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Frequent Buyer Program definition

Frequent Buyer Program (© fuzzbones /

Frequent Buyer Program (© fuzzbones /

A frequent buyer program is a version of a customer incentive program. It rewards shoppers for purchases that they have made during multiple visits to a store or a website. With each visit and purchase, customers build up their points, which will eventually give them access to rewards, such as free products or services or reduced prices.

Any marketer will tell you that it costs less money to retain a customer than it does to attract new customers. To that end, marketers and businesses alike should employ methods that encourage shoppers who have already made purchases to continue coming back to make more purchases in the future. One method that has proven to be a highly effective way to encourage repeat customers is the frequent shopper program.

What is a Frequent Buyer Program?

The goal of a frequent buyer program is threefold:

  1. to build a database of customers
  2. encourage repeat purchases from customers
  3. build customer loyalty to a business

Essentially, a frequent buyer program serves as an incentive for customers. If they continue shopping with and making purchases from a business, they will accumulate points, and those points will entitle them to certain rewards; a free product or service or reduced prices on purchases, for example.

The Benefits of a Frequency Shopper Program

Frequent buyer programs offer some distinct benefits. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Encourages future purchases. Customers are more inclined to continue shopping with and making purchases from a company that offers a frequent shopper program, as the rewards are enticing and encourage future purchases. This, in turn, can lead to more financial success for a business.
  • Builds brand awareness. Frequent shopper programs can also build brand awareness. Not only do shoppers who become part of a these programs become more familiar with a brand, but they are more likely to promote that brand via word of mouth. For example, they might share the great deals that they receive with their friends, and their friends may decide to check out the business, sign up for the frequent buyer program themselves, and make multiple purchases.
  • Builds customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is a major factor in the success of a business. Through a frequent buyer program, businesses can establish customer loyalty, as they are more likely to buy from the business that offers the program instead of a competitor.

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