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Lightbox Ads definition

Lightbox Ads (© peshkov /

Lightbox Ads (© peshkov /

Lightbox ads are new offering by Google and are part of the Google AdSense program. These ads have become quite popular with consumers as well as advertisers because of the way that they engage the audience. In this article, we are going to cover the benefits of this new form of advertising on AdSense, as well as how the lightbox ads work. If you own a business or are in marketing or advertising, you will want to consider lightbox ads for your next campaign.

What are Lightbox Ads?

Lightbox ads are interactive ads that are part of the Google AdSense program, intended to draw attention and then engage the customer by expanding and filling the screen, playing a video or offering the consumer a series of images to click through, all of which are intended to pass on the advertiser message in a more effective way that is also pleasant for the consumer. You can create a lightbox ad through the Google AdSense dashboard.

There are some pretty big benefits to using lightbox ads. Because of the way that Google has designed this new product, you can use lightbox to connect with your target customers by using the entire display network targeting parameters available to you. When your ad is displayed, there is a good chance that most of the people who see it are going to be interested enough to at least check out. Another advantage is that even if they choose not to check it out, you are not going to get charged, because Google runs the lightbox program the same way as a regular AdSense pay-per-click ad.

Some advertisers may be concerned that they are going to get charged simply because someone accidentally rolls over the ad and it expands, but Google has allowed for this possibility as well and will only charge you if the ad is open for three seconds or more. What that means is that the only time that you will pay for the ad being expanded is when someone is interested enough in your message to keep it open for at least three seconds.


There is no doubt that Google has one of the best advertising programs on the Internet, and many people have found success with their business using the Google AdSense program. With the lightbox program, Google now offers even more to advertisers who want to connect and engage with their audiences.