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starting a business ,  entrepreneurship

starting a business , entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship transcends the drive for profit and popularity; it refers to a quest to drive social change, and it is that potential goal, with its lasting, and transformational benefit communally and to society that sets it apart from its counterparts. This definition appears vague and a bit ambiguous, to have a proper grasp of what social entrepreneurship means, it is important to see the root word and understand it. Entrepreneurship connotes the ability to sense and act on opportunity, it combines the skillful ability of creatively thinking outside the box to bring something new to the world. It usually involves a long passage of time before actual impact might be evident.
Although it is a common notion that the difference between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship is in the motivation, where the former is driven and motivated by money and profit, while the latter is driven by altruism, this notion might not be entirely true. Both the #entrepreneur# and social #entrepreneur# are motivated by the opportunity they see, the goal or vision they pursue, and the reward from realizing their ideas, targets, and goals.
However, the social #entrepreneur# neither anticipates nor organizes to create a financial profit or gain, rather, they aim for value, a value that transcends to benefit not just themselves or their investors: who are mainly philanthropists, but to the benefit of a significant number of members of the society or the society at large. Their targets are usually the neglected or marginalized members of the society, the margin that is usually at a political disadvantage.
Nevertheless, social entrepreneurship is not as easy as it sounds, and even if financial profit is not their drive, many social entrepreneurs have failed and wind up, due to many challenges, these challenges range from; lack of eager investors, to lack sustainability. Therefore, to succeed as a social #entrepreneur# , there is a need to know how to succeed in it. While financial profit may not be the primary goal, neither is a failure. Hence, the following top keys have been outlined as top keys to success as a social #entrepreneur#.
Social entrepreneurship is built on an innate drive to transform society at large. What aspect of society do you intend to transform? While many things seem to be lacking in society today, you cannot meet every need in society and you most certainly cannot meet the needs at the same time. Identify a need in society, a cogent, crucial, and most pressing need. In finding a need, it is not enough to know what is lacking, you must also have a solution.
For a social #entrepreneur#, you cannot afford to be quiet about that need or idea, share it, and be intentional about letting people know about the need. It’s like pitching an idea or selling a brand. This key is especially important for the next key.
As you keep talking about that need or idea, by default setting, like-minded people would join you. These people eventually become your tribe, kin, and community. In adding more people to your team, find people who care about seeing that need met, that idea actualized, people that believe in you and share your goal. Since social entrepreneurship might not bring in gazillions in currency, it’s best to have people that would encourage, support, and push you even when you feel like throwing in the towel.
For a social #entrepreneur#, integrity is everything. One of the worst ways to be an #entrepreneur# is to leave a trail of broken promises. The social #entrepreneur# goes beyond wanting to achieve personal goals, to communal or social goals. The people should trust you. This is conceivable with top-notch integrity. Yes, it is possible to have such a zenith height of integrity and honesty, it is achievable through an outlined acronym: A, B, C.
A: Accountability. As a social #entrepreneur#, have someone that you are accountable to, someone that monitors you, making sure that your words match with your actions. This person should be someone you know that you can always listen to. They are not your accountability partners, they are your accountability CEO.
B: Balance. You must be sure that there is always a way to strike a balance between your words and motives, as this would eventually be the driving force behind your actions. Why are you in this? Do you mean what you are saying? This balance is keeping yourself personally accountable, an internal check and balance.
C: Conciseness. Keep your promises short and simple. Keep your goals short and achievable. Where a goal is a long-term one, make sure you have checked it for balance, and your accountability CEO follows you upon it.
As you constantly make a practice of ABC, integrity becomes easier. When people trust you, they would also trust your words and believe in the ideas you bring.

It is often very tempting to want to start an idea with a big bang. As good as the concept is, not everyone begins with a bang. Be willing to start small, and grow big. The best products are not built in a vacuum, they are shared and developed. Be willing to learn, even on the job. The best time to start is now, and the best place to start from is right where you are.
Adaptable, resilient people probably never started that way. Resilient people were not born with an innate ability to be flexible, they are simply people who through continuous work patterns, attitudes and behaviors, allowed themselves to adapt as the needs arose. Flexibility can be deliberately practiced and developed. As you develop your ideas and work on them, be willing to be flexible. Social entrepreneurship is created to solve social needs and these needs evolve with time. Be willing to be flexible and adapt to the times.

Although we have established that the primary goal of social entrepreneurship is not financial gain, if you must succeed, think as one running a business with something to lose. Because, you do have a lot to lose, your good name, the name of the investors who believed in you, and of course not to mention the entire goal and plan are at stake. Also, in thinking like a business, don’t just wait for charity donations, have a sustainable plan of raising capital for yourself.
How would you be differentiated from other brands? You will have to reach out to people and connect with them. Have a brand that is unique to you and what you represent as a social #entrepreneur#. It is also to your advantage if your brand is catchy to the eyes, something that strikes a chord and leaves lingering memories.
9. Leverage Technology
Research the best technology software and hardware for starting a business. Take advantage and leverage the power of technology. Information technology would help promote your brand and fulfill your immediate short- term goals as a startup. Bring in people that are tech savvy on board. There are a lot of great freelancing sites where you can find talented IT people.
As a social #entrepreneur#, there would be bad days, days you would wonder if it’s worth it at all, you would probably feel lost, and there might be failures along the way. Constantly remember your mission, remember why you started in the first place. Reckon the joy that you felt when that idea came, the sugar rush, the surge, and keep moving forward.

The social #entrepreneur# responds to societal needs with ideas that can solve it and generate profit as well.
The social #entrepreneur# must diligently observe to do even beyond the keys outlined to make his or her idea yield the envisaged results.

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Robert Moment is a results-driven certified social + emotional intelligence coach and trainer and certified peak performance coach and author of the game changing #entrepreneur# mindset Special Report titled, “5 New Words That Will Change The Way You Think About Achieving Business Success

Robert specializes in helping entrepreneurs overcome self-limiting beliefs, fears and imposter syndrome using the power of high emotional intelligence and peak performance coaching to be your authentic self, living inspired doing what you love scaling to a 6 or 7 figure business.

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