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Los Angeles, Calif. – Life was never easy in the busy and violent streets of South Central L.A. for Joseph E. Collins II, the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Punch TV Network. Yet, rather than joining gangs and pursuing the entrepreneurial activities of the alternative economy, hardship honed Joseph’s independent spirit and sharpened the genius that was embedded in every single strand of his DNA. And now, that will,

Make Your Movie With Punch

Make Your Movie With Punch! Punch Television Network Seeks Independent Filmmakers Punch Television Network is seeking independent filmmakers and producers for its new campaign “Make Your Movie with Punch!” Punch Television Network is seeking the next generation of talented independent filmmakers to give their first big break. Punch Television Network will provide equipment, space and television distribution; filmmakers will provide the talent and the effort. In accordance with its

Go Platinum With Punch Press Release

Go Platinum With Punch! Punch Television Network Seeking Independent Music Artists to Sign. September 15th 2010 Carson CA- Punch Television Network announces the launch of its music competition. Seeking entrants from all over the world, Punch Television Network will pick the top ten artists to sign to the network and promote with the full force of the network. Punch Television Network is in the business of making stars and is eager

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