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Equity or real estate?

3rd Annual Asset & Fund Management May 23 - 24. 2013, Istanbul, Turkey According to a survey on priorities and challenges facing the global asset management community, recently published by French company Linedata, asset managers and hedge funds are currently being driven into the same space. And the responsible party is regulation. According to the company's product manager for Northern Europe, Matt Gibbs, much of the new regulation relates to multiple asset classes. On

Can Gas Fill The Renewable Sector's Finance Gap?

Considering the pain being encountered by the wider energy sector, many see the current state of the Renewables as 'not that bad...or maybe 'not as bad as it could be'. It could be said that there are several layers of protective wrap on Renewables, however, finance is probably not one of them. Moving from 2010 to 2011 and into 2012, the sector faced rapid fire challenges with repealed FIT programs

Innovating “next generation” retail logistics for FMCG

A lot has been made of the rapid development of consumer culture in Central and Eastern Europe, but how has the inclusion of 170 million buyers in CEE impacted the function of FMCG and Retail Logistics? Demand for FMCG in the CEE has grown year on year since 1999. The more than a decade of growth began in an environment with almost no modern logistics infrastructure. Demand alone has pushed producers,

First low water, now frozen business by river ice

COLOGNE ON RHINE, 8th February 2012 – Businesses depending on inland shipping transport have been already suffering from moody weather which annoys sailors either with a lack of water or with ice on the Rhine and Danube river basins. Already several months lasting situation of unfavorable weather have been interrupting the flow of important commodities including grains, minerals, coal and petroleum products such as heating oil via the Rhine

INTERVIEW: Geospacial experts on supreme reveals 2012 sector's challenges

INTERVIEW: Geospacial experts on supreme reveals 2012 sector's challenges New advancements in defence technologies are paving the way for interoperability and integration for key decision makers. In reality the battlefield is reliant on up to date, real time and integrated technological platforms that are necessary in rapidly altering combat environments. GEOSPACE EUROPE 2012 is the forerunner in unveiling cutting edge defense GEOINT technologies. Speakers presenting at the event consider innovations

Should “Procurement” be the next key strategic partner for businesses?

There has never been a better time to combine strategy and the procurement function as a powerful asset in maintaining a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing business environment. With the global economic shake up in recent times, supply chains are being restructured using an increased focus on cost and compliance. Global sourcing strategies are being revamped and senior executives are looking to each other for answers. Procurement is pivotal to

Bancassurance: Time to Get Closer to your Customers: Interview with Leading Figu …

4th Annual Bancassurance Forum, 16&17 February, Rome 2011 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a fully integrated product provider versus guided architecture in Bancassurance? Marco GORINI, Credit Agricole Assicurazioni Generally, integrated product provider is not based on a real integration between bank and company IT system. Without integration it is very difficult to develop a fully-developed CRM approach or cross selling strategies between insurance and banking products. On the other hand,

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