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Central Europe invests in sustainable energy

Czech Republic and Slovakia, Central European EU member states, invest largely into development of green energy production facilities, strengthening countries’ independence from imported fuels. Biogas plants are approaching their completion stage by 2012. Representatives of Czech government denote, biomass is expected to become a primary source of renewable energy in the country by 2015. Investments come as no surprise, with the latest research in the field proving biogas to provide the

Biogas becomes an alternative to conventional fossil energy

Expert state, over the next two decades renewable energy generation will be the fastest-growing energy sector. In course of 2010-2016, the market is expected to rise from 124 billion USD to 217 billion USD in 2016. In 2010 global market for biogas plant equipment was worth 3 billion USD. It’s estimated at 8.6 billion USD by 2016, rising at a 5-year compound annual growth rate of 19.4%. Acceleration of development

Alternative energy proves its sustainability

According to information provided by KBS, national media company of South Korea, world’s first hydrogen plant will soon be constructed on its territory, producing fuel for vehicles. Plant is designed to process wastes from local dumpsters. Its daily capacity will be 720 m2 of hydrogen. A unique for Russia plant will also soon appear in Ulan-Ude – the plant will process solid urban waste. City’s boiler facilities will now be using

Stockholm utilizes electricity produced from city waste

By utilizing its waste into electricity with the help of biogas technologies, Stockholm has received a title of “Ecological capital of European Union” in 2010. City’s waste disposal infrastructure has multiple levels: containers for various types of wastes are located by Stockholm’s residential areas, few times per day the wastes are transported into underground bunkers where the utilization process begins. Biogas, produced from organic waste and sewerage, is converted into electricity and

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