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Maybach Manufaktur starts a social media marketing campaign

August 5th, 2011 – 2011 will be remembered as a very important year for Maybach-Manufaktur. Alongside the celebrations for the 125th anniversary of the automobile, the German luxury vehicles manufacturer has presented interesting novelties both for the marketing and communication and for the production of its saloons. In fact, together with the 2011 luxury vehicles facelift, came the launch of a new website and the activation of the social media
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Maybach is sponsor of the retrospective “Permanently Becoming and the Architec …

June 21th 2011 – What have in common Venice, the decadent city of the lagoon, and Maybach, the luxury cars brand of the Daimler AG group? Not much, you’d may think, since in Venice it is not possible to drive wheeled vehicles, especially of the imposing size of the giants from Sindelfingen. But the city and the luxury cars brand share similar traits d’union and, you may say, they have

Maybach Guard. A high level of protection encapsulated in luxurious curves

March 1st 2011 – Comfort, individualization, luxury and a very high level of safety. These requirements are satisfied to the letter on the Maybach Guard, the luxurious armoured limousine realized with integrated safety systems by the German engineers in Sindelfingen. Responding to the needs of businessmen and Heads of State around the world, the protection offered is absolutely peerless and discreet: even to a specialist eye it is almost impossible to

Maybach 62 S: unmatchable comfort combined with peerless performance

January 27th 2010 – Maybach’s leading model, the Maybach 62 S, represents automotive perfection and timeless aesthetic quality. The impressive dimensions, an extremely powerful engine, perfect workmanship and the opportunity to choose personal design options, bring this vehicle one step ahead, even in the high-end luxury segment, and give the owner the impression to dominate the road. The 2010 facelift obtained the result to surpass the already impressive Maybach’s achievements, bringing

Maybach 62: timeless design crafted for the upper class

January 14th 2010 – Following the 2010 facelift, the Maybach 62 model enriched its distinctive and self-assured design, emphasized by the impressive overall dimensions and clever use of the inner roominess. The dazzling, sumptuous appearence of this Maybach model can be further enhanced choosing the optional two-tone paint finish, a distinctive mark of timeless style that makes the distinctive profile of the Maybach 62 absolutely eye-catching, a contemporary interpretation of

Maybach 57: an exceptional car, created for true connoisseurs

December 7th 2010 – Following the 2010 facelift that intersted all Maybach vehicles, the Maybach 57 model confirms its leading position in the high-end luxury automotive segment. The results reached by Maybach’s engineers in terms of style and performance are unrivalled, even in this exclusive automotive segment. What’s more, the possibility for personalization are almost endless, with a wide array of paint finishes, exterior features and interior optionals that allow the

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