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The Planet Is Heating Up So We Need To Cool Down

Domestic air conditioning is creeping its way into the UK and there is a marked increase in the purchase of all types of air conditioning and with global warming in the forefront of the news on a regular basis, it is very clear to all that our planet is heating up. With temperatures on the rise, even in the UK and with summers getting hotter and longer, we are definitely approaching

Cornwall Offers The Perfect Get Away Destination

The UK has some great get-away destinations, with local tourism becoming increasingly popular, many people are planning more short-break holidays rather than a two week block, it would seem that ‘The Annual Holiday’ is a thing of the past; tourists now take a break any time through the year, to some perfect get-away destinations. Everyone’s old favourite of course has to be Cornwall, offering a spectacular rugged coastline, beautiful fishing

Air Conditioning Integral to Health and Safety

Health and Safety legislation across the UK comprises the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. These are the standards that must be met to ensure the health and safety of all employees and others who are affected by any work activity. Ensuring employees are comfortable in their work has put pressure on business owners to satisfy the ever increasing health

Royal Wedding Set To Make London More Hectic Than Usual

London is a very busy city at the best of times and is always buzzing with tourists and business travelers; the record number of tourists visiting London each year beat any other tourist destination in the world including Paris, Rome, and many more cities. This year there will be even more visitors attracted to London because of the Royal wedding. London is known to the world for many reasons, being

New Beginnings In The Garden

March in the garden is a time of new beginnings, buds on many trees, shrubs and flowers are beginning to push through, the bulbs we lovingly planted in the cold of winter now show their pretty heads above ground, to warming soil. Each Spring when we see beautiful garden plants, and shrubs it is a new beginning, for the novice gardener all the mistakes of the last planting season have gone,

An Essential Commodity

An air conditioning unit today is an important part of every household, with temperatures rising every year during the summer months, it is unimaginable to contemplate life without some sort of air conditioning system in place, and has become an essential commodity. Air conditioning is a means of controlling the interior environment of buildings through the circulation, filtration, refrigeration and dehumidification of air, and many years before the term air

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