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Worldwide Internet hotline for illegal content to begin receiving reports in Fre …

For more than 10 years Internet users have been able to report illegal content they stumble upon on the Internet to "no abuse in internet" (naiin). This non-profit non-governmental organization reviews these reports and cooperates with Internet service providers and judicial authorities in taking action against such content. French speaking Internet users can now access the hotline in their native language and submit reports to naiin with just a few

Protecting privacy on the Internet: naiin can draw on the expertise of Reputeer

Berlin / Ulm, Germany – A reputation in the time of web 2.0 can quickly be damaged: just a few quick clicks of a mouse, and personal information, photos or comments are accessible on the Internet. And third parties often put unsolicited personal information on the Internet, too. "no abuse in internet" (naiin) has promoted responsible conduct with personal data on the Internet for over ten years and gets

When the Playroom Becomes a Crime Scene: Pedophiles Coax Children into Performin …

Berlin, Germany - Meeting friends in the Internet, establishing contacts, trying out new things – before even learning to write: An increasing number of children age six and up are using the availability of free Internet services to talk with each other face to face through video chatting. And all too often they are left to do this unsupervised on their PCs. "Unfortunately, pedophiles are also aware of this fact