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Showing NUB Engineering innovative technologies

3. Infra Oman: Powerful solutions for expansion of national infrastructure With approximately 3 million inhabitants, the Sultanate of Oman which is located close to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen is embarking in the coming years on a massive expansion of its infrastructure. In order to be able to get the best possible partner they have set up Infra Oman – a fair for infrastructure and industrial projects attended by

NUB Engineering drilling tools in use in Dubai

Rotary drilling techniques with drilling bucket ranging in diameters from 1500mm to 2100mm The international airport at Dubai is constantly being modernized and expanded to offer better facilities for passengers and the latest works is to provide a transportation system between terminals one and four. Before the new structures could go up work had to go down and the contractor Balfour Beatty chose to use the expertise of NUB Engineering Ltd.

NUB Engineering: The retort No. 4

NUB Engineering: demolition and complete rebuilding of Brimac retort Brimac Environmental have four retorts at their site in Greenock and import crushed bovine bones mainly from India for their process. The crushed bones are fed into the top of the retort where they are fired to 1000 degrees centigrade for between 12 to 24 hours. At the end of the firing process the product exits the bottom of the retort as

Efficient Drilling Equipment for Specialist Groundworks Construction in new STDS …

Fresh off the press is the new STDS-Jantz product catalogue containing a multitude of drilling tools and products designed to enable and assist ground construction works. The latest 86-page STDS-Jantz catalogue presents their current, expanded product range of equipment for soil drilling, ranging from drive systems and drill heads to continuous flight augers, core drilling tubes and rotary drilling tools,. 11 chapters of the most modern drilling equipment for specialist piling

INTO THE HEAT – drilling tools of NUB Engineering (casing, rock augers, rock d …

NUB Engineering is pleased to be playing a vital part in the rebuilding of the infrastructure of Iraq. The piling equipment has been supplied through ABI in Germany in conjunction with two new piling rigs for the construction of roads and bridge foundations across the country. An order for three complete sets of drilling tools including casing, rock augers, rock drilling buckets and core barrels for diameters of 880mm 1180mm &

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