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Newspaper Article definition

Cite a Newspaper Article (© Franz Pfluegl /

Cite a Newspaper Article (© Franz Pfluegl /

When referencing an article that appears in a newspaper, it is important that the article is cited. Citing the article lets readers know where you obtained the information from and gives the author of the article credit for the information you obtained from the article.

Description: This article explains how to properly cite a newspaper article.

If you are using information that you acquired from a newspaper article in a piece of content you are writing, it is important that you cite the article. Doing so lets the readers of your content know where you obtained your information from, gives credit to the author of the article, and allows you to avoid being charged with plagiarism.

There are a number of formats that can be used to cite a newspaper article. Below, we outline how to create a citation in APA and MLA formats, as they are the two most commonly used formats.

Citing a Newspaper Article in APA Format

APA style is the format used by the American Psychological Association to document sources used in writing. It is generally used by social sciences, such as psychology, sociology, and anthropology, as well as the field of education; however a number of other fields use APA style.

The format structure for citing newspaper article in APA format is as follows:

  • Printed articles. Author’s last name, author’s first initial. (year, month, date of the article). Title of the article. Title of the newspaper, p.

(the “p.” above stands for the page number(s) the article was located on in the newspaper).

  • Online newspaper article. Author’s last name, author’s first initial. (year, month date of the article). Title of the article. Title of the newspaper, retrieved from URL of the newspaper’s homepage.

(an example of retrieved from URL would be

Citing a Newspaper Article in MLA Style

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. It is the style that is mostly used to reference information in the humanities and liberal arts, particularly when subject pertain to literature or language.

The format for citing a newspaper article in MLA style is as follows:

  • Printed newspaper article. Last name of the author, first name or initial of the author. “Title of the article”. Name of the newspaper, edition of the newspaper, date month and year of publication, p.

(“p.” stands for the pages of the article)

  • Online newspaper articles. Last name of the author, first name or first initial of the author. “Title of the article.” Name of the newspaper, day, month and year of the online publication, URL of the website the article was found on.


If you use information from a newspaper article, it is important that you cite the article in your content. Your citation should be referenced at the end of your content in a works cited section. If you fail to cite the article that you have acquired information from, you run the risk of being penalized for plagiary. Moreover, citations make you a more credible resource.

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