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Authority Marketing definition

Authority Marketing (© BillionPhoto /

Authority Marketing (© BillionPhoto /

Consumers are interested in visiting websites that they view as an authority on a given topic and that they can trust to provide valuable information. Authority marketing aims to gain the trust of consumers, thereby increasing the visibility of a brand. Authority marketing refers to using your experience and knowledge to establish yourself as a trusted source – an expert – in your field. Once achieve authority status, you can then expand on the messages you are trying to deliver, attract a larger audience, and convert that audience into customers or clients.

In simpler terms, authority marketing focuses on highlighting the fact that you are an expert and a trusted source in your market. Once your audience views you as an authority, the door to even greater success will be opened, as your targeted audience will look to you as the most trusted source for the products and services that they require.

The Importance of Authority Marketing

In short, authority marketing is important because consumers are more apt to purchase the products or goods they need from the businesses that they are most familiar with and that they trust. To further elaborate, consider this example: You are in need of plumber and you want to choose someone who provides the best services. You have narrowed it down to two options: A plumber that is a local TV personality, but charges more than you might be interested in spending and one that is lesser known, but charges more affordable rates.

Which plumber are you going to choose? – If you are like most people, you are probably going to go with option A. Why? – Because even though plumber A may charge more than plumber B, the first plumber is well-known and has positioned himself as an authority. In other words, plumber A is a trusted expert. Attracting more clientele and charging higher rates is just two of the benefits that are associated with authority marketing.

Advantages Authority Marketing Provides

Through authority marketing you can enhance your perceived value; in other words, consumers will automatically associate value in the products or services that you offer. Enhancing your perceived value can provide several benefits for your business and your success.

For example, once you have established that you are an authority, you won’t have to spend time and money searching for prospects and chasing leads. Instead, prospects will come looking for you. In the above example of the two plumbers, the first won’t have to spend as much time and effort trying to find leads. Instead, customers will find him because he positioned himself as an authority.

Another advantage of establishing yourself as an authority is that you won’t have to invest a great deal of money on high-priced marketing tactics. Instead, you can focus more on lower priced strategies. Lastly, authority marketing is a highly effective way to set yourself apart from the competition. You and your business will stand out in the crowd as a trusted source, which will help to draw in even more business.

How to Become an Authority

To establish yourself as an authority, you need to focus on the following marketing areas and ensure that your efforts are nothing short of exceptional:

Make sure that you put your best foot forward in each of the above-mentioned areas and use your knowledge and experience to establish your expertise and you can become an authority in your field.