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wastewater treatment systems wastewater treatment systems

Waste water is created when factory or mining equipment (vats, tanks, trucks) is cleaned or washed out, or runs off during a machine processing system. The water used to clean and process becomes contaminated and is then referred to as waste water. Special waste water equipment is required to clean this water so that is reusable or can be safely disposed of down sewers. It is illegal to dispose waste water

Waste Water Treatment Systems

Waste water treatment systems involve the mechanisms and processes used when treating contaminated water, or waste water. It refers to water that has been contaminated in some way by anthropogenic industrial or commercial activities, that is the chemical or biological wastes produced as a by-product of human activities. Waste water treatment systems take their effect prior to the release of waste water back into the environment or its re-use. By implementing

Plate Separator

Baldwin Industrial Systems Pty Ltd has supplied over 200 plate separator systems to clients during their 18 years in operation. Baldwin offer two varieties of coalescing plate separators: 1. Small Packaged units, and 2. Large Designed units. These coalescing plate separators are extremely efficient in the removal of oils, greases and suspended solids from waste water. The large systems can be either in in-ground pits or above ground tanks. Each

Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved air flotation is a water treatment system that is used to remove suspended matter and clarify waste water so that is suitable for re-use or safe disposal. The separation of liquid and solids means oils, greases and other suspended solids are removed in a controlled environment and can be disposed of appropriately. The removal process involved in dissolved air flotation is achieved by the use of microscopic air bubbles. These

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