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Heart risk increases with high Omega-6 cooking oils – New Study

Since long the health monitoring bodies have allowed companies to put health messages on their labels saying that replacing saturated fats with poly-unsaturated fat Omega-6 rich vegetable oils help lower cholesterol. But in a story carried widely on CBC-TV's The National, this theory has been trashed. In a recent study conducted by Dr. Christopher Ramsden, a clinical investigator with the U.S. National Institutes of Health in Washington, researchers offered a fresh

Canola Oil can fight Cancer

Cancer has badly affected the whole of Punjab and shows a 30 per cent annual increase in the number of cancer patients. This has become a cause of worry for the health authorities and common people of Punjab. The last six months alone have seen registration of more than 4000 new Cancer patients in Punjab. The Malwa belt has seen a horrendous impact by producing the most Cancer patients who

"First-of-its-kind Laboratory Trial Shows Canola oil is used less by 50% based o …

Cooking Oil has an important place in the Indian kitchen. Even though there are a variety of oils available in the market, there is lot of ignorance about the sensory acceptance and the consumption of these oils in Indian cuisine. Particularly, it is not known which specific cooking oil is best in Colour, Aroma, Flavour, Texture, Taste, After Taste and Richness. Recently a study was conducted at Farelabs (Food Research Analysis