Double-Page Spread? (© pinkomelet /
Double-Page Spread? (© pinkomelet /

A double-page spread refers to an article or an advertisement that appears in a newspaper, magazine or other print media that covers two pages that are facing each other. In other words, the article or advertisement spans across two pages. If a double-page spread is placed in the middle of a newspaper or magazine, it is known as a center spread. This article discuss a double-page spread and the reasons why it is beneficial.

If you have ever thumbed through a magazine or a newspaper and found yourself looking at an article or an advertisement that spreads across two pages, you have seen a double-page spread. This type of spread is very common, and it can be highly beneficial for a marketer.

The Benefit of a Double-Page Spread

The most distinct advantage of a double-page spread is quite obvious: it is highly visible.

Articles or advertisements that span across two pages are much more eye-catching to viewers, which means that they are more likely to grab their attention and make them do a more in-depth analysis of it. Single-page advertisements and articles can be attention-grabbing, too, but they must be much more visually appealing and contain captive headlines to illicit the same amount of attention as a double-page spread.

OpenPR-Tip: For advertisers, a double-page spread is a great way to build brand awareness, to inform the public of the products and services that a business offers, and it can even help to build a company’s reputation. In turn, a double-page spread can lead to more sales and increased success.

The Disadvantage of a Double-Page Spread

There is one downside to this type of spread: it can be costly. Since they take up more space, require more text or larger and more captivating images, this type of print is more expensive than single page advertisements or articles. However, if it is done correctly, the expense can be well worth your while, as it can generate more business for your establishment, thus allowing for a good return on your investment. Depending on your business and your budget, having an article or advertisement printed across two pages can be well worth your while.


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