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Video Bomb definition

Video Bomb  (© BitsandSplits /

Video Bomb (© BitsandSplits /

A video bomb (also known as video bombing) refers to a phenomenon in which a person or persons make an unexpected appearance in a video. That person or those people were not intended to be in the video by the person who is operating the camera rather, they appear on their own accord. Often, a video bomb is done as a practical joke towards the person recording or the subjects.

A video bomb is a relatively new phrase. It involves a person or a group of people entering the filming area of a video. These people or this person enters the filming area on purpose, without the knowledge of the camera person or the subjects who are intentionally being filmed. Often, the purpose of a video bomb is to deliberately create a video that has the potential to go viral.

A Further Explanation of a Video Bombing

A video bomb occurs when a third party purposely interferes with a video. That interference shifts the attention of viewers off the person or subject that was supposed to be the subject of the video onto the person or the party that is conducting the video bomb.

Examples of a Video Bomb

A video bomb can be as simple as someone jumping into the frame and making loud noises, strange actions, or lewd comments. It could also be more dramatic, involving an elaborate plan; for instance, the individual might wear a costume or shout a loud chant.

In some instances, video bombs are a haphazard occurrence. In other words, the video bomb was not planned out by the person or the individuals, but rather the individual or group saw the video being recorded and decided to interject. In other cases, a video bomb is planned. The individual or group of people may have learned when a video was going to be recorded in advance and staged a “bombing”, planning to be in the location at the exact time that the video was going to be recorded and bringing props or other items along with them.

openPR-Tip: For example, an activist might have heard that a news agency was going to record a segment about the building of a new business that a lot of controversy has surrounded. The video was intended to be positive for the business, but the person who does the video bomb appears in the filming area, interrupting the filming with signs that are against the building of the business and shouting about the negatives of the business.

Viral Video Bombs

Video bombs have become commonplace in recent years. With the advent of video sharing on social media, many people are looking to earn their “five minutes of fame” and choose to video bomb as a way to make a video go viral. In doing so, the individual or group of people that did the video bombing can attract attention for themselves and become “internet famous”. There have been several instances when video bombed videos have gone viral, turning everyday people into instant stars.