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News Reporter (© Wellphoto /

Want to become a news reporter? This is a great job with a lot of benefits. Not only does it bring a certain amount of fame (without being invasive) but it is also highly paid and with lots of flexibility and security. But it’s a competitive industry, so how do you get into it?

The best way to become a reporter is to start by taking a journalism degree. If you are older, then there are other journalism qualifications and courses that you can take online in order to bulk up a CV.

From there, there are additionally other things you can do to get noticed. For instance, you can try taking acting classes which can help to improve your speaking voice and physical presence. Likewise, you can try learning elocution. Learning to write and research can also be useful – as this will be part of the job depending on the precise nature of the role.

Some things that can help your general presentation skills

  • Speak more slowly – most of us rush when we talk which makes us feel appear nervous and which can increase the likelihood of errors
  • Gesticulate – By using broader bodylanguage, you show that your body and mind are more coherent and this suggests enthusiasm. It has actually been shown to correlate with perceived ‘charisma’.
  • Animate – Another reason that big gesticulations work is that the camera saps ‘energy’. If you think you’re being animated in real life, it will often come off as dull and lifeless on film. Make sure you don’t just speak as you normally would but rather ‘perform’ what you are saying.
OpenPR tip: Another tip is to know your industry. Being able to speak naturally on a subject is as much about knowing that topic well as it is about being a good speaker generally. In fact, this is how many personalities will eventually make the leap to presenting – by being experts in their field.

Finally, remember that today there are multiple routes to this position. You could always start out as a YouTube presenter or even create your own YouTube channel as a way to showcase your skills.


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