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Sea ice loss pushes polar bears to cannibalism

When photojournalist Jenny Ross approached an adult polar bear in the waters of Olgastretet, located in the arctic Svalbard archipelago, she came upon the sight not many witness in their lifetime. As her boat came closer, she recognized the male feeding on the body of a one to two year-old polar bear cub. The Svalbard archipelago is traditionally a year-round, ice-covered region. However, in latest months the sea ice has disappeared

Tanzanian villagers let down by UK biofuel company

People from the Kisarawe villages, especially those in Mhaga, in Tanzania are left disillusioned and angry after promised financial, health and educational stability in return for their land was not delivered by Sun Biofuels. It could have been something productive for both parties. In 2006, the British company promised the 1,000 inhabitants of Mhaga that their village would benefit from their cooperation to produce sustainable clean energy from jatropha plants. The

Helicopters translocate endangered black rhinos to protected territories

Bad-tempered and powerful, the black rhino does not initially seem to be in much need of human protection. But with the persisting demands of rhino horns on the black Asian market, this critically endangered animal is hunted to the last 4,500 individuals in the wild globally. This was emphasized once more in October when WWF Vietnam announced that the last Javan rhino had been killed and which has now completely

Canada's largest green roof is now habitat to a thriving ecosystem

It is the largest green roof in Canada with an ecosystem that boasts more than 20 west coast species, 400,000 indigenous plants and grasses, 4 hives of European honey bees, and provides a natural habitat for birds, insects and small mammals. The 6 acres (2.4 hectare) ‘living’ rooftop of the Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC) was awarded the GO GREEN certificate for ‘industry-approved, environmental best practices in building management’, and is also

Ohio Animals Massacre

Of all the animals in the world that are classified as ‘endangered’, the Bengal tiger is one of the most recognized species at risk of extinction. The WWF have been long campaigning for donations to help bring an array of animals back from extinction through conservation efforts. The importance of protecting rare and endangered animals helps in preserving the earth’s biodiversity and was apparently the main reason for the WWF’s

Hope for the indigenous Amazon tribes

The indigenous people left on our planet hold an ancestral link to the history of what was before the development of cities like Rio and Sao Paulo. Their customs have stayed with them throughout the years and today they continue to live peacefully within the Amazon. I’ve always been intrigued by their way of life; the language, their day to day routine, what they do for leisure? But their treatment lately

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