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New Videos demonstrate the ease of using Portable Infrared Analyzers for On-Site …

Wilks Enterprise is pleased to announce several new videos that demonstrate the ease of using portable infrared analyzers for measuring the level of total oil and grease in water/soil. These short videos show how on-site measurements with the InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers take just a few simple steps to obtain accurate part per million (ppm) results in under 15 minutes. They are readily used by non-technical personnel and eliminate the

Accurately Measure Hydrocarbon (Oil/Grease) Levels in Produced Water in Under 15 …

E. Norwalk, CT, March 29, 2012 -- Determining total hydrocarbon or oil/grease levels to ensure compliance with regulatory permit requirements for discharging produced water is a worldwide problem facing the oil and gas industry. Ensuring compliance with these regulations and avoiding fines for non-compliant discharges requires more frequent wastewater measurements to determine the total hydrocarbon concentration. The portable InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers manufactured by Wilks Enterprise, Inc.

On-Site Measurement of Oil and Grease Levels in Hydraulic Fracturing Water

The amount of water used in and produced by hydraulic fracturing of shale gas wells is in the millions of gallons per well. Whether the water is going to be taken off-site for disposal or reused for re-injection, the flowback or produced water needs pretreatment to remove any residual oil from the water. Waiting for remote laboratory results to determine the oil level can take several days to

Effects of Biodiesel Feedstocks on Infrared Blend Measurements is Featured in Ne …

A new White Paper published by Wilks Enterprise addresses the common concern among biodiesel blenders and distributors as to whether or not biodiesel made from different feedstocks such as soy, waste vegetable oil or palm oil will affect the blend measurement. The data presented in the White Paper, as well as the chemistry, shows that infrared measurements offer a reliable analytical technique for checking biodiesel blend. Fuel blend analysis is

New Easy-to-Use ASTM Test Method for Measuring Soot Levels in Diesel Engine Lubr …

E. Norwalk, CT June 30, 2011 – Wilks Enterprise is pleased to announce that the InfraCal Soot Meter now gives users an approved ASTM testing method for measuring the percent level of soot in diesel engine lubricating oil. In late June, ASTM issued Method D7686-2011 entitled “Test Method for Field-Based Condition Monitoring of Soot in In-Service Lubricants Using a Fixed-Filter Infrared (IR) instrument.” With the InfraCal Soot Meter, rapid,

New Video features Portable Infrared Analyzers for On-Site Measurement of Oil in …

East Norwalk, CT, June 10, 2011 – Wilks Enterprise is pleased to announce a new video featuring the measurement of oil and grease in water/soil with easy-to-use portable infrared analyzers. This 3-minute video demonstrates how on-site measurements with the InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers can save time and money, as they allow oil and grease levels in wastewater to be determined in under 15 minutes. These measurements help ensure compliance

On-Site Ethanol in Gasoline Blend Measurements in Under a Minute

East Norwalk, CT – May 17, 2011 -- As more mandates for higher blends of ethanol in gasoline come into effect, terminal managers, distributors, fleet managers, regulators and tax enforcement agencies need a quick and accurate way to measure the percent ethanol in gasoline to ensure a correct blend. The InfraCal Ethanol Blend Analyzer from Wilks Enterprise, Inc. is portable, rugged, compact and specifically designed for use by non-technical personnel.

Fast, Easy Flexible Film Analyses Using Portable Infrared Analyzers

East Norwalk, CT, September 22, 2010 – With the worldwide market for flexible film packaging reaching upwards of $27 billion per year, there is a need for quick, on-site measurements to ensure a quality product. Typical analyses include determining thickness of core layer and proper lamination side on multi-layer films, verification of raw materials and film rolls, and formulation discrimination. Portable infrared analyzers, from Wilks Enterprise, can easily

Portable Infrared Analyzers Assist Pennsylvania with its State Mandated Biodiese …

East Norwalk, CT --In October 2005, Governor Edward G. Rendell announced that Pennsylvania would replace millions of gallons of conventional diesel with fuel made within the state and reduce its dependence on imported fossil fuels. This would help boost the state’s economy by creating new jobs associated with the alternative fuel -- from farmers and producers to distributors and retailers. In July 2008, a House bill signed into law

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