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Blast Portable AC Reviews 2021: Should I Buy Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

11-17-2021 11:16 AM CET | Advertising, Media Consulting, Marketing Research

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Blast Portable AC Reviews

Blast Portable AC Reviews

Blast auxiliary Portable AC is an affordable, lightweight and efficient personal air conditioner that is capable of bringing the much desired relief we need during the summer. The blast auxiliary AC company has put in much effort to synthesize an efficient, compact and portable air conditioner that will fall within everybody's budget. Our blast portable AC reviews was composed to guide you make an informed decision as you search for the most efficient AC to make life worth living during the hot summer season. 

The most prominent seasons in a year are the winter and summer. They come with lots of discomfort and benefits as well. While we resort to wearing thick clothes and covering ourselves with thick blankets to keep out cold during the winter, the reverse is the case during the summer. We put on light clothes, threw away our blankets and look for a reliable air conditioner to bring down the temperature to a desired level. There are traditional air conditioners out there but they will never take the place of an ultra portable AC like the ones manufactured by blast auxiliary companies.

The good thing is that you won't have to spend extra cash on electricity if you opt for a portable AC and you can take yours to any place that pleases you. 

Amidst the summer season of arid zones, high outdoor air temperature due to immense radiation from the sun and relatively lower humidity are prevalent. When this happens, the next action in line will be discomfort sensations and heat stress as we all will expect from the onset. people are therefore advised to take every precaution when going outside in hot summer to protect their health and also, are advised to keep with them a cooling device in the rooms and living to reduce the harshness of the weather and make your summer holidays enjoyable and that's one the best reason BLAST AUXILIARY PORTABLE AC review is at your best disposal to help u explore this awesome device.

A very high temperature and constantly low  humidity levels during the summer season pose a great threat to our comfort and summer Lovers. Since the invention of personal Portable AC in modern society, the need for the traditional AC has been on a decline as alternatives which include Blast Auxiliary Portable AC. Personal ACs have contributed to low electricity bills and also, have relaxed the stress of rigorous maintenance associated with the traditional ACs. Portable air conditioners will give you everything you need at a fraction of the price charged for traditional ACs. It is also very easy to maintain and use, no technical skills required here. 

Blast portable AC is the newest and most reliable air conditioner tested by our team. It brings maximum comfort and tranquillity to both the body and the mind. You can adjust the settings to suit the heat of the weather at each moment. It comes with different modes which you can select from depending on the level of temperature. It works rapidly, requiring only a few minutes to lower the temperature of the surroundings. Keep reading this blast portable AC reviews to know more about this mind blowing air conditioner. 

What is Blast Portable AC (Blast Portable AC Reviews)

Blast auxiliary portable AC is a lightweight and easy to use portable air conditioner. It has the ability to reduce the temperature of the weather bringing it down to the lowest level depending on the users desires. It serves as an air filter, regular fan and as a humidifier. It comes with an air filter that removes unwanted particles in the air making it very safe for your respiratory system.

The environment harbours a lot of substances which are continuously striving to gain access into our body for survival. The air is one good medium where a lot of germs are suspended. These germs are constantly seeking for entrance into a living body where they will be able to drive nutrients for survival. Your blast auxiliary portable air conditioner can prevent these organisms from gaining access through its effective air filter that removes them from the air you breathe. 

Also, your blast portable AC has a regular fan mode which has different speed levels. You can turn it from low to medium to high depending on what pleases you at each moment. This is particularly important in preserving the battery. The higher the speed the faster the battery drainage. Blast portable AC gives you the opportunity to either increase or decrease the speed of the fan. Thus, if the temperature is high, select the lowest speed to conserve the battery. If the temperatures are high, you can switch to the highest speed for rapid and efficient cooling of the environment.

It also has a humidifier mode to introduce some cool moisture into the air. Hence, you won't face the problem of dry air and its associated health problems. The air is mostly dried out during the winter, losing its moisture and freshness. The lack of humidity in the air causes a variety of respiratory problems, including cracked lips, nosebleeds, coughs, and snoring. With the Blast Auxiliary Portable Humidifier, the air in your home will no longer be dry. Moisture would be present in the air, providing you with a steady supply of fresh air. In the event that your home or office gets dry during the summer, you can conveniently turn on your blast AC to raise the humidity to normal level.  

Who needs Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

As the summer heat is getting higher every year, we need portable air conditioner. The rate at which we introduce pollutants into our environment is alarming and all efforts made by environmental scientists and other great researchers to bring it down has ended in futility. These pollutants especially industrial gasses and wastes contribute heavily to the level of green house gasses. As these gasses increase, the environmental temperature increases as well. Thus, the best way to keep ourselves protected is by having an efficient AC installed in our house or a portable AC that can be taken to any place of our choice.

Blast portable AC is an outstanding portable AC for personal satisfaction during the hot summer. It has gained wide recognition among consumers and it is currently trending in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and so many other countries.

Even though the hot summer weather is an excellent excuse to spend time outdoors, it is clear that the majority of us will soon be cooped up in our homes. Coupled with the fact that most national weather services predict a scorching summer, possibly one of the hottest in decades, the hot summer days would be unbearable unless you have air conditioning in your home. And you know exactly what that means. The air conditioning would have to be turned on.

Our air conditioners will have to be on all of the time in our homes and apartments. This will result in a tremendous increase in our electricity bills. If you are using traditional AC during the summer, you ought not be disappointed by the electric bills. It is a consequence of the air conditioner that is being turned on almost all the time. Blast portable AC is a perfect choice for everybody during the summer. It is very portable and easy to use. It brings the much needed cool and fresh air. 

Rather than going to air-conditioned summer schools, wonderfully cooled offices, or parks and beaches, we'll spend much of our time at home. Because the Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Conditioner is now affordable! The BLAST AUXILIARY PORTABLE AC lets you track the conditions for better work, leisure, and relaxation, whether you need a break from the sun or prefer cooler temperatures while sleeping. Another huge plus to this gadget is that it adds fresh cool moisture to the air you breathe. With blast auxiliary portable AC, you will never have irritated eyes, nosebleed, dermatitis, and other respiratory system problems associated with dry air. It is pretty much efficient and better than its competitors. 

Blast Portable AC Features

Lightweight and compact: Blast portable AC is very compact and portable. You can take it to any place of your choice. Most of us likes travelling, hanging out with friends during the summer. Hence it becomes very necessary that we own a movable AC that can provide us with cool fresh air anywhere we are. Blast portable AC is the best choice for anybody looking for an ultra portable air conditioner to make his (her) summer an enjoyable moment. 

Very easy to use and operate: Blast portable AC is very simple and easy to use. There are no technical skills required here. All you need to do is to wash the water curtain regularly and air-dry it. This will ensure that the curtain is effective in removing unwanted particles in the air. Also, you will have to regularly refill the water tank to ensure that the air is well moisturized. 

Cools the air using an eco-friendly evaporative method: Blast auxiliary portable AC uses evaporative method to cool the air which is environmentally friendly. There is no risk of introducing any harmful substances into the air. Blast portable AC takes in hot dry air and replaces it with cool humid air through the method of evaporation. 

Humidifies the air: It introduces cool moisture to the air to prevent dryness. This is very important for those having respiratory system disorders like asthma. Also, if you want to protect yourself from such health challenges, get a portable AC humidifier like blast portable AC. It will make the air you breathe completely perfect and safe. 

No cord required: Blast portable AC does not require any cord to work. This reduces the risk of cord cluttering. The only time you get to attach a cord to blast portable AC is during charging. You need to plug it into any sufficient power source to recharge the battery to fullness after which you remove the cord and take your AC to your office or anywhere you wish. 

Three fan speed: Blast auxiliary portable AC has three fan speed. Low, medium and high. This gives you the opportunity to customize the cooling experience. Summer temperature is far from being constant. It fluctuates regularly. You can adjust the fan speed of your Blast portable AC any time it increases or decreases. Also, we have different desires at any moment, if you want to cool your office or home faster, you can easily adjust the speed level of your AC.

Adjustable louvers: You can adjust the louvers to direct the air flow from the AC. In addition to increasing or decreasing the speed, you also have to adjust the louvers to further customize the air flow. You can infer that blast portable AC gives you the ability to control the air in your surroundings. 

Why is it special? (Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews)

There are lots of online blast portable AC reviews which testified how good and efficient this air conditioner is. The rate at which customers are ordering for the product from different countries including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and other countries is high which resulted in limited stock. Blast auxiliary AC is very very affordable despite maintaining high end features. Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is a beautiful, soothing, icy personal air cooling system that lets you beat the summer heat all year long. You will avoid dumping money into the electric company's bottomless pit by purchasing it! The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC has shown that staying cool and comfortable this summer and every summer after that just costs pennies.

This tiny cube literally sips electricity in comparison to the big, heavy, power-hungry AC units we've always used. It can be put almost anywhere you want quiet, fresh air, and it even cools your personal space! With Blast Auxiliary Portable AC in your neighborhood, you won't have to run your home air conditioning all day and night, wasting your money. So, if you want to beat the heat this summer, get a Blast Auxiliary Portable AC right away! You should take one with you everywhere you go to avoid the suffocating, humidifying, and inconvenient summer heat. You should put one in the kids' bed to keep them from sweating when they sleep. You should put it on your desk when you're working.

Technical details of Blast Portable AC

There are lots of facts about blast portable AC which left mouths of customers widely open. The cooling options for this ventilation box include adjustable louvers that direct the flow of cool air to the desired locations. This is a versatile device, which may be used as a traditional fan or to provide a cool breeze, depending on the user's preferences. It is a humidifier in addition to this. Clogged sinuses and dry air can make it difficult for a user to breathe, especially if the person has a condition like sinusitis or a stuffy nose. If that's the case, a Blast Portable AC may be helpful.

The Blast Portable AC is capable of producing a high volume of cold air in a short amount of time! After which the users will begin inhaling ice-cold air without limits. The fan's speed can be modified. The user can customize the product to the person's desired level of comfort. There is nothing in the background. There will be no annoying fan noise to get in the way of the user's purpose. The dimensions are compact and light. It comes with a handle for easy transport. When it is empty, it weighs less than two pounds

Benefits of using Blast Auxiliary AC Portable

You can take your AC to anywhere that pleases you. Unlike, traditional air conditioner that are installed  in the house and never moves an inch, portable AC can be taken anywhere and anytime. 

Low cost of maintenance: With blast auxiliary portable AC, you will spend less on electric bills. You won't have to always turn on your big power consuming AC. Your portable AC will provide you comfort without adding to your bills. The only time you get to spend money on your AC is when you want to replace the filter. This should be done every six to eight months. 

No noise: Blast auxiliary portable AC does not generate discomforting noise as you would have other ACs do. It is very quiet. You can concentrate on whatever you are doing even when blast portable AC is positioned next to you. It won't disturb your sleep or wake your children up at night. 

Special discount: For every order placed on the official website of the manufacturer, you will get a 50% discount. Also as the number of units increases, the discount gets higher per unit blast portable AC. Do not miss this benefit! 
Check availability at the official website:

Hassle-free refund: it is very unlikely that you won't be satisfied with this AC. However, there is no guarantee that everybody will like and that's why the producer included a 30 day money back guarantee on every purchase. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and apply for refund. This process is hassle free. You will get your money back immediately. 

How does it work? 

The mechanism of action of this cooling system is very simple and straightforward. It works like every other evaporative cooler. Blast portable AC takes in hot dry air and replace it with cool fresh air free from germs. This what evaporative coolers with special filters do. The filter sieves out the debris and germs suspended in the air while the thermoelectric part causes evaporation of water which in turn lowers the temperature of the surrounding air. Blast auxiliary portable AC comes with high quality rechargeable lithium ion batteries that can last for several hours after a single charge. This earns you the opportunity to use your AC throughout the night after charging it during the day.

It takes only few hours to charge. The rechargeable battery provides the electric current that powers the thermoelectric component of AC. This electric energy generated by the battery is converted into a heat energy which will cause evaporation of the water inside the tank. This evaporating water takes away the heat in the air and also humidifies the surrounding. This process is energy efficient. This is why blast portable AC is indisputably a better option than the traditional AC. It saves cost on electricity. This has been confirmed by many online blast portable AC reviews.

Also, it has different modes and fan speed which can be customized according to the desires of the user. It is very easy to operate, you won't need any technical skills to get your fan working.

Pros (Blast portable AC reviews)

There are numerous good qualities of blast portable AC. They include:

Health benefit: It filters away germs that can cause different respiratory tract infections. Most of the diseases of respiratory tract comes from the air. This is because the trachea, bronchi and the lungs are exposed to them. They move directly into the alveoli of the lungs where gaseous exchange takes place. There numerous immune defence that protect us against these germs but sometimes they can be overwhelmed. Hence, there is need to reduce the risk of getting infected. Blast portable AC comes with a filter that can remove these germs to help you stay protected and remain in a healthy state. 

Long lasting rechargeable battery: Any device that comes with rechargeable battery gain trust from consumers. This is because nobody wants to invest in a gadget that sucks. Once the battery runs down fast, it will be pretty much boring. We are glad to bring to your notice that almost all the online blast portable AC reviews from customers are about the battery quality. Most lived it because it is efficient and and the battery is long lasting. It won't even take long to charge but it lasts for several hours. You will enjoy and endless stream of fresh cool air as long as you are using blast auxiliary portable AC reviews.

Also, frequent charging does not affect the battery power storage capacity. Most rechargeable batteries tend to decrease after charging them multiple times. You can charge blast portable AC battery over and over again without losing its quality. There are many other upsides of blast portable AC like low cost, lightweight, air filtering which have been mentioned in this blast portable AC reviews. Now, let's take a look at the downsides of this AC.  

Cons (blast portable AC review)

Not available in stores: The producer warned that their product is not available in any store. Hence anybody that wants to buy their original product should proceed to their official website to make a purchase. This does not go well with many customers because they want to see and feel the product before pulling out their credit cards to make purchase. However, if you are familiar with purchasing products online, you won't have any problem here. Also, there is a thirty day money back guarantee for every unsatisfied customer. Refund is completely hassle-free. 

Replace water curtain: You will have to spend a little cash here. It comes with water curtain that needs to be cleaned regularly. This helps to prevent germs trapped in the curtain from multiplying. This might seem to be a herculean task but it will benefit you more. Also, after every six months, you should replace the water curtain. You may need to buy it with extra bucks from your pocket. 

Limited stock: There are only few ACs left as at the time of writing this blast portable AC reviews. This is due to the high rate at which consumers are ordering the AC. Thus, if you are thrilled with what you have read so far, do not hesitate to order for your own blast portable AC from the official product page. 
Get yours from the official product page:

Blast portable AC consumer reports 

"I was a little bit sceptical about the entire claim about this product but it all turned out to be true. Now, I can enjoy cool fresh air in my room without spending huge amount of money on electricity. It cools room fast and I love it. My children seem to love it too. I will be getting more for them. " (Kam G. CA) 

"I love that it is very affordable and easy to maintain. I'm not techy and as always, I don't enjoy anything that requires technical skills. But blast portable AC is very easy to use and operate. The user guide manual is also very helpful. The first time I washed the water curtain, I was little confused and I had to look at the manual for guide. It is well simplified" (Tina H. WA) 

"Due to the age of my house, I will not be able to afford to install a good AC unit, thus I'm stuck with the current setup. However, this Blast Portable AC doesn't cost me much, all I have to do is just plug it in and have it filled with water. It's an absolute godsend!" (Josh M. UK) 

"It is very affordable and pretty cheap. I have one for my home but I will be ordering for another one for my office. Though it is more of a personal AC, it serves me and my kids well. I won't hesitate to recommend it for anyone looking for an efficient and affordable AC for this summer. It also has a good battery, takes only three hours to charge but lasts throughout the night" (Ann K. AU) 

Frequently Asked Questions (blast auxiliary portable AC reviews)

Question: Is blast auxiliary portable AC noisy?

Answer: No, it is not noisy and does not cause any form of distractions. You can place your AC on the table and read your books comfortably without any distractions. It won't also wake you up from sleep. It is pretty cool for both adults and kids irrespective of what you are doing. 

Question: Where is the safest place to buy blast portable AC? 

Answer: The best place to buy blast portable AC is from the official website of the producer. You stand to get 50% discount on every purchase and your purchase is covered by 30 day money back guarantee. Below is the prices of blast portable AC at the official website:

One Blast Portable AC - $89.99
Two Blast Portable ACs - $179.98
Three Blast Portable ACs - $202.48
Four Blast Portable ACs - $247.47

If you are having any challenges with your product delivery, you can contact the customer service support at

Question: How do I setup blast portable

AC? Answer: It is very easy to setup and use. All you need to do is plug it in and allow your device to charge and run. There is an explicit user manual that comes with every blast portable AC order. Follow the instructions there for more details.

Question: How many persons can blast portable AC cool? 

Answer: Blast auxiliary portable AC is more of a personal air conditioner. It best recommended that each blast auxiliary portable AC is used to cool a personal working space like office or room. However, if you have a bigger room that can accommodate more persons, your blast portable AC can cool the temperature for everyone's benefit in the room. 

Final remark on Blast portable Air Conditioner  

There are numerous portable AC out there but not all have gained wide recognition among consumers. Blast auxiliary portable AC reviews online and numerous testimonials have confirmed how efficient blast portable AC is. It is very affordable and easy to operate. It has the capacity to humidify and purify the air you breathe which strengthens your health. You will never be inconvenienced by harshness of the summer heat neither will you suffer the problems associated with dry air. The Blast Portable AC provides individual users with constant comfort, whether they are at home, at work, or on the go. It maintains their skin moist and cool in dry weather, as well as fresh and revitalized during the heat.

Even though it weighed just two pounds, it is light enough to be moved with ease. It consumes less electricity, very little water, and conserves a lot of it, which implies that an individual user can use it even if they are going to an area where water is limited. Blast auxiliary portable AC is indisputably the best option in the market. If you wish to buy one for yourself or your loved ones, go straight to the official website of the producer to buy. 

Name: Blast Auxiliary Co., Ltd
Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013
Phone: (united states and Canada) - 866-3351-618
(Australia and New Zealand) - 02 5133 5698
(United Kingdom and Ireland) - 033 081 80915

Blast Auxiliary Co. Ltd is a company that specializes in manufacturing portable air conditioners. Their product has gained wide recognition in different countries including United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada etc. The satisfactory consumer report has even earned them more trust...

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