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07.11.13 - Emart Energy

EMART Energy offers EFET legal training seminar and netting summit for German energy lawyers

The upcoming EMART Energy offers a legal training seminar and a high-level Legal Netting Summit especially for the German trading market, both presented by industry body EFET. This leading annual mee... mehr

11.09.13 - Emart Energy

EMART Energy 2013: preparing energy traders for the impact of renewables

'Recharging the wholesale markets – a new identity for energy traders?’ is the theme for this year’s EMART Energy conference and expo in Berlin where Europe’s foremost energy traders will meet... mehr

12.11.12 - Emart Energy

EMART Energy 2012 opening session features the European Energy Transition

More than 850 energy trading professionals will gather at the upcoming EMART Energy 2012 from 21-22 November in Amsterdam, at the 14th edition of what is regarded as Europe’s largest and leading pla... mehr

12.11.11 - Emart Energy

Permits to build power lines the main obstacle to a single European energy market says ENTSO-E

Europe needs more transmission lines to reach the European target for a single energy market by 2014, but the main obstacle is to get permits to build power lines, says Jukka Ruusunen, Vice-President ... mehr

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