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Press Releases from Alcumet Incorporated (7 total)

NH Manufacturer Provides Critical Aluminum Prototype Castings for the Aerospace …

Londonderry NH – “Every successful part or product was once a successful prototype,” says Russell Wilmarth, C.E.O of Alcumet Incorporated, an aluminum prototype casting supplier in New Hampshire. With that in mind, Wilmarth has announced that Alcumet Incorporated has endeavored to be constantly equipped with state of the art aluminum prototype casting equipment, which is then combined with years of casting expertise to help serve a worldwide market with

New Hampshire Lost Wax Casting Supplier Improves Quality with Advanced Equipment

Londonderry, NH – Alcumet Incorporated, a lost wax castings manufacturer in New Hampshire has helped to bring innovation to a manufacturing process thousands of years old. While the lost wax investment casting process has been in use for over 5,000 years, Russell Wilmarth, CEO of the casting foundry explains that “It’s innovations like the ones we bring to the industry that keep investment casting a viable, effective, and cost

New Hampshire Copper Castings Supplier Leverages New Technology to Provide Bette …

Londonderry NH – Alcumet Incorporated, an investment casting foundry in New Hampshire, has announced the optimization of their services to provide critical copper castings for industries needing superior electrical conductivity. While used throughout history for a wide variety of applications – from jewelry to art – modern copper castings have enabled suppliers like Alcumet to provide copper castings for the aerospace, military, and electronics industries so that they may easily combine

New Hampshire Investment Casting Foundry Introduces Advanced Quality Control, En …

Londonderry, NH – According to Russell Wilmarth, C.E.O. of Alcumet Inc., “Businesses in just about every industry these days can’t afford subpar quality when it comes to getting the parts, components, and products they need.” With that in mind, Alcumet Incorporated, an investment casting foundry in New Hampshire, has completely overhauled their approach to quality control, taking advantage of state of the art equipment and expertise to ensure that industries

New Hampshire Investment Casting Foundry Brings Flexibility to the Industry

Londonderry, NH – Alcumet Incorporated, a provider of precision investment casting in Londonderry, New Hampshire, has recently announced the achievement of a new level of innovation within their industry. According to company C.E.O. Russell Wilmarth, this innovation comes in the form of a drastically higher level of flexibility and quality. Wilmarth explains, “Alcumet has brought innovation to the way we provide investment casting not by leaning solely on state of the

New Hampshire Copper Investment Company Continues to Innovate Copper Investment …

Londonderry, NH – Alcumet Incorporated, a provider of copper investment casting for industries across the country, has recently announced their initiative to bring a new level of innovation to the industry. While many might be relatively unfamiliar with copper investment casting, Alcumet Inc., C.E.O. Russell Wilmarth explains that the copper investment casting process is perhaps the oldest metal casting technique known to man. He says, “Its roots go as far back

NH Investment Casting Provider Brings Innovation to an Age Old Manufacturing Tec …

Londonderry, NH – Alcumet Incorporated, a national supplier of investment casting has managed to bring innovation to an industrial process that dates back as far as 5,000 years. The process, still in use by investment casting foundries such as Alcumet, is based on the lost-wax investment casting process, which originally used substances such as beeswax to create a mold, which was then used to complete the casting. As Alcumet’s C.E.O., Russell

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