerful suction fan. Once the pesky bugs are stuck inside BLITZYBUG, they're quickly dehydrated until they die.

A: Absolutely not. Reviews consistently suggest that BLITZYBUG is quite a bit quieter than traditional bug zappers, which can be loud and distracting. There might be a slight noise from the BLITZYBUG's fan as it sucks insects in, but this noise is likely significantly less loud than zappers.

Q: Does BLITZYBUG smell bad?
A: There should be little to no smell coming from the BLITZYBUG device. If consumers leave dead flies or mosquitoes inside of the reservoir for too long, this could lead to a gross smell. The way to avoid this is to regularly empty and wash out the inside of the device as it's being used.

Q: Is BLITZYBUG dangerous or toxic?
A: No. This device uses no electrical shocks, so consumers don't need to worry about keeping it out of the hands of children or pets. It also uses no chemicals, so there's no danger of long-term negative effects of use.


BLITZYBUG is quickly becoming one of the most popular alternative solutions to the age-old problem of mosquitoes in the summer. Consumers should be careful to protect themselves from the dangers posed by mosquitoes and other flying insects. The patented BLITZYBUG model manages to kill mosquitoes all day long without the use of chemicals or electrical shocks.


The summer is here, and so are the flying bugs that bite, itch and drive consumers insane. It is a wonder how such small insects and bugs can have such a dramatic impact on overall enjoyable experiences this summer. However, with the BLITZYBUG, consumers fighting odds and chances have increased with the use of this ultraviolet light mosquito zapper as you don't have to suffer their presence any longer. Get BLITZYBUG today, and buy as many flying insect zapping and mosquito killing devices as you need to keep yourself and your family unbothered by these god-awful bugs and similar annoying creatures that can ruin a perfectly good night with their inhumane biting functions.

The BLITZYBUG device is perfectly safe and harmless to humans, pets, or anything other than bugs that are small enough to get sucked into the device once they approach it. There are no chemicals, just a light to attract them, and a fan to suck them in. Plug in one or more of these devices straight out of the box, and have your summers bug-free from now on.

As far as the BLITZYBUG unlegit concerns users have openly asked online, there seems to be very little reservation or hesitation about the effectiveness of this trending insect zapper. The BLITZY BUG company is solid, the UV light mosquito zapping device is only increasing in demand and the introductory pricing options will only be available for so long.

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