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Expert Insight (© magele-picture /

Expert Insight (© magele-picture /

Just what is the opinion of an expert in sight professional? That is a difficult question to answer in today's world. In this article, we will be trying to discover exactly what the definition of an expert is as well as figuring out what sort of inside they might have into policies, procedures and rules that have to do with advertising online. We will define the term and explore it thoroughly in this article.

What is Expert Insight?

The thing that you have to understand about expert opinion – and the thing that makes it so difficult to define these days – is that the definition of an expert has changed drastically. Today, someone might be considered an expert simply because they maintain a blog about the subject matter that you need.

But when it comes to marketing insight there are two kinds of experts. The first is the expert marketer who has experience in the field and is able to advise someone not quite as experienced how they should proceed. Expert opinions from successful marketers are found all over the web, some of them following the Malcolm Gladwell rule of 10,000 hours to become an expert, and some of them with quite a bit less experience, but still valuable insight into marketing.

The other type of expert insight comes from a standard customer. Customers do not need to be an expert in anything to give you valuable insight. The only thing required is that they have a need for the product. They can give you great opinions about your marketing efforts and tell you whether a message reached them. That’s why so many people hold focus groups and consumer panels, because expert insight from people who actually buy from you is invaluable.


The bottom line is that expert insight is vital to business, and whatever your definition of an expert is, there is plenty of information out there without having to spend a lot of money or set up a focus group. However, these types of information-gathering sessions can be really useful if you aren’t able to find out anything through other means.

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