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Maximizing Air Conditioning Efficiency

Maximizing air conditioning efficiency is key to minimize its financial and environmental costs. Historically air conditioning has been unpopular in Europe simply because of the moderate climate and running costs, having said that, it is now becoming much more common across Europe and the UK. An air conditioner that does not work at its maximum efficiency levels can seriously effect the electricity consumption, it may be working fine with absolutely

Air Conditioning Named As One Of The Ten Greatest Mechanical Engineering Achieve …

Technology moves at breakneck speed, and brings innovation to many products on the market today, and none more than air conditioning, in fact according to a survey in 2000, air conditioning/refrigeration was named among the ten greatest mechanical engineering achievements of the 20th century. Air conditioning has a long history and in fact has roots in second century China, where the inventor Ding Huane crafted a manually powered rotary fan.

Changing Climates Results In Greater Use Of Air Conditioning

Our climate is changing and as the environment becomes tougher, the use of air conditioners has become very popular in many modern homes. These days energy efficient materials are in the news frequently, and today if you want to sell your home you need an energy efficient survey done, and it is a service that ranks homes for sale by their energy rating and runs hand in hand with the usual

Know The Energy Consumption Of Your Air Conditioning

If you are considering purchasing air conditioning you should assess the energy consumption of the system. Energy labeling is seen on consumer goods like washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers, and of course the same applies to air conditioning units. Air conditioning units have an electrical efficiency rating or EER in cooling and a co-efficiency of performance CoP in heating, and a typical standard on average of 3.5 EER and

Air Conditioning Is A Primary Commodity

Today air conditioning units are used all over the world and are considered as a primary commodity, for home owners and business establishments. As time marches on temperatures and seasons are changing, air conditioning is now becoming more an essential part of everyday life in the UK, especially as most units today can be a solution to both heating and cooling, thus a machine that can be used all year round. To

Air Conditioning Is A Winner All Year Round

A huge misconception on the part of many consumers in the UK is that air conditioning is a device which gives relief only from the heat of the summer. This misconception probably comes from the fact that air conditioning is not the ‘norm’ is most British homes and therefore not a lot is known about the workings of these systems. Air conditioning units can also provide a warmer environment during the

Portable Air Conditioning Is A Saviour in the Summer Heat

Portable air conditioning has to be a saviour in the Summer heat and, as year after year, health officials release public warnings for the anticipated heat wave in the summer months everyone is in search of cooling solutions to help keep cool. Portable air conditioners stand out as a quick and affordable solution, more importantly with minimum fuss and cost effective prices, portable air conditioning units are a convenient solution for

Expanding Market For Portable Air Conditioners

The British are generally ill-equipped for high temperatures and with our erratic climate the British population is becoming more interested in products to improve their lifestyle and working environment. As a result of this the market for portable air conditioners is expanding and gives a new growth opportunity for this specialist industry. As the use of air conditioning continues to expand and temperatures continue to rise, consumers are increasingly becoming aware

What Is Acceptable In Terms Of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has been the subject of many debates for several years, mostly about the proper definition of indoor air quality and what constitutes ‘acceptable’ indoor air quality. In the UK, classrooms are required to have 2.5 outdoor air changes per hour. In gyms, dining and other spaces the ventilation should be sufficient to limit carbon dioxide to 1,5000ppm, but in the USA ventilation in classrooms is based on

Air Conditioning Is Now A Necessary Commodity

Can the great British public do without air conditioning, it would seem not, as the worlds changing climate is on a relentless march, and sales for portable air conditioning units are soaring, this way of cooling our homes and offices has become a necessary commodity. The benefits of purchasing portable air conditioning units is very obvious, the most important of all is of course the rising temperatures, also workforce productivity, personal

The All Round Health Benefits Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in any form can provide many all-round benefits; simply by circulating the air through an air filter dust, allergens and other micro-organisms are filtered out of the rooms, leaving them healthier and cleaner. On a hot summers day air conditioning provides bodily comfort and most people choose to use one for their personal comfort and the knock-on effect is the benefit on our health. It is a known

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