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Cleaning equipment market definition

Vacuum cleaning (© Perfectlab /

Vacuum cleaning (© Perfectlab /

The cleaning equipment market is one that is likely to remain steady and for the foreseeable future. The simple fact of the matter is that people will always need cleaning equipment to maintain hygienic homes and workplaces. But this is a much bigger and more multifaceted market than you might at first expect.

Cleaning Equipment Market

There are some industries that will always be reliable and that will always bounce back no matter what. These tend to be the markets that are linked with our most fundamental requirements as human beings. While the real-estate market certainly fluctuates, we can still be sure that it will always bounce back simply because people are always going to need a place to live!

And likewise, people will always need to clean their homes and their places of work. And this is why you can always rely on the cleaning industry and on markets such as those for cleaning equipment, to provide steady growth and income.

Types of Cleaning Equipment

There are many different types of cleaning equipment. These include the basics for cleaning the home or office, which are such things as buckets, mops, scrapers, j-cloths, sponges etc. Then there is the more heavy-duty side of things: your hoses, your pumps and more. For larger scale operations cleaning equipment can even include big machinery and the like.

All these products fall under the broad heading of cleaning equipment. As do tools and devices that are used for cleaning specific types of machinery or property. Cleaning vents and ducts for instance may require specific tools, while cleaning lorries requires specific tools too. Consider the fact that even different types of flooring require entirely different strategies for cleaning:

Hardwood: Hardwood, granite slabs and tiles are all different from carpet as they are less absorbent and have a more polished surface. Hardwood flooring needs to be vacuumed often, particularly as the dirt and dust sits so easily on top of it. At the same time though it can be just as efficient to use a dust-pan and brush or a broom. This is much easier than vacuuming a carpet fortunately with no fibres for dust to get caught in. For hygiene and appearance, it should also be mopped regularly and in order to keep your hardwood shiny you can additionally use polish and sanding to give it that extra sheen. 

Stone: Stone flooring includes things such as granite, marble, quartz or needs essentially the same treatment as hardwood, but is slightly more resilient to large amounts of water allowing for it to be scrubbed with soap and sponge. Additionally, stone can be polished in order to give it that extra shine that will make your room really stand out and look that bit more luxurious.   

Carpet: Carpet is more difficult to clean due to the fibres that trap dust and dirt. Vacuuming regularly will keep the surface clean, but professional carpet cleaning using either water extraction, carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning will be needed from time to time to remove stains (carpet is highly absorbent) and to kill of bacteria, germs and mites. Find a cheap carpet cleaning service and arrange for regular visits.   

Statistic: Average annual expenditure on electric floor cleaning equipment per consumer unit in the United States from 2007 to 2016 (in U.S. dollars)* | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Cleaning for Businesses

All of this is regularly needed by individuals and businesses and ignoring these important tools will ultimate lead to any premise becoming unhygienic and unliveable. For a business, this can lead to a lawsuit due to health and safety violations. It can also lead to a mass exodus of staff, lost contracts, clients and business partners and more. Thus, cleaning equipment will always be in demand.

Here are some more detailed reasons why offices should invest in cleaning supplies and services:

Your Visitors

First of all, it is critical that your office look clean and tidy if you are going to make the right impression on visitors. No matter what business you are running, you will at some point have people round to discuss potential partnerships or to buy from you, and what they see behind the scenes will go a long way to informing their opinion of you. If your workspace doesn’t say ‘organised’, ‘capable’ and ‘on the pulse’, then you will only be driving away potential business (and worse, word could spread).

Your Staff

The appearance of your office or shop floor is key to the happiness of your staff. This is the environment they need to see five days a week, eight hours a day; so if it looks like a bomb hit it then they’re going to dread coming into work and not perform their best. Make the space comfortable and pleasant to be in by keeping it clean and tidy, and they’ll be more likely to work well and to be happier while doing it.

More to the point though, if your property isn’t clean then it won’t be hygienic. This could then lead to more sick days for your staff, which will mean you fall behind your targets and that you lose profit. Keep the office clean for your own conscience, but also for the health of your workforce.

To an extent, you are also legally entitled to keep your staff healthy by ensuring your premises are clean and hygienic, and if they become unwell or stressed due to your negligence then your company could find itself on the wrong end of a court case.


As with the home, staying on top of maintenance and cleaning jobs around the office/commercial premises is also crucial for the long-term wellbeing of your property. If you don’t pay for someone to occasionally wipe up mould, you’ll eventually be paying someone to fix a leak in your ceiling or replace your entire wall…


Keeping your workspace well maintained can also help you to get more work done and to a higher standard. This is because a tidy and clean office is more likely to be an organized office. That will in turn mean that staff can quickly find the materials/tools they’re looking for, and that time isn’t wasted while they search for things. It also means you won’t be as likely to lose crucial information or documentation that could set your company back significantly.

Green Products

While the market remains rather steady on the whole, there are always going to be changes and fluctuations. In particular, green cleaning products are currently highly in demand due to the general feeling toward going green and attempting to live in a cleaner atmosphere.

Keep all this in mind when assessing aspects of the cleaning equipment market and especially when looking at products. If you are looking to invest, ask whether it is a potentially harmful

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