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TLCs Tattoo School

The latest TLC show titled ‘Tattoo School’ has caused global uproar throughout the tattoo community. Students who seem to lack any foundation in art or design are given two weeks to learn how to tattoo. Without question, righteous indignation from genuine tattoo artists ensued. Tattooing is an art form to which many have dedicated decades and still not achieved the levels to which they aspire. This art form is now

The Rise of the Art Tattoo

Sources of tattoo inspiration are no longer found in the well worn pages of flash designs. Professional from all fields are now commissioning artists to design unique body art. A free Western masterpiece library of around 50,000 images has been released by a tattoo studio, signifying the rise of the art tattoo. The number of tattooed people world-wide is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. There is of

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