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Biomass Fuel And Technology – New Ventures In Bihar

Bihar State Government is all set to step on to new measures to check quality of services in the state. In order to ensure uninterrupted electricity services, the state is about to set up the first biomass-based power plant. And on the other hand, in terms of Public Distribution System, Gaya District of Bihar has taken a step further to ensure safety and security to the people. With the help

LinkedIn Spicing-Up Its Mobile Application

The most popular business social network LinkedIn already has its mobile application and on Tuesday morning a spiced-up application with more features is released. This adds positive impact to the reputation of the only popular business social network. LinkedIn is one social network where companies regardless of whether a company is a software development company or an IT outsourcing company creates their profile and acquire an online presence with positive reputation.

Robots to Replace Human Workers - Foxconn

According to the latest technology news, Foxconn, the company that manufactures Apple's iPhone and iPad parts announced that it is going to replace human workers with robots within the next three years. According to the said company, one of the most search about topic as placed by a reputed software development company, has the aim that it will replace human worker with a million robots in three years time. Why robots when

Will Google Plus Surpass Facebook's Popularity?

The above mentioned question is one which rings in everyone's mind these days. Many think that Google+ will surpass Facebook in all terms but will this be easy? Facebook as of now has more that 750 million users worldwide and to overtake this is not an easy task. These users connect to people through chat, groups, discussions, games, etc. A company such as a software development company connects to their customers

Oglacs Switching On To Greener Measures

Owing to the immense need for earthlings to save its planet from getting doomed, Oglacs, the software development company based in India is planning to switch on to even greener measure to contribute their bit on Go Green campaign. Oglacs has been adopting environment friendly measures to keep the company away from contributing to pollution and has been successful. The company's role on Go Green does not end here. The company

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