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A traveler’s travail     Amoebiasis is an inflammation of the intestines caused by a parasite named Entamoeba histolytica. After malaria and schistosomiasis, amoebiasis is the parasitic disease with the highest rates of morbidity and mortality. According to the World Health Organization about 70,000 people worldwide die a annually due to amoebiasis. Although considered a tropical parasite, the first case of infection reported in 1875 was actually in St Petersburg in Russia

Dr. Batra's Group Profile

Dr. Batra's – the name that represents excellence and commitment to the health services sector – the pioneering force that aims at building values for patients, employees, partners and for the society, at large. The fundamental business strategy of Dr. Batra’s is to innovate, to excel at whatever is created and to build a brand that constantly strives for something still better! Transparency in business and abiding by their fundamental principles

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