Facebook unblocks Net Diatom

02-04-2022 09:07 AM CET | IT, New Media & Software

Press release from: Net Diatom LP

Facebook skips out on mediation, pretends they never took action

It was no secret that netdiatom.com was blocked for over 2 years across Facebook Inc's platforms forcing the company to rebrand under netdiatom.org. Net Diatom, a Midwest based web development firm, has had trouble with Facebook's unfair domain name blockage since 2019.

Chief Partner Jeremy D Higgs sued Facebook over the issue in 2021 and still has a pending court date in April 2022. Higgs and Net Diatom contacted sorbs after investigating what may have caused Facebook to initially block the domain and they noticed an IP address associated with netdiatom.com had made it to a blacklist. After the contact to The Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS) in July 2021, netdiatom.com was no longer listed as an error had mistakenly classified the domain name as spam. Fast forward now to February 2022 and netdiatom.com can now finally be used on the social media giants platform and is no longer miscatagorized on SORBS blacklist.

Net Diatom still plans to take the open case to California court for lost revenue and rebranding costs/setbacks caused by Facebook's decision to block the website.

"After the rebranding of Facebook to Meta recently, we noticed our original domain name is now able to be published on the platform suddenly, and all support communication saved on Facebook appears to have been mysteriously deleted." Stated Higgs.

It is unclear when Facebook made these changes but all of the reports and communication between Higgs and Facebook support has been deleted and the support inbox is now empty.

"They didn't show up for mediation in October in the California court case and we tested the domain at that time, and we were still blocked." Assured Higgs.

Net Diatom has prepared recordings and screenshots along with user testimonies which add a timeline to the unfair blocks that occured between Dec 3 2019 and Feb 1 2022 by Facebook.

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