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17.08.11 - Vega Interactive UG

Northern Germany’s biggest Hollywood Event

Brunswick, August 16th 2011 – Great events foreshadow. On the weekend of September 3rd and 4th, Northern Germany’s biggest Hollywood Event, “Movie Days”, open their gates at the Brunswick City... mehr

15.08.11 - Vega Interactive UG

New opportunities for continued education in the pharmaceutical industry

Brunswick/Hailtingen August 12th 2011. While in the past, Vega’s E-Recruiting services have been limited to the IT-sector, the recruitment network now also extends into the medical sector with the a... mehr

08.08.11 - Vega Interactive UG

Scrubs Star Robert Maschio trusts Vega Interactive

Brunswick / Los Angeles, August 5th 2011. “Scrubs” Star “Robert Maschio” relies on the digital Know-how of Vega Interactive, a company based in Brunswick, Germany. In a time of cultural change... mehr

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